Sunday 24 March 2019

Cowboys & Aliens - Horses Of Rebellion (Album Review)

Release date: March 15th 2019. Label: POLDERRECORDS. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Horses Of Rebellion – Tracklisting

1.Soaking 04:05
2.Still in the Shade 03:36
3.Two Time a Man 04:44
4.Sheep Bloody Sheep 05:01
5.Take a Good Look Around 04:21
6.Horses of Rebellion 03:58
7.Morning Again 04:14
8.Hollow 03:41
9.Refuse 03:10
10.Walk a Mile in my Shoes 04:20
11.Splendid Isolation 02:19


John Pollentier
Henk Vanhee
Peter Gaelens
Tom Neirynck


Cowboys & Aliens return with their 5th album – Horses Of Rebellion. This album sees the legendary Stoner Rock band add a more thunderous Alternative Rock groove to their classic Stoner based sound. The album is more aggressive compared to their previous albums and it’s good to hear the band trying something different instead of releasing the same album over and over again.

The album never stops with it’s fast-paced aggression from the opening song – Soaking – for the majority of the album. Cowboys & Aliens will please not only long-time fans of the and but also the casual observer or first time listener. As this album ticks all the right buttons with melodic psychedelic Desert/Stoner Rock sounds that bands such as Kyuss and Monster Magnet made famous back in the day. Though please remember this band has been going strong since 1996. Well they did have a brief 5 year hiatus from 2006 to 2011. The fact remains that it’s still great these guys are still around making great music such as Horses Of Rebellion.

Horses Of Rebellion has it’s fair share outstanding songs such as: Soaking, Two Time A Man, Sheep Bloody Sheep, Horses Of Rebellion, Morning Again, Hollow and Release. The only weak part of the album is the final song – Splendid Isolation. As the song doesn’t really go anywhere and leaves you wanting more. Maybe it was best to end the album with a different song.

Apart from that minor complaint, Horses Of Rebellion is a great album and sounds excellent from the start. The production is first-rate and this allows the album to flow at such a natural and addictive pace. If you’re in the mood for a heavier and different style of Stoner Rock then Horses Of Rebellion has you fully covered and proves once again why Cowboys & Aliens are one of the best Stoner Rock bands the European scene has to offer.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to POLDERRECORDS for the promo. Horses Of Rebellion is available to buy now via POLDERRECORDS.