Thursday 29 June 2023

US Heavy Fuzz Rockers ALMOST HONEST Sign to ARGONAUTA Records; New Album During Fall

Coughed up from a smoke filled corner deep in the Central Pennsylvania rock scene in 2012, Almost Honest is a four-piece riff conspiracy dipped in enough sludge to choke mammoth, enough groove to make the dead dance, lyrics that could summon a Sasquatch and make her sing along, and a tonal brilliance that was crafted by master sound-smiths and enchanted by sonic-shamans.

Says the band: "We at Almost Honest are absolutely thrilled to be working with Argonauta Records to release our 3rd record. We have been working tirelessly since 2020 on our new tunes and we are happy that it finally has a home. We know that we are going to accomplish wonderful things together and we cannot wait to share with you what we have been working on."

Helmed by the darkly dulcet guitarist Shayne Reed, driven by the jungle rattling bassist Garrett Spangler, lifted up by the immense leads of David Kopp and powered by the ent-war thump of drummer Quinten Spangler, Almost Honest has evolved into a rock act to be reckoned with.

Focusing the energy they would have put into extensive touring during the past two years and using ritual druid magics, they conceived, wrote, and recorded a brand new album whose details will be revealed soon.

Almost Honest is poised to deliver more of their unique, creamy fuzz soaked, metallic prog-funk potion, with a riot punch live show that Pennsylvania head bangers have come to crave as soon as the world is ready!


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High Desert Queen & Blue Heron - Turned To Stone Chapter 8: The Wake (Album Review)

Release Date: May 20th 2023. Record Label: Ripple Music. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

Turned To Stone Chapter 8: The Wake: Tracklisting

High Desert Queen - Black Moon

High Desert Queen - Drift Into The Sun

HIgh Desert Queen - Roll The Dice

Blue Heron - Able Baker

Blue Heron - Day Of The Comet

Blue Heron - Superposition


Turned To Stone Chapter 8: The Wake is the new split album being released on Ripple Music but this time featuring Stoner Metallers High Desert Queen and Blue Heron with both bands offering around fifteen minutes of new music. There's something for everyone here if you've never heard of these two great bands. 

High Desert Queen play a more aggressive style of music compared to their celebrated debut album though fans of that album will still be superbly entertained with the three tracks contained here with Black Moon and Roll The Dice being the standout moments of their side of this split release. Heavy Psychedelic guitars with a twinge of Thrash and Doom being the most heaviest aspects of the track. Ryan's vocals are undeniable and passionate as ever with his vocals taking a more heartfelt Classic Rock approach on Black Moon. 

High Desert Queen's batch of songs are always melodic and highly atmospheric but I admired their style they adopted on the second track Drift Into The Sun. As the song opts for an Alt Rock and Spaced Out feeling with twinges of haunting Post-Rock/Blues Rock sounds appearing. There's also excellent backup vocals from Morgan who continues that cool style on the final song of Roll The Dice. That song also has some killer Thin Lizzy inspired classic guitar action that allow High Desert Queen to end their set with style and conviction.

Blue Heron offers a more Fuzzed Up and metallic blend of Doom/Stoner grooves across three tracks called: Able Baker, Day Of The Comet and Superposition. Taking the similar sounds where their acclaimed debut album ended, Blue Heron went straight for Stoner Metal overdrive with their style of music. Opening song Able Baker takes a more Fuzzier approach with a mixture of clean/harsh vocals telling an intriguing story with the bombastic and slightly sludgy grooves written for this track. Perhaps a more ferocious style of music compared to High Desert Queen but the contrast works superbly well. Fans of KYUSS, Monster Magnet and Fu Manchu should check out this song for the action alone.

The other two tracks of Day Of The Comet and Superposition feel like they could have come from their debut album with similar melodies and vocal structures contained throughout both tracks. Though, there is a subtle Grungier attitude appearing on Day Of The Comet with the band's heaviest and most interesting creative sounds heard on this track alone. The gruff based vocals have a slight Blues Rock twang but all add up to a HARD ROCKING great time with Blue Heron going into Stoner Metal guitars excess on the later stages of Day Of The Comet. This part can be quite flashy in places but it's hard not to be impressed by it all.

Blue Heron continues that style of music with Superposition but with a slightly more relaxed atmosphere being used to deliver the melodic sounds.

Turned To Stone Chapter 8: The Wake is another stellar chapter within this groundbreaking and acclaimed series from Ripple Music. With this being a Ripple Music release, you know this oozes QUALITY throughout. Everything sounds superb and you can understand why this release is building up such a great BUZZ within the underground Stoner Metal scene. 

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Purple Sage PR for the promo.

Turned To Stone Chapter 8: The Wake is available to buy now on CD/DD/Vinyl via Ripple Music.

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Radiant Knife - Pressure (Album Review)

Release Date: July 14th 2023. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD/Vinyl

Pressure: Tracklisting


Ghost Samurai

Phil Collins Was Right

Give Yourself Away

Sunsets From Space


His Capa Was Detated


Demon Legs


Stephen Sheppert - Guitars/Vocals/Keys

Greg Travasos - Drums


Psych Doom Metallers Radiant Knife return with their new album Pressure and follow the same route as the two albums they released back in 2020. One album was more Post-Rock/Post-Doom focused with the other being a heavier style of Doom/Sludge Metal with Prog Rock tendencies. Pressure combines those two albums creative elements for a highly technical blend of Prog Metal, Doom Metal, Sludge Metal and Psychedelic Stoner grooves. 

