Saturday 9 March 2019

Caustic Casanova - Pantheon: Volume 3 (EP Review)

Release date: November 30th 2018. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Pantheon: Volume 3 – Tracklisting

1.Clown Butter 03:05
2.Everyone's Goddamn Business 04:00
3.Stampede 03:55
4.God Luck and Good Speed 09:15


Andrew Yonki - guitar/vocals
Stefanie Zaenker - drums/percussion/vocals/dolphin training/piano
Francis Beringer - bass/vocals


Pantheon: Volume 3 is the third chapter of Caustic Casanova “Pantheon” series which they started originally back in 2014. The original idea behind “Pantheon” according to the band’s BandCamp Page is:

“Caustic Casanova's first in a series of 7 inches featuring an original song on one side, a cover on the other, and artwork paying tribute to the band being covered.”

That description is from there first Pantheon release which paid tribute to Pentagram. The second chapter released in 2017 paid tribute to The Melvins. The 3rd chapter pays tribute to Weedeater.

I’ve been a fan of Caustic Casanova for the last few years since I reviewed their last full length album Breaks back in 2015. Their music is very hard describe. As they include nearly every genre of Heavy Music going. Sludge, Stoner, Punk, Noise, Psych, Progressive and even Indie Rock.

This band are always changing their style and it’s always a delight to listen what they come up with next. On Volume 3, the band offer 3 songs that is perhaps some of their heaviest and most twisted music to date. The music is a lo-fi and nightmarish vision of Doom, Psych, Noise, Grunge, Alt Rock and even Jazz. That’s the impression I receive with the superb opening song – Clown Butter.

The other two original songs – Everyone’s Goddamn Business and Stampede – takes influence from the bands earlier releases but it has a more modern Sludge Rock groove. The music is fast-paced and has a sense of urgency to it all.

People will perhaps be here for the main attraction and that is the fantastic cover of Weedeater classic – God Luck and Good Speed. Caustic Casanova offer a unique take on this classic song. This version is on twice as long as the original. As the band strip everything back and add a more drone based sound compared to the original. The band even add swirling psychedelic riffs to the song and make it their own song. This is one of the most interesting and best covers I’ve heard in some time.

Pantheon: Volume 3 is another winning record from Caustic Casanova. I hope there is a full length album coming out soon. As 20 minutes is not long enough to satisfy my cravings for new music from this great band.

If you’re new to the world of Caustic Casanova then this is the best place to start. Open your mind and enjoy the awesome weirdness of CAUSTIC CASANOVA.

Words by Steve Howe