Sunday 30 September 2018

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - Wasteland (Album Review)

Release date: October 12th 2018. Label: Rise Above Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Wasteland – Tracklisting

1.I See Through You
2.Shockwave City
3.No Return
4.Blood Runner
5.Stranger Tonight


I tell everyone who will listen that Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats is the best band out there. With eight years and four albums in the rear view mirror they should no longer be considered a “new” or “emerging” band. Molded by Rise Above Records from a shadowy, almost anonymous entity with no group photos that didn't do live shows to a touring band who opened for Black Sabbath across the UK, if there was ever a band that was in it for the music, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats is it. If they're new to you, do yourself a favor and dive into their last three albums. If you have a reverence for classic rock, stoner rock and evil vibes, there's a better than even chance you'll be hooked from the first run through the chorus of the now-iconic “I'll Cut You Down” to the finals strains of “Black Motorcade”. Uncle Acid is what The Beatles might have sounded like if Charles Manson and Black Sabbath had come first. And nothing can prepare you for the vocals. If you're already hooked, well, I've got this to say about the upcoming album.

One thing about Uncle Acid is that their albums are cinematic. A full play through of an Uncle Acid album is a bit like watching a movie play out, but it's wrong to call them concept albums. The songs are concise, self-motivated SONGS, never interludes, bridges or filler. But because there's a narrative thread, and because the band are masters of establishing and maintaining an overall mood to suit a theme, every song is important and warrants a focused listen. They lock onto a groove and ride it out but subtle changes make a major impact. Their changes and turnarounds are damn near perfect and make you sit up and take notice, the way your dad's subtle mood changes and gestures are important to note. This is a band with presence.

The theme of 'Wasteland' is a very near-future societal collapse and the struggle for survival, both individual and societal. Thematically, the story elements of the album are reminiscent of The Road, while Sonically, the mood reminds me of Umberto Lenzi's Nightmare City. There's a pretty good reason for that, too. While the sound and mood of their 2013 album 'Mind Control' was steeped in 1968, evoking an over-indulged, hopped-up hippie cult on the mother of all summer of love hangovers, 'Wasteland's sound is very much rooted in 1980, from the opening strains of synth which sets the tone for the album to the muscular, almost Judas Priest or Never Say Die-like “Blood Runner” or “Stranger Tonight” the band never strays far from a vision of the future as seen from nostalgic eyes, wary but hopeful, braced but unprepared.

But, what you really want to know is: is 'Wasteland' better than their last one? Well, 'Wasteland' displays more of a progression than the last one. Every Uncle Acid album, indeed every Uncle Acid song is, in many ways, the same, but different. 'Wasteland' is arguably the most varied effort of the band's career, and unless I missed my guess, I'd wager it's because for the first time the band is writing songs with a live performance in mind. From the opening curtain of “I see through you” to the final dark turn of “Exodus”, Uncle Acid runs the listener ragged through the most epic sonic journey they've offered yet. “No Return” might be the slowest song the band has ever released (it might also be their heaviest and even possibly, their best yet). It's immediately followed up with what may be their fastest ever, “Blood Runner”. There are moments the band allows the listener to catch their breath before the next fateful turn. 'Wasteland' showcases some of the most masterful songwriting of their career with some of the most furious, scorching leads they've yet unleashed. Everything about this album is a step up, a new level of confidence and power.

You'll rarely encounter a band with such a strong identity. If every Uncle Acid song is the same, but different, it's because they're guided by a strong, confident vision. If you don't know exactly who you are and where you're going, you'll never be confident in what you do. So, the question of whether this new album is “better” than their last is moot. Simply put, this band sneezes and a classic record flies out and 'Wasteland' is arguably Uncle Acid's most ambitious album to date. Uncle Acid has found a way to progress everything they do without sacrificing their greatest strength, which is a their instantly recognizable sound.

Here's a track by Track breakdown, if you're one for the spoilers. If not, then look away, quickly:

I See Through You – ominous synth notes build atop a public address announcement that the state has been declared a disaster and gives way to the best opening riff to an album I've heard in ages. Shades of pre-disco Kiss in this riff. I didn't think they'd ever top “I'll Cut You Down” as an album opener, yet here we are. This automatically becomes an essential Uncle Acid song.

