Saturday 4 November 2017

Long Claw - Disastrophe (Album Review)

Release date: September 09th 2017. Label: Burning Snow Records. Format: DD

Disastrophe - Tracklisting

1.(The Battle Of) Blair Mountain 04:31
2.March Of The Trolls 04:08
3.The Land Of Bilk And Money 04:27
4.Razor Blade Tears 03:43
5.Disastrophe 05:46
6.Unicorn Stew 04:32
7.Data And Goliath 04:56
8.Agnostisized 04:06
9.The Winds Of Winter 01:24
10.The Mooseknuckle Brigade 05:00
11.Blue-Collar Mother Fucker 03:57


Will Price- Bass, Lead Voice, Riff Meister.
Sean Briney Martin- Guitars, Voice, Shred Head.
Danny Long- Guitars, Beardo.
Detlef von Kalbin- Drums, Fillanthropist.


Disastrophe is the debut album from “Blue-Collar” Stoner Metal band – Long Claw. Playing a hard rock/heavy metal kind of Stoner Metal sound, the album has a lot gong for it. Excellent vocals and fantastic riffs from the start. Maybe the band could have been more adventurous with their sound on certain songs but you still have 11 great songs to choose from.

The first few opening tracks – (The Battle Of) Blair Mountain, March Of The Trolls and The Land Of Bilk And Honey – shows the bands appreciation for bands such as Black Sabbath, Motorhead and High On Fire in places but with the lyrics having a fantastical feel. You can tell this buy the song titles and by the awesome album cover.

Long Claw never take themselves seriously and that's part of the charm with this album. As the band would rather concentrate entertaining the HELL out of you. With vintage sounding riffs that hark back to the day of legendary 80s Heavy Metal scene.

Later songs on the album such as Disastrophe, Unicorn Stew, Data And Goliath and The Mooseknuckle Brigade carry on the band's deep love and affection for Black Sabbath. As the band play some heavy Doom Metal riffage that sounds eerie familiar. That's no bad thing in my book.

Long Claw's debut album has a lot going for it and could see these guys do very well within the Doom/Stoner Metal scene. All people need to do is see past the “Fantasy/Battle” aspects of the band and they will be rewarded with an album that will not only entertain you but may surprise you at how many great riffs are held on the album.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe