Saturday 12 May 2018

Record Label Spotlight - CURSED TONGUE RECORDS

When I originally started the blog, one of our original team members who joined very briefly was someone called Niels Bartholdy. Niels contributed to quite a few good reviews within the short time that he was here. I remember Niels telling me one day that he was thinking about starting a record label and that he wouldn’t have much time to contribute on the blog anymore.

A few months on from that conversation, Niels started Cursed Tongue Records and I was kinda impressed at how quickly he worked on this. He already secured his first release with Neon Warship debut S/T EP.

Niels was very anxious that the vinyl wouldn’t sell at first. Though however after a successful crowd-funding campaign, Cursed Tongue Records debut release was released to rave reviews from fans of the Stoner Rock Spectrum.

Roll on 2018 and Cursed Tongue Records have gone from strength to strength releasing the following albums on Vinyl.

Neon Warship - Neon Warship
Devil's Witches - Velvet Magic
Green Yeti - Desert Show
Mental Tremors - Mental Tremors
Earth Witch - Out Of The Shallow
Sumokem - The Guardian Of Yosemite
Wolftooth - Wolftooth
Mephistofeles - ( ( ( I' M H E R O I N ) ) )
BORRACHO - Splitting Sky

Perhaps the favourite albums I’ve heard from that bunch are definitely Neon Warship, Wolftooth, Mephistofeles and HASHTEROID.

Wolftooth we raved highly previously here. As it’s quite a favourite record of ours here.

Cursed Tongue Records doesn’t have to rely on crowd-funding projects anymore. They have the power and reputation to sign bands such as Borracho and Tempelheks to their label. I know that Niels is a massive fan of Tempelheks and he even told me one time that he would love to release an album of theirs in the future. Well he’s already achieved that ambition. 

Niels has told me a brief glimpse of what bands that Cursed Tongue Records could be releasing in the future. I have to say I will be mightily impressed if he manages to release half of the bands that he’s mentioned to me over the last few months. 

Though the biggest winners are the Doom/Psych/Sludge/Stoner Metal community. As it’s down to highly committed folks like Niels who have the dream and ambition to owning a record label.

Words by Steve Howe