Shockwave City – Another terrific song, staying in that proto-metal vein, but still very much in the Uncle Acid style. Possibly the most true to form the band gets on this album.

No Return - again, possibly the band's slowest, heaviest and maybe even best song yet. This thing is sinister, marauding, intimidating even. A good spot for the doomiest Uncle Acid song yet as it comes with the revelation that all hope of a return to normalcy is lost in the album's narrative. Some synth in the background here. I'll point out that Uncle Acid nails cyberpunk dystopia without having to go over the top electro.

Blood Runner – once more, this is the fastest, most metal song in the band's catalogue. It absolutely sounds like a chase scene through dripping, crumbling concrete jungle. It comes close to capturing that early Iron Maiden melodic punk aesthetic.

Stranger Tonight – a strong follow-up. Frantic, uptempo, another future classic, staying in that proto-metal vein.

Wasteland – this mostly acoustic epic is smothered in spaghetti western sauce and builds up nicely in the middle to a satisfying conclusion. This song marks a significant change in the album's tone, from the familiar, if decaying urban world of lean, muscular riffs to a Ennio Morricone laden western feel of a desert wanderer.

Bedouin – this song is nearly indescribable. It almost reminds me of some old Mega Man music and carries over a slight Morricone influence from the last song. Melancholic, yet energetic. This song is insane. I can't tell if those sounds are coming from a guitar or synth, they almost sound like horns. Sabbath vibes of the more experimental moments of 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath'/ 'Sabotage' kind.

Exodus – the big finish, this one's got that last call feel. The whole second half of the record is Morricone meets Sabbath as married by Uncle Acid. Just incredible. At first it seems like the album's narrative ends on a hopeful note until the music darkens before giving way to a low howling wind right at the end. Because it's Uncle Acid the story must end on a malevolent note, like the trickster god was waiting for just the right moment to intervene. A pitch perfect ending to an incredible album which seems to dot the I and cross the t of the band's intended hopeless, doomed message.

And that's it, Uncle Acid's new album, and what an album it is. New fan, old fan, sceptical and suspicious, there's no way you won't fall in love with this album, double negatives be damned!

Words by LK Ultra

Wasteland will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl from Rise Above Records and all good stockists from October 12th 2018.


EMPRESS and PIECE Announce Joint German Tour

Canadian Progressive Sludge Rockers EMPRESS are making the bold move of doing a joint tour in Germany with Sludge/Stoner Metallers PIECE.

The tour is in support of both bands upcoming split album release which is being released in November 2018. I've heard this split album recently and it's loud and ferocious as hell.

If you're a fan of bands such as High On Fire, Mastodon and Baroness then the upcoming album and tour will be something special.

You can check the dates below:

Empress Links:

Facebook | BandCamp

Piece Links:

Friday 28 September 2018

An Interview With Aaron Wall From RED BEARD WALL

US Sludge/Stoner Rockers – Red Beard Wall – made a name for themselves with their excellent S/T debut album which was released in May 2017. This album became a firm favourite of mine very quickly. As the band play a heavy distorted mix of Doom, Sludge and Stoner Metal sounds. Plus it’s so damn catchy as well.

The album went on to receive some acclaim within the Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal community. Aaron Wall is the mean creative force behind Red Beard Wall. However he’s ably backed up by by drummer George Trujillo on the drums whenever the band perform live.

Red Beard Wall have been busy recording their upcoming second album due for release in 2019. With that mind I wanted to catch up with Aaron and see how things are going with Red Beard Wall and what we can expect from the new album.

Aaron kindly agreed to do this cool interview.

Hi Aaron. Thanks for doing this interview. How are things with you today?

Greetings Outlaws of the Sun! Thank you so much for having me! It's a true honor! Things are going tremendously well in my world! Stoked on the months ahead!

For people not in the know can you give a brief history of how the band came about and what the current line-up is today.

