Tuesday 5 September 2017

Deadsmoke - Mountain Legacy (Album Review)

Release date: September 29th 2017. Label: Heavy Psych Sounds. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Mountain Legacy – Tracklisting

Malevolent Path
Endless Cave
Hiss of The Witch
Emperor of Shame
Forest of the Damned
Mountain Legacy


Matteo - Guitars
Maurice - Drums
Gianmaria - Bass
Claudio - Synths


Italian doom-outfit Deadsmoke have made a lot of noise in their brief two years of existence. Their sophomore outing ‘Mountain Legacy’ provides an insight in how maddening doom can truly make you feel. While not being overly up-front about Mountain Legacy's nature. This is a journey to be made alone. Deadsmoke have succeeded in making what feels like a trek in a madness-inducing cavern after having climbed a mountain. Exhausted and weary, you have to proceed despite feeling drained of energy and life.

While I have to say I have issues with the various samples and noises, it does push their agenda and ends up heightening the experience of the album. A powerful trick, bordering on annoying. After several spins I can’t decide whether to like it or not. But I will say that it’s effective in setting the mood Deadsmoke are after.

What sets Deadsmoke apart from other bands in the genre is that instead of being upfront with their Lovecraftian-influences is that like the authors work himself, they are subtle and lead you in deeper into their world before unveiling their true nature. To truly appreciate this album you do need to sit with headphones and just appreciate the nuances. Because there’s so much more here than just riffs and grooves. And believe me there’s riffs and grooves to be found in Mountain Legacy.

Kicking off in the second track, the first one is more of an intro, Endless Cave fires on all cylinders leaving little to no room for hesitation. With a guitar noodling dangerously close in Funeralopolis-territory they quickly break the mold and never look back. Thankfully this is the only comparison I will have to make to Electric Wizard as Deadsmoke goes above in beyond in their horror imagery and production.

With a powerful singer that is completely crushing the vocal lines, Mountain Legacy has an apparent metal feel to it. With one foot in Sleep worship and the other in Entombed-territory, it’s a total win. The total sonic mayhem that is the track Hiss of the Witch is for me the high point of the album. With eerie, dread-inducing samples and an earth-shattering bass, the drive is unstoppable.

Regarding production, this is how you want your doom record to sound. Dirty almost everywhere except for the pristine drums. Giving an airy feel to an otherwise heavy mix is a must for prolonged listening. As always the case with doom bands the tempo tends to be on the slow side. So it’s a plus to have a luxurious sounding production to keep the listener entertained. Deadsmoke knows this as they trap you in their psychedelic fuzz.

This is as filthy as they come folks. There’s no reason you shouldn’t listen to Mountain Legacy. And there’s no reason not to be hypnotized by Deadsmoke and their madness-inducing doom.

Words by Simon Ohlsson

Thanks to Claire at Purple Sage PR for the promo. Mountain Legacy will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Heavy Psych Sounds from September 29th 2017.