Saturday 28 July 2018

LáGoon - L’affaire des Poisons (EP Review)

Release date: July 13th 2018. Label: Norwegian Blue Records. Format: DD/Vinyl (Oct 2018)

L’affaire des Poisons – Tracklisting

1.Street Freaks 04:18
2.Head Tripper 03:24
3.The Affair of Poisons 02:33
4.Kill the Messenger 03:20
5.Draculove 02:34
6.Distant Enemy 03:04


Guitar/Vocals - Anthony Gaglia
Drums - Brady Maurer


I never managed to find the time to review Doom/Fuzz Rockers LáGoon debut album, Grim Ripper, which they released earlier this year. Grim Ripper is hugely enjoyable album with plenty of menacing Doom/Fuzz and Heavy Metal sounds that brought LáGoon some minor acclaim within the Doom/Stoner Metal community.

LáGoon seems they’re a band who never rest on their laurels as they’ve just released their 2nd record of the year with the stunning L’affaire des Poisons. All the familiar elements that made Grim Ripper such a cool album are here for you to enjoy. High amounts of Punk Rock, Fuzz, Doom, Stoner and vintage Heavy Metal sounds. L’affaire des Poisons may not have the same high level of excitement of Grim Ripper, the EP does have a more thrilling and street based sound.

The opening 3 songs – Street Freaks, Head Tripper and The Affair Of Poisons – has a cool Punk/Sludge vibe with the band adapting a more alternative rock flavour to their overall sound. LáGoon have captured the essence of an early lo-fi Fu Manchu and this is where the EP excels the most. As LáGoon are very hard to categorize and that’s mainly down to the many different elements of music they play on the entire record.

The sound is very raw and lo-fi but that what makes LáGoon standout from the crowd. They maybe not be the best produced band currently out there but this gives LáGoon a sense of real authenticity within the realm of Stoner Rock/Metal.

The standout songs on the EP are Kill The Messenger and Draculove. As LáGoon show their appreciation for classic and vintage punk rock bands. Though they add a more threatening Fuzz/Doom aspect to their music. Anthony’s vocals are very OTT and he feels inspired by the 70s Glam Rock/Garage Rock scene at times. Very operatic and in your face but this allows Anthony to deliver a very commanding vocal performance.

LáGoon aren’t going to be for everyone. However if you want a band that takes no bullshit and creates their own sound. Well LáGoon are the band for you. Overall, L’affaire des Poisons is another fantastic release from LáGoon and proves they are one of the best upcoming bands around that you all should know about.

Enough said….

Words by Steve Howe