The abridged version goes as such… I had been out of music and bands for a few years as a side effect of a tumultuous time, that left me reeling in basically all aspects of life, including my creativity and passion for music. I'll spare you the mushy details (I met my lifesaving wife), so fast forward to late 2015 and everything had turned for me.

I got the passion back and decided to write a few songs just for me, for fun. I was honestly extremely happy with what those original 3 songs became, that I decided, fuck it, I’m gonna do a record. No expectations of putting anything out necessarily, I just had the joy of it back. I wrote, performed all instruments/vocals, recorded, and mixed the album in my living room.

I was really proud of it so I sent it out to a few labels as just a shot in the dark. Amazingly to me it drew some interest, but none more than Gero at Argonauta. As the cliche goes...the rest is history.

To answer the line-up question, my live drummer is the homie, George Trujillo who is an absolute beast. He's crucial to the Red Beard Wall live vibe. Other than that, it's a creative line-up of one. The bearded one.

You released your debut album last year. What a response that album received. Did it surprise you how many people reacted to the album? I still listen to this album all the time.

Yeah! Very very much so, it was damn near overwhelming! The support and love I received was about a gazillion times more than I ever dreamed of. Even though I poured everything I had into those songs, and I was extremely proud of the record, you just never know. This community Steve, our community, can not be praised enough.

If I could shake everyone's hand, look them in the eye sincerely, and say thank you, I most definitely would. The means more to me than I could explain. I'm just grateful for that record. It has made many of my dreams come true. Including, but not limited to, the opportunity to do it all over again. Thank you to you specifically, Mr. Howe. You've been extremely instrumental in the momentum, and success the band has. Grateful to you sir.

Looking back on your debut album, would you change anything about it?

Nothing at all! I love those songs as much now, if not more, than I ever have! Any change in the whole arc of the cycle by me, would've fucked it up more than likely! Ha! I feel like I was just a vessel. I just put the work in, stayed out of the way and let the universe do it's thing. It rewarded me tenfold.

Did you realise before your debut album was released that the album would receive that kind of response. It struck a chord with the Sludge/Stoner Metal scene. Well in my humble opinion.

I honestly didn't think about the response that much, mainly because I didn't even know what to categorize the music as. I was just really happy and proud of the songs. I will say, though, that I am so fucking happy and fortunate it found a place in the "scenes" that it did. It feels like home to me. It's where it was meant to be, and it's where I wanna be. It's the people. All the amazing bands and people within.

Now you will be releasing your new album very soon. Can you give any details what the album is called and when it’s expected to be out?

Yeah man! It's coming! It's titled "The Fight Needs Us All," and it'll be out worldwide on vinyl, CD, and all digital platforms in February 2019 on the mighty Argonauta Records. Official release date, album art, and track list will be announced next month! Teaser tracks, exclusive song art and limited merch in the weeks after. Really stoked to unveil everything, especially the jams! There are 8 brand spanking new songs on the record, and it's banger after banger.

Will it be the same sort of style of music your debut album contained? Or have you changed things round for this album. Any hidden surprises at all?

It's overall not too far of a departure from the debut. It's just MORE, and in my humble opinion, a huge step forward. Better, heavier, and catchier riffs, more mature and ear-wormish melodies. Guitar wise for sure, but vocally even more so. I experimented with vocal harmonies that came out absolutely killer! I really hope people enjoy it. I think as a whole, the album is super solid. But what the hell do I know! Ha!!

Argonauta Records are releasing this album again like your debut album. Was it an easy decision to stay with Argonauta Records?

There was no decision. It was a given. Gero took a chance on me. He did not have to. I do not take that for granted, even in the slightest. Plus I was lucky enough to be signed to Argonauta pretty early on. There definitely weren't but just a few US bands on the roster at that point in time.

I feel like we've grown and expanded together in a truly artistic and organic way. He's helped me grow and hopefully I've done at least a small part to contribute to Gero's and his labels growth. I'll continue to be loyal to Argonauta because Argonauta has been loyal and tremendous to me. It means something.

Did you have any other offers from record labels wanting to sign you to their roster?

