Friday 1 July 2022

Watchman - The End Of All Flesh (Album Review)

Release Date: June 11th 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Format: DD/Vinyl

The End Of All Flesh - Tracklisting

1.Pour Out The Vials 05:56

2.Fire and Brimstone 04:24

3.Death is Coming 05:37

4.Divided Kingdom 04:52

5.Righteous Indignation 05:07

6.The Smoke 05:39

7.The End of All Flesh 05:10


Roy Waterford - Everything


Cosmic Doomed Out Stoner Metal One Man Band Watchman is back for another round of dystopian set grooves that takes what came before it to gloomier pastures. Watchman’s 2021 debut release Doom Of Babylon showed a love and appreciation for bands such as YOB, Sleep and Black Sabbath. This time round Watchman brings a more distorted and sludgier sound that has an Electric Wizard groove within it's DNA.

Opening song Pour Out The Vials is a dark style of Cosmic Doom/Stoner Metal where the AMPLIFIER sound has been UPPED TO ELEVEN compared to Roy’s acclaimed debut album under the Watchman banner. Heavy distorted DIRTY FUZZY SOUNDS gives way to Psychedelic Levels of Seedy Noise based Doom/Drone Metal with a twisted atmosphere running amok. The song still remains wholly original and you can only drift into the Pitch-Black Desert Rock vibe towards the later stages of the song. Gloom And Doom fully takes over when the sludgy guitars appear at the end of the song.

Second song Fire And Brimstone carries on the gloomy psychedelic sounds with that seedy distorted atmosphere taking its time to fully form into heavier outbursts of aggression. The heavy down-tuned and DIY based guitars have a “Post-Whatever” modern style that echoes sounds from both the Doom Metal and Stoner Metal underground. The vocals have their own distinctive vibe and Roy has a twisted storyteller persona on this song and perhaps the whole album.

Watchman carry on their bleak vision on the next couple songs such as: Death Is Coming and Divided Kingdom. Perhaps the more experimental parts of the album with Watchman experimenting with distorted sounds and ambient textures seeing the guitars playing extended jams. This part of the album does have a bleak AMERICANA vibe dictating most of the action. 

The final three songs of the album carry on the far-out bleak mysticism of the earlier stages of the record with Righteous Indignation and The End Of All Flesh being the standout tracks of the album. The songs do have wonderfully modern distorted gloomy appeal especially when Watchman mixes both the standard guitar vibes and longer extended sludgy jams.

The End Of All Flesh is another wicked slice of Doom based entertainment from Watchman. Expect The Unexpected with Watchman as they delve even further into their WEEDIAN psyche with a bleak cosmic flavour that’s simply irresistible.


Words by Steve Howe


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