Thursday 23 May 2019

No Man's Valley Release New Video For New Single INTO THE BLUE

Into The Blue is the second single from No Man's Valley critically acclaimed new album - Outside The Dream, that was released March 22 on Tonzonen Records. 

It is a song inspired by fatherly worries for a daughter. Dreamy like Jonathan Wilson channeling Tame Impala through Pink Floyd, Into The Blue is No Man's Valley most laid-back track. It represents a gentler side to the band; Into The Blue is a psychedelic blanket you can get comfortable with and never want to put aside.

Recorded, produced and mixed by Matthijs Kievit from Studio Joneski at ‘t Koetshuys (Lopikerkapel) and Wisseloord studios (Hilversum) The Netherlands.

Mastered by Pieter Kloos at the Void studios (Eindhoven) The Netherlands.