I had a few inquiries. Labels putting out feelers. I was definitely not looking for other labels. I'm exactly where I need to be at this point in the journey.

Gero (Owner Of Argonauta Records) has had a great year releasing albums from a wide range of great artists. Did you feel under any pressure when making the second album from your other bands signed to Argonauta Records releasing cool albums? Or did you focus on your own thing.

Man did he ever, and he's still going! The dude is killing it! No other way to say it! I put more than enough pressure and work on myself, just to make it as good as I possibly can. That's really all I can do. The way I look at having so many amazing bands on our label, releasing stellar songs and albums at what seems like a dizzying pace, is just inspiration. Makes me, make sure to keep busting ass and growing.

Did you do anything differently recording the new album compared to your debut album?

To tell you the truth, not a whole lot. The only major differences were in the gear used and things in the technical recording realm. Other than that it was not a huge departure. The main difference was just the knowledge I had gained since the debut. In both performance, recording, and engineering, and how I was able to use that progression in skills to make the new record better in every single facet and phase.

Will you be touring and promoting the new album heavily?

Most definitely! Argonauta alongside ALL NOIR have a pretty extensive PR campaign leading up to release and there will be shows a plenty! Doing some dates with the impeccable Backwoods Payback at the end of November to kick things off and then we'll be out there everywhere and anywhere for a good while pushing The Fight Needs Us All into every nook and cranny that it can seep into.

Any word on European Dates?

Nothing solid yet, but I am vigorously working on it. I'm truly hoping to be over around this time 2019. You will see my face. Mark it it down..

What comes first to you? Music or Lyrics.

Music comes first when I write. I never even ponder on lyrics or vocals until the song is musically finished. When writing lyrics, I listen to the songs and let them tell me what should be said and how it should be said. I feel like it's more organic that way in a sense. I don't question and pine over things a whole lot. I trust my creativity. I just try my absolute best to stay out of the way and let it do it's thing through me. Seems to work best for me, and my soul.

What inspires you when writing music?

The riff! It's the motherfucking riff! Spectacular riffs are my air, and I need to breathe. Nothing inspires me more. Period.

Thanks for doing this interview. Before you go do you have any words of wisdom to say to your fans?

My absolute pleasure my brother! Thank you so much Steve and Outlaws of the Sun! It's an honor and privilege to grace your site. Grateful and thankful for all you do! Also quickly, a gargantuan thank you to each person, that has shown me support and encouragement, or critique for that matter. Thank you to the friends I've made so far along the way. The true brothers and sisters. The family that we are in. The family of true, real, and honest, heavy music.

You are all an integral and crucial part of my dream. No words could ever repay you for the joy you've brought and continue to bring to me. Means every damn thing! ALL LOVE. ALL GRATITUDE. ALL RESPECT. ALL HAIL!!!

P.S. Please please grab my new album The Fight Needs Us All! Feb. 2019 so I can continue to do cool shit like this!

Teaser tracks coming sooooooooon!!!

Words by Steve Howe and Aaron Wall


Facebook | BandCamp



On 24th November 2018 at The Trades in Rotherham from 1pm while 2am, Rotherham is set to shake to its foundations.​ ​After 2017's successful GizzardFest, which saw Belfast Doom/Sludge lords "Slomatics" headline the event, 2018 promises a bigger, better and more complete event with 20 of the finest underground bands already signed up to play. 

Polish ritual doom band "Sunnata" are set to headline this years event, a rare UK appearance for the band - and the only one they’re doing in the UK this year. Alongside them, Wigan's finest "Boss Keloid" and Sheffield's legendary "Kurokuma" have also put their names to the bill. It's the next logical step for the upstart underground festival, that takes place in one of the UK's most notorious towns. 

The Green Wizard has put together a line-up which is to be spread across two stages and promises a diverse look into the UK's underground. 

