Saturday 26 February 2022

Frozen Planet....1969 - Not From 1969 (Album Review)

Release Date: January 25th 2022. Record Label: Pepper Shaker Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Not From 1969 - Tracklisting

1.Diamond Dust 10:44

2.Strangelands 07:07

3.Dissolver 27:08


Not From 1969 is the tenth album from Aussie Psych Stoner Rockers Frozen Planet…1969 and it’s the first album I’ve ever reviewed by them. That’s not to say I’m a total outsider to the band’s weird, trippy and sometimes surreal world. I’m not. I’m a fan of Frozen Planet….1969 and dig their music a great deal though I’m a few albums out of sync as they’re quite prolific. With that being said I enjoyed Not From 1969 immensely.

A record spread across three lengthy tracks which sees the band explore their Progressive bound Space/Stoner Rock through extended jams and psychedelic soundscapes. The album is quite loud and experimental with the band showing their true creative worth. There’s a 60’s and 70’s identity running throughout this album and if you dig music such as HAWKWIND and EARTHLESS then this will be your extended JAM.

The album is quite jazzy in places and has a cool Surf Rock groove that you can hear in the excellent opening song Diamond Dust. Sprinkle some Middle Eastern vibes and this is perhaps the most far-out that Frozen Planet….1969 have been in quite some time. The song lasts over ten minutes and there’s a lot to digest on this track but it’s a superbly played song from start to finish.

The remaining two songs Strangelands and Dissolver follow the same creative path with even weirder extended jams coming into play and dark flashes of Psychedelic Stoner Rock. The final song Dissolver is on for a mouth-watering twenty seven minutes plus and Frozen Planet….1969 live upto the WILD EXCESS OF THE ROCK & ROLL LIFESTYLE on this song. Mind-blowing and Over The Top in equal measure this is one of the best musical compositions I’ve heard from the band yet and shows a different side to the band.

Overall, Not From 1969 lives on the right side of 60’s Psychedelic Rock before head-diving into the darker surroundings of 70’s based Space Rock/Stoner Rock for an album that builds up to a thrilling climax and leaves you wanting more.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


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