Sunday 18 March 2018

Rongeur - An Asphyxiating Embrace (Album Review)

Release date: 09th March 2018. Label: Poacher Records, Ampmandens Records, Aonair Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

An Asphyxiating Embrace – Tracklisting

1.Weltschmerz 03:12
2.Special Needs 01:49
3.Fiendesliebe 03:37
4.Wellpisser 05:44
5.The Deconstructionist 04:04
6.Mr. Hands 03:08
7.The Weight of Guilt 05:36
8.Chained to a Dead Horse 03:14


Dag Ole: bass and vocals
Ken-Robert: guitar and vocals
Jon: drums and vocals


So this is what happens when you merge the post-whatever bleakness of Neurosis with the bombastic sounds of High On Fire and Kvelertak. Rongeur are a very much band creating a bleak and dense Sludge/Stoner Metal sound. Their debut album An Asphyxiating Embrace is a nightmarish sound told through the power fast-paced Sludge/Stoner Metal sounds but with a frenzied Doom Metal approach.

The whole tone of the album is very lo-fi and that allows Rongeur to unleash a darker sound than you would expect from a band such as this. The songs are very fast-paced with all the band members providing vocals on the certain songs on the album.

Standout songs on the album are Weltschmerz, Special Needs, Wellpisser, Mr Hands and The Weight Of Guilt. The album is not the produced sounding album but it sees Rongeur continue with their rough and ready approach to their music. The post-metallic vibes is what makes this album standout. As you shouldn’t really a “Neurosis” style sensibility on this album but Rongeur deserve credit for trying something different.

An Asphyxiating Embrace is a dark musical odyssey where Rongeur make the listener feel very uncomfortable at times. So if you’re expecting an upbeat album then I recommend you look elsewhere for your musical fix. This album is for the more adventurous Sludge/Stoner Metal fan who like their music that little bit darker and with intelligence as well.

The instrumental work is superb throughout with Rongeur showing true creativity on the later stages of the album.

Embrace the madness as Rongeur have unleashed a heavy pounding beast of an album….

Words by Steve Howe