Main Stage (Wizard Stage) 

Boss Keloid 
Spaztik Munkey 
Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters 
Ritual King 
Witch Tripper

Small Stage (Green Stage)

Elder Druid 
Hundred Year Old Man 

The Trades, a larger indoor venue (than last year's Cutlers Arms) and nearer to Rotherham’s train station, and boasting a capacity for 350+ patrons. The ticket price has remained unchanged from the previous year, staying at the affordable price of ​£10 advance and an on the door charge of £20.

The Green Wizard was the brainchild of Daniel Brown, who started the music promotional endeavour in 2012. Whilst working at Sheffield’s DQ he began hosting events which saw the likes of Conan, Slabdragger and Iron Witch take to the stage. A moniker which Daniel used to put on shows in the Rotherham and Sheffield area, up until 2017 when he teamed up with United in Fuzz to put an extra special show on (GizzardFest #1 in 2017). This would be Daniel’s last show under The Green Wizard, passing the mantle of what he’d built onto Christopher Hardwick and Chris J. E. Bingham. 

2018 will be the first event The Green Wizard has done on this scale, with a majority of the potential profits set to go to the performers, it promises to be a musically diverse dive into the UK’s underground music scene, with many genres being represented from hard rockin blues through post-metal, doom metal, sludge along with good old rock and roll. 

Many of the bands on the bill have new releases due this year, all of which should be available in the dedicated merchandise area. 

Food vans outside of the venue will cater to dietary needs as vast and varied, with an emphasis on Vegan/Vegetarian options being available. “Go Get Stuffed”, will be providing catering for the event to ensure that these options are available. 

The Green wizard is looking for advertisement opportunities 

On-going band Interviews: GizzardTube - Band Spotlights

Arteaga - Vol III Necromance (Album Review)

Release date: September 23rd 2018. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Vol III Necromance – Tracklisting

1.Espejo Roto 07:07
2.Marcela 03:43
3.Ritual Eléctrico 06:12
4.Necromance 05:47
5.Verano Rojo 07:19
6.Necrodance 10:16


Francisco Gonzalez
Domingo Lovera
Sebastián Morales


Arteaga return with their new album - Volume III Necromance. The band continues with their Black Sabbath inspired heavy psychedelic doom based sound. Though this album has a more solid Garage Rock approach and even has a little more experimentation especially with the fuzzier Acid Rock sounds. The album relies more on Stoner Rock thrills but this allows Arteaga to impress from the start.

The overall sound of the album has a very raw and vintage sound which is especially good for the heavier Doom parts of the album. The album becomes a heavier experience and has some top-notch classic rock flourishes hidden behind the trippy acid rock sounds.

Opening song - Espejo Roto - is a mixture of Doom, Psych, Acid Rock, Fuzz and Classic Rock riffs but one that sees Arteaga adapt a more progressive rock sound. The album can be quite cold at times but Arteaga still have a cool likeability around their music. The instrumental work is solid throughout the album and the production is handled superbly well. The vocals from Francisco feel heavily influenced by the seventies classic hard rock/heavy metal scene.

Second song - Marcela - is more of a Garage Rock/Fuzz Rock number as it has quite a rebellious streak with some heavy punk based guitars. The later stages of the song does have some familiar heavy Doom/Stoner Rock parts but primarily the band play a highly engaging Garage/Fuzz/Psych Rock sound with a touch of sinister Occult Rock lurking in.

Third song - Ritual Electro - starts off really slow and takes forever to fully get going. The first few moments are a continuous drone based riff. I was very grateful when a heavy guitar sound finally appears and Arteaga return to winning ways. The classic sounding guitars breathe genuine life into this song and the psychedelic riffs provide some of the albums heaviest moments.

The second half of the album is what impressed me the most. As Arteaga finally settle down into a confident rhythm and play a wide range of different sounds to impress the listener with. The album starts to adapt a more heavy metal approach and the music becomes more exciting as a result.

The standout songs on the album are definitely the last three songs - Necromance, Verano Rojo and Necrodance. As the overall mood of the album relies on the Doom aspect of the bands overall sound. Though the last song has a stunning progressive post-rock/metal backdrop compared to the other songs on the album.

I can't have much say on the lyrical content as the band sing in their own language. However the vocals match the overall bleak sounds the band creates on the album.

