Sunday 21 January 2024

Diesel Cindy - Spill The Dirt (Album Review)

Release Date: 17th November 2023. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD/Vinyl

Spill The Dirt - Tracklisting

1.Sons Of Nothing 03:20

2.Angels 03:43

3.Seeds 05:41

4.Bazooka Witch 03:44

5.No Truth No End 04:08

6.Chieftains 03:24

7.Spill The Dirt 03:20

8.The Walk 05:35


Spill The Dirt is the new album from Psych/Fuzz/Garage Rock/Stoner Rock outfit Diesel Cindy who are another cool band from the Greek Underground Stoner Rock Scene. Their debut album is firmly rooted in Garage Rock theatrics with a deep love and respect for 1960’s Detroit Garage Rock sound allowing Diesel Cindy to have quite a raw unapologetic nature. There’s a twisted Fuzz/Stoner Rock movement with the band adding screeching Punk Rock guitars with a flashy Stoner Rock vision.

The album could be considered Garage Rock Revival but the opening two tracks Sons Of Nothing and Angels shows a healthy dose of Stoner Rock aggression but with a Punk Rock grit. The instrumental work is solid and superb throughout with the band playing to their strengths of playing straight forward Stoner Rock grooves with moments of MANIC noisy and screeching guitars. The vintage Psych Rock attitude oozes 1960’s and 1970’s Old School charm with Angels having a slight Noise Rock departure which was quite unexpected. 

Third track Seeds is by far the strongest track on the album with Diesel Cindy showing a more mature sound which allows their songwriting and musical skills to really shine through. The Post-Punk energy is what keeps the whole song grounded with the band still playing aggressive amounts of Stoner Rock grooves with that Garage Rock attitude having a certain stylish influence of bands such as MC5, The Stooges and New York Dolls. The lyrics are quite contemporary which comments on modern day themes.

The rest of the album continues that catchy and aggressive Street Level attitude where Diesel Cindy plays whatever musical style comes to mind. There’s moments where the band draw upon other bands such as The Rolling Stones and The Hives especially on tracks such as Bazooka Witch, Chieftains and Spill The Dirt.

Diesel Cindy have delivered an outrageous and frankly rebellious slice of Fuzz/Garage/Stoner Rock jams which should keep you entertained from start to finish with it’s fantastic rhythms and solid creative ideas that leave a lasting impression.

Words by Steve Howe 


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