Wednesday 31 October 2018

DEAD WITCHES New Album - The Final Exorcism - Available For Pre-Order and New Song Premiere of FEAR THE PRIEST

Band Members

Mark Greening - Assault and Battery
Oliver Irongiant - Guitar
Soozi Chameleone - Vocals
Carl Geary - Fuzz bass

The Lowdown

UK Doom Occult Rockers - DEAD WITCHES - which features Mark Greening (Ramesses/former Electric Wizard) within their ranks will be releasing their epic new album - THE FINAL EXORCISM - through Heavy Psych Sounds on Feb 22nd 2019. The album which will be released on the following formats:


Look at the awesome artwork for this album. Shows you a brief glimpse on what to expect from the band. The album is available for pre-order through Heavy Psych Sounds now.

To get you in the mood for the upcoming album you can hear the superb new song - FEAR THE PRIEST - from the upcoming album.

Mark Greening had this say to be about the new single FEAR THE PRIEST:

"Fear The Priest was the last track to be written to complete the album, the idea of the track is a based around demonic possession, good vs evil, the fear the possessed person has towards the priest, its the longest track on the album, the riffs are pure evil and I think it's the perfect track to let people know what to expect from the new album. Happy bloody Halloween." - Mark.


Thanks to Claire at Purple Sage for the song premiere. You can pre-order The Final Exorcism now via Heavy Psych Sounds on Feb 22nd 2019

King Buffalo - Longing To Be The Mountain (Album Review)

Release date: October 12th 2018. Label: Stickman Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Longing To Be The Mountain – Tracklisting

1.Morning Song 09:49
2.Sun Shivers 03:29
3.Cosmonaut 03:57
4.Quickening 04:19
5.Longing To Be The Mountain 10:22
6.Eye Of The Storm 09:53


Sean McVay - Guitar & Lead Vocals
Dan Reynolds - Bass & Lights
Scott Donaldson - Drums & Vocals


King Buffalo new album is my first exposure to the band and I didn’t know what to fully expect. As their debut album sort of passed me by. However this album is a masterful blend of Psych Rock, Stoner Metal, Post-Rock and Ambient Spaced Out Sounds. The band have the easy-going nature and attitude of All Them Witches which is merged with the heavy progressive sounds of Elder.

Opening track – Morning Song - starts rather peaceful with a semi acoustic rock atmosphere and sweet natured vocals to match. Though King Buffalo change musical style for the final moments as heavy Stoner/Space Rock riffs appear and King Buffalo fully embrace their HEAVY ROCK sound.

The opening track is a good indication of how the entire album plays out. Though King Buffalo add a few surprises along the way. Perhaps the album relies to heavily on the more softer style of music the band use for their main DNA of their overall sound. However the band make this work to their advantage with the band impressing with their wide range of different musical genres.

Second song – Sun Shivers is a more upbeat and straightforward Space/Stoner Rock song that is more direct than the opening song. Perhaps down to the short running time of the song which means the band has less time to play around with. As the song only lasts for a few moments compared to the 10 minute plus running time of the opening song. This son does contain some of the heaviest riffs on the album and it’s quite a joyful experience listening to King Buffalo change the tone of the whole album.

The next two songs – Cosmonaut and Quickening – are the other shorter songs held on the album but King Buffalo apply a more experimental vibe to these songs. As the songs have moments of trippy Americana sounds that is offset by an almost gloomy atmospheric vibe.

The final two songs – Longing To Be The Mountain and Eye Of The Storm offer 20 minutes of King Buffalo embracing their heavier outlook on life with the band playing a louder Stoner Rock/Metal progressive style of music. The title track – Longing To Be The Mountain – is the standout song on the album as King Buffalo play a wild range of different emotions and you can feel that through the heartfelt lyrics and vocals.

You may feel that this album is really heavy enough from your very first listen and that’s understandable. However, trust me when I say King Buffalo don’t skimp on the heavier riffs. As they’re strategically placed within the album so you will encounter a more well-rounded listening experience.

The production is excellent an allows King Buffalo to create an epic sound all of their own. The overall feel of the album is crisp, fresh and contains a powerful dynamic approach that you don’t really hear much these days.

Overall, Longing To Be The Mountain is an album that allows you to immerse yourself with King Buffalo’s trippy and spaced out world. The band have excelled themselves with this album and I’m hoping the band build upon this huge sounding album on future releases.

Words by Steve Howe