Monday 30 November 2020

Hypervolume - Conceive (Album Review)

Release Date: 4th December 2020: Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD

Conceive - Tracklisting


Band Members

FABIAN A.- Drums
A.HUMAN - Vocals/Guitars


Hypervolume is a band made of two highly talented individuals from Chicago who’ve been involved within the local scene for a very long time and have built a wealth of knowledge and experience between them. The band is made up of FABIAN A. on Drums and A. HUMAN on Guitars and Vocal Duties. Hypervolume play a unique style of music that blends Psychedelia, Noise, Punk, Thrash, Doom, Sludge and Stoner Metal for a harsh and volatile sounding experience.

Their debut album Conceive is an interesting record with both it’s execution and delivery. As Hypervolume play outside the usual boundaries of Doom, Sludge and Stoner Metal. One moment they’re playing HIGH ON FIRE style riffs and then opt for a more patient Post-Metal delivery akin to legendary Chicago natives - PELICAN.

The album only lasts 30 minutes but there’s so many different ideas and moods the band play on each of the 8 songs contained on the album.

Opening song - Fire - starts very slowly with heavy guitars and pounding drums building upto a more threatening style of Instrumental Rock/Metal but Hypervolume change direction when A. HUMAN appears with his bombastic and in your face vocals. The song becomes more of a violent riff-fest that reminds myself of early-era High On Fire. Though these guys have way bleaker themes contained in the lyrics. There is also a cool Psych Rock vibe lurking in the background.

Second song - Orbit - is more Thrash orientated with a Noise Rock/Stoner Metal atmosphere being thrown in just for the hell of it. FABIAN A. drums are poetic and quite frantic in equal measure with some top-notch guitars being laid down by A.HUMAN. Hypervolume add an intelligent switch or style of music towards the end when the aggressive energy is replaced by a more somber Space Rock influence and it shows you that the band aren’t afraid to change the whole sound of the album in one quick moment.

Third song - Before - opens with a slowly played Post-Doom/Stoner/Psych based melody which has more of an Ambient based delivery and shows a different side to Hypervolume. The instrumental work is superb yet again with the Post-Rock/Post-Metal vibes allowing this song to be one of the standout songs on the record.

Fourth song - Sun - is the longest song on the record clocking in at almost 6 minutes and Hypervolume throws everything at you with this song. Fast-paced Thrash grooves with a totally Punk Rock atmosphere allowing the band to move into any musical direction they see fit. The song doesn’t know what it wants to be and that is a good thing. As this is an exciting song that shows you what Hypervolume is all about.

The 2nd half of the album sees Hypervolume add more Eastern and Psychedelic influences to the mix with the album achieving the right balance of musical exploration and pulsating PISSED OFF grooves that have true “HEAD-BANGING” quality to them all.

Other great songs to check out are: Edge, Wicked and Sea.

The only downside to this album that it’s too damn short. Conceive is one of those albums where I wanted to hear and was quite sad to see it ended quite suddenly. However, what Hypervolume have included on the record is first-rate and one that will offer listeners something exciting and wholly original.

This is the type of album that should really be on RELAPSE RECORDS. I can easily see Hypervolume fitting in with that legendary label and their roster of Doom, Sludge and Stoner Metal bands. And if that’s your thing then be prepared for a stunning record.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Dewar PR for the promo. Conceive will be available to buy on CD/DD from December 4th 2020.


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