Thursday 24 February 2022

Low Tide Riders Premiere New EP WICKED In Full Ahead Of It's Release On February 25th February

Formed in 2017 in the Brazilian city of Curitiba the band Low Tide Riders is an effervescent mix of influences. With members from different segments, ranging fro Hardcore to Metal, including Stoner Rock, the quartet delivers their sound with a powerful truth.

Featuring in their formation experienced names from the local scene the band is composed by João Carlos (vocals), Hell Santos (bass), Maurício Albiero (guitar) and Carlos Sabião (drums), each one with their own background and a remarkable contribution to the band. Hardcore, Stoner, Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, elements of each style are included in the sound presented by the group, which results in something free of labels in the end, allowing each listener to absorb the energetic sound of the band in a different way.

Even having a relatively short time of existence Low Tide Riders has an interesting and attractive curriculum. The guys officially debuted in the second half of 2020 with "The Road", a four-track EP that introduced the band's potential and energy to the public with a explosive mix of Stoner Rock, Metal and Hard Rock. 

At the end of tbe same year they presented "Live At Fuzz Studio" capturing live all the sound power of the group in an impeccable recording. Earlier this year the band delivered one of their new tracks called "Stand Up or Rise Up" in a recording on the iconic. TENDA, shown on Studio Tenda's Youtube, dedicated to recording bands.

Now the band prepares the way for "Wicked", a new EP scheduled for release on
February 25th. The EP features 3 unreleased compositions and a re-recording. The
record was made at the end of 2021 at Fuzz Studio and again has the production of
Diogo Zotto. The evolution of the band is evident, now bringing even more layers,
more complex lines and "sing-alongs" that promise to shake up the shows. The seventies references allied to low tunings are already a trademark of the band.



Thanks to Low Tide Riders and Matheus at Bruxa Verde PR for the premiere of the EP which you can hear below. Our review will follow in the next few days.