Friday 28 May 2021

KVASIR Announces Debut Full-length '4' via Glory Or Death Records

Kvasir, the being of Norse mythology, was born from the saliva of the god clans Aesir (war) and Vanir (fertility) after they collectively spit berries into a mash. Kvasir traveled far and wide teaching and spreading his knowledge until the dwarfs Fjalar and Galar killed him and drained his blood. Their mixing his blood with honey resulted in the Mead of Poetry, said to imbue the drinker with poetic prowess and wisdom, the spread of which eventually introduces poetry to mankind.

Kvasir, the band, hails from North Portland, Oregon, and is the sum of Christopher Lee (vocals, guitar), Greg Traw (guitar), Jay Erbe (drums), and Gabriel Langston (bass). Originating as a trio formed by Lee and Traw some years prior, they released a debut EP, ‘Space’, in April 2018, with a second EP ‘The Hanged Man & The Emperor’ out only a few months later in September.
Kvasir coalesced into a four-piece with Langston and Erbe during 2019 and began to steadily grow a reverential following in their local Portland scene. Kvasir then branched out on pre-pandemic regional tours around the Pacific Northwest. They remained productive during 2020 with the release of a single, 'I And Thou' in June. The band also completed recording their upcoming debut full-length.

The new album, entitled '4', is set for release through Glory Or Death Records at the end of 
June 2021.

'4' Tracklist:

01. Where Gods Go To Pray
02. Authenticity
03. Slow Death Of Life
04. Earthly Algorithms
05. Chill For A Church
06. The Brink
07. The Black Mailbox
08. Alchemy of Identity

Blending a melodic palate with technical appetites, Kvasir’s distinctive brand of Sabbath worship is tinged in traditional metal with elements of funk, jazz, and art composition. Incorporating progressive elements into a classic foundation lets the songcraft both tell a story and fully rip. At its heart, Kvasir is a heavy rock band. Sounds simple, right? But somehow, just like mixing blood with honey, the result is more than the sum of its parts.

The debut Kvasir full-length ‘4’ is due out on Monday, June 28th, 2021, on Glory Or Death Records. Stay tuned for more...


Jay Erbe - Drums
Gabriel Langston - Guitar
Christopher Lee - Guitar, Vocals
Greg Traw - Bass

KVASIR Online:

Thanks to Leanne at Mettle Media PR for all of the info.