Arteaga have a wicked sense of humour on this album especially on Necromance. Maybe influenced by Church Of Misery at times but more sinister. You'll know when you hear the soundclip. Overall, Arteaga is a well-produced and well-made album that offers a high amount of thrills and spills along the way.

If you're looking for a bold and highly adventurous Doom/Garage/Psych/Stoner Rock album then you've come to the right place. Arteaga will have you covered. Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


Wednesday 26 September 2018

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs - King Of Cowards (Album Review)

Release date: September 28th 2018. Label: Rocket Recordings. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

King Of Cowards – Tracklisting

5.Cake Of Light 03:45


Matt Baty (Vocals)
Sam Grant (Guitar)
Adam Ian Sykes (Guitar)
Christopher Morley (Drums)
John-Michael Hedley (Bass)


Noise rock is a rather large and ubiquitous genre of music and a sort of de facto category for a band whose sound doesn’t easily fall into one of the more common categories of rock and metal. So here we have (from Outlaws head honcho Steve’s hometown of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne) Pigs x7, who bring a truly unique brand of noise rock that carries elements of doom, metal, hardcore, jazz, and everything in between in every song. 

King of Cowards is the band’s second album following hot on the heels of last years stellar Feed the Rats. King of Cowards carries some of the same elements as Rats but doubles the songs (3 to 6) and somehow manages to be even more bombastic than its predecessor.
The vocals are angry and distorted, the tracks are loaded with feedback, dissonance and a shitload of riffs. 

All those are trademarks of any noise rock record worth its salt. However, what sets Pigs x7 apart is the surprising nuances of the record. Each new listen revealed another aspect of the songs that wasn’t as apparent the time before. That is what makes a record stunning and sets it apart from all the others.

The album opens with the bombastic GNT that brings in elements of space influenced guitar, a Queen like chorus and crunch heavy bass. The band brings in the Doom on the lumbering Shockmaster. The song is a bit slower and heavily distorted. It is worth note that Pigs x7 are not ones for brevity. Feed the Rats was a 40+ minute record that was 3 songs long. As noted, this record doubles the song, but not the time. With the first two tracks clocking in at over 6 minutes a piece. Another element of note is the band’s propensity for tempo change. 

All their songs are technically dynamic. Pigs x7 can fit as many tempo changes in one song as most bands fit into one album. With that said, comes the centrepiece of the record, at around 9 minutes, is the driving noise rock masterpiece A66. This song has a feel that is reminiscent of 90’s Touch & Go records, more particularly, Chicago’s beloved Jesus Lizard. A driving beat, heavy and angular guitars and the screamed chorus of “This beast is not very kind” hammer the song into a huge psych heavy finish. The foot does not come of the gas with Thumbsucker. The songs big, repetitive riff pummels the listener for 8+ minutes before a shift change into a big rock outro. At under 4 minutes, Cake of Light, is the most concise, straight ahead rock song on the record. Made memorable with some big drum crashes and a little bit of synth on the way out.

Gloamer closes the record in unique fashion. The track has guest vocals (my apologies for not knowing who this is) delivering some indie rock mantras over the bands crashing drums and angular, feedback laden guitars. An monumental closer to say the least.

I have very quickly become a huge fan of Pigs x7. As a kid that grew up on Touch & Go Records, Am-Rep style noise noise rock and the joyous anarchy of The Melvins. Pigs x7 have set themselves apart from the rest and taken position at the top of the noise rock world. Familiarise yourself with the band and grab a copy of King of Cowards, it is a unique and satisfying listening experience and unquestionable one of the best records of the year.

Todd S - Instagram @alltheghoststhathauntyou

Words by Todd Stealey


Tuesday 25 September 2018

Mad God Announce New Video For I CREATED GOD

Johannesburg’s purveyors of sludgy-stoner-doom Mad God are set to release their second album Grotesque and Inexorable on the 2nd November. As a little taste for things to come they’ve unveiled a lyric video for the track I Created God taken from the album.

