Saturday 22 December 2018

CHRMR - Respective Orbits (Album Review)

Release date: June 12th 2018. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD

Respective Orbits – Tracklisting

1.Fits 03:58
2.Thermals 04:19
3.58 Rue Madame 04:19
4.Bleeder 03:53
5.Cold Star 04:15
6.Laugh 05:22


Crif Golding
Ed Jusko
Brian Mason
Andy Schmitz
Charlie Street


Respective Orbits is the new record from Rochester, New York, heavy rock riff merchants – CHRMR. The album has a slightly different feel and narrative from their self-titled debut EP. As the guys have gone for a more 90s sounding Alt-Rock/Metal groove and perhaps even early 2000’s post-hardcore sounds from bands such as At The Drive-In.

The band still employ similar Noise Rock, Grunge, Space Rock, Stoner Rock and Sludge Rock riffs that appeared on their debut EP. However Respective Orbits offers a the listener a more comprehensive sound with real intelligence to match. The album may take time to fully understand but that’s perhaps down to CHRMR not settling for one standard sound but for a wide range of different musical elements.

The album is quite soulful with second song Thermals being one of my favourite songs. The huge soaring vocals from the start feel inspired by Chris Cornell and most notably his Audioslave days. The heavy music offers a fine balancing act between Post-Hardcore, Grunge and Alternative Metal. I can feel slight influences to System Of A Down as well. Though that could be just me looking too much into things.

Other songs on the album such as 58 Rue Madame, Bleeder and Laugh are the other standout songs on the album with CHRMR playing more in-depth and equally progressive sounding loud and angry heavy rock that shows a band not afraid to experiment with their own sound and take the listener on a deep meaningful journey.

Respective Orbits is a great evolution and huge step forward in CHRMR’s overall sound and one that leaves you wanting more. Hopefully the band’s next release will have a few more songs. As the album is quite too short and I want to hear more from his hugely talented band.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe