Sunday 12 November 2023

Vantre - Sanji (Single Review)

Release Date: November 10th 2023. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Sanji - Tracklisting

Sanji - 15:28


BASS • Damiano Signorelli and Yann Le Tallec 

DRUMS • Côme Huveline


Sanji is the new single from French Noise/Doom/Drone/Stoner Rockers Vantre who assign themselves to multiple genres whilst being associated with none at the same time. As they play a challenging style of multiple themes that’s held together by the complexities of Prog Rock and Math Rock. Vantre plays different complex structures where the music is ultimately wild, reckless and quite chaotic. However the band also play intricate progressive and highly melodic strands of Experimental Doom/Stoner Rock which feels inspired by bands such as The Melvins, BORIS and CAVE IN throughout the track.

Vantre perhaps embraces the wilder style of Ambient Metal when the band starts playing a more riff-centric sound which encompasses a more Drone delivery which focuses mostly on Doom/Stoner based melodies with a harsh backdrop of Experimental Noise Rock. The glitchy Post-Rock or Noise Rock elements can be alarming at first to listen to but Vantre adds an eerie Atmospheric sound which soon builds upto a modern Shoegaze feel with the gloomy Drone Metal fully taking command.

Vantre are in a league of their own with Sanji. As this track is perhaps anything unlike you’ve heard before though mostly on the Experimental Drone Metal moments of the song. The later stages goes of Sanji into a more dominant riff driven arena where the grooves are plentiful and have a playful violent aggressive attitude to them.

Vantre are masters of their own creative domain and I would love to see what they guys have planned for their next release which I’m hoping will be a release with one or two more tracks to expand my mind with. Until then, Sanji is quite a forward thinking release which allows Vantre to show the underground scene they have highly original and destructive grooves of their own.

Words by Steve Howe


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