"This song was written after watching a Charles Manson documentary following his death in 2017. This song does not condone the actions of the cult leader but rather delves into the psyche and motives of both him and his followers around the time of the murders that took place in 1969. “Tim Harbour

Watch the video for I Created God

Mad God is a 3-piece doom metal band from Johannesburg, South Africa and take influences from bands such as Electric Wizard, Ufommamut, Candlemass, Warning, Church of Misery, OM, Sleep, Sons of Otis, The Sword and Black Sabbath. Musically Mad God combine traditional, epic, sludge and stoner doom and play a mix of crushingly slow riffs and psychedelic soundscapes layered with reverb drenched vocals and lyrics touching on horror, madness, drug abuse, interdimensional beings.

Mad God’s lyrics are heavily inspired by the works of H.P Lovecraft, among other sci-fi, horror and fantasy authors. Their music goes beyond the traditional metal tropes of blast beats and guttural vocals and experiments with slow and atmospheric textures that allows the bands essence to extend between worlds. Mad God’s show is more than just a live performance but an aural and physical experience that they share with our audience.

Sunday 23 September 2018

Magmakammer - Mindtripper (Album Review)

Release date: September 28th 2018. Label: Kozmik Artifactz. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Mindtripper – Tracklisting

2.Fat Saturn
3.Acid Times
5.Along the Crooked Roads 07:26
6.The Voyage
7.Cosmic Dancers


U.H. Jacobsen as the voice, guitar & keys
Stian Solberg as the low-end
And Lasse Røed beating on the cosmic drums


Mindtripper is the debut album from Psychedelic Doom Rockers - Magmakammer. Coming across like a more spaced out version of Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, this album sees Magmakammer adding their own heavy psychedelic groove to the Doom/Stoner Metal scene. The vocals from U.H. Jacobsen have a distinctive Black Sabbath feel to them and that only instantly draws you into their heavy spaced out sound.

Opening track - Druggernaut - is your usual standard Doom Metal type of song. However when Magmakammer start adding elements of Psych Rock then the song and album finally spring into life and keeps that confident groove going until the very end of the album. The hazy and heavy guitars become heavier and allow the band to explore different parts of their music.

Second song - Fat Saturn - sees the band journey down the same path as heavyweights Electric Wizard and Sleep but with a more progressive feel. The vocals have a slight creepy feel to them and the lyrics allow this song become one of the more spaced out offerings on the album. The whole feel and sound of the album is decidedly modern and classic sounding at the same time with Magmakammer offering a complex and progressive sound that I didn't really expect or anticipated. The music is wonderfully eerie and has its fair share of gloomy moments to impress the listener with.

Just when you think you have everything figured out with Magmakammer, the band pull something unexpected out of the band and that's what happened to me with the excellent third song - Acid Times. As the band adopt a more Garage Rock style of music and it works so well. The psychedelic and cosmic vibes from the opening two tracks are still there in essence. However the main focus of Acid Times is the Garage Rock sound with a grand Classic Rock approach being added just for the sheer fun of it all.

Fourth song - Mindtripper - is the most doomed out song held on the album which opens with some gloomy organs before the heavy guitars appear. This song feels inspired by the classic horror films from the sixties and seventies. The song has that sinister feel and the lyrics are the main reason for that feeling. The lyrics are very theatrical and OTT but they add a sense of dread into the overall feel of the album.

The final three songs: Along The Crooked Roads, The Voyage and Cosmic Dancers sees Magmakammer embrace their Cosmic/Space Rock identity even further with The Voyage and Cosmic Dancers being two of the best songs held on the album. You can expect the usual twists and turns with the band's music. However you can't deny how highly addictive and exciting it all sounds.

Mindtripper is one of those rare debut albums that have the potential to reward Magmakammer with a long rewarding career within the Doom/Stoner Metal scene. Mindtripper is that good and is bound to have Doom/Stoner Metal fans worshipping at the altar of Magmakammer. Overall, Mindtripper is a thrilling and stunning debut album that leaves you wanting more.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Adam at Kozmik Artifactz for the promo. Mindtripper will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Kozmik Artifactz from September 28th 2018.