The album opens with the fast paced sounds of Slumber with Radiant Knife almost playing a softer grindcore aspect to their music which reminds me of Genghis Tron (Board Up The House era) and the number of thrashy beatdowns allows the Electronica aspect of their sound to become more central towards the later stages. Vocals are easy to understand despite the volatile nature of them. Though, the album's main strength is the technical brilliance residing within their music. Fast-paced and violent but one that allows the band to play Sludgy grooves reminiscent of Mastodon and Torche. 

Second song Ghost Samurai continues with the Thrash/Doom/Sludge/Electronica sounds with harsh Industrial beats and catchy almost "POPPY" based vocals. Another wicked creative choice that allows Radiant Knife to stand apart from their peers. Flashes of Ambient, Post-Rock and Psychedelic noises quickly work their way into Radiant Knife's take on melodic Doom Metal. The "Stop, Start" delivery of their music is quite unforgiving at times with the sludgy jagged grooves portraying a band not afraid to experiment with their music but still having a highly unapologetic "mainstream" and intense "underground" sound at the same time.

Third track Phil Collins Was Right sees the band in a more reflecting and perhaps self aware mood. This track embraces similar ideas and themes that Phil Collins used within his music though mostly with the vocals and lyrics. The grooves are entirely a different story with Radiant Knife laying down some of the most addictive, intense, progressive and multi-layered sounds on the album. Ambient, Post-Rock, Post-Doom and Trippy Sludgy atmospherics make up one of the standout tracks on the album. The creative and sonic experimentation on this track alone makes this album such a must have album.

Fourth track Give Yourself Away is more a Sludge/Stoner/Thrash odyssey with the Tech Metal aspect working superbly with the Psychedelic and Cosmic parts that appear. The song is more at home when Radiant Knife plays their multitude of different Technical Breakdowns and Thrashier passages. The vocals are superbly delivered yet again though the lyrics aren't the strongest here but the inspired  Ambient elements and sludgier based music allow this track to still be one of the highlights contained on the album.

Fifth song Sunsets From Space lays down on the Electroncia aspect but fuses a more Industrial/Post-Metal delivery to their sound. This song allows Radiant Knife to show their technical prowess yet again with some of the best instrumental work on the whole album. It's quite a refreshing change of pace with the band focusing more on their actual technical and musical ability. The song still has moments of warped Psychedelic noises and glitches before exploding into an extended instrumental jam that has influences of Torche and Mastodon within. Perhaps my favourite track of the album.

The album goes fully into Doom/Sludge/Industrial Metal overdrive on the second half of the album with the more intense and aggressive sounds starting to emerge on tracks such as Mortals, His Capa Was Detated and Demon Legs. Though, it's good to hear that Radiant Knife manage to play that warped style of Electronica, Psych and Stoner grooves with the odd "POPPY" interlude that makes the whole album such a wild trip.

With thrilling production values, Pressure not only allows Radiant Knife to deliver their strongest album to date but one that will allow the band to make themselves more wildly known within the whole Underground Metal scene. This is an absolute BEAST of an album and another AOTY contender.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Earsplit or the promo.

Pressure will be available to buy on DD/Vinyl from July 14th 2023.


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Wednesday 28 June 2023

Exclusive Video Premiere Of DUST PROPHET New Video For DEAR MRS. BUDD

Doom/Stoner Metallers DUST PROPHET, the Manchester, New Hampshire based outfit was born in 2018. Musically inspired by the likes of BLACK SABBATH, KYUSS, ELECTRIC WIZARD, TOOL and CLUTCH, they draw lyrically from classic literary works including the epic poem 'Paradise Lost', Gothic writers Flannery O’Connor, Ray Russell, and apocalyptic Biblical legends. Immersing in an eerie atmosphere, "A Storm of Time_Space part 1" begins the album with a foreboding tone. 

Apocalyptic moods run through the exploration of humanity's successes and failings across DUST PROPHET's music. Deliciously distorted guitar tones power through "The Axe Falls", and powerful vocals allude to the oncoming darkness. Sonorous bass notes resonate, bringing an immense sense of power to "Song 4". Synthesizers and keys weave eerie elements among the heavy instruments and enhance the overall sound. Contrasting the delicate and the hard-hitting, "The High Capital" brings a striking opposition of styles to emphasize the theme of the track. "Bury Me Before Noon" unleashes a bewitching conclusion to One Last Look Upon the Sky. From haunting chants and demonic growls, to folk instrumentation and an unceasing gloom, it's an enchanting experience.

DUST PROPHET are taking the stoner and doom scene by storm. Heavy rhythms, dynamic atmospheric composition and powerful execution give One Last Look Upon the Sky an epic edge that is sure to appeal to fans across the genre - assuming the world doesn't end first.


Otto Kinzel- Guitar/Vocals
Sarah Wappler- Bass/Keyboards
Tyler MacPherson- Drums

We are excited to premiere new video for the song Dear Mrs. Budd from their acclaimed new album One Last Look Upon The Sky.

Thanks to C Squared Music for all of the details. 


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Tuesday 27 June 2023

Wizard Master - Ablanathanalba (Album Review)

Release Date: July 07th 2023. Record Label: Electric Valley Records. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

Ablanathanalba: Tracklisting

1.Hell Riders
2.Funeral Boogie
4.Master Of Wizardry
5.We Are Füd
6.Tested By Death


Occult/Doom/Stoner Metallers Wizard Master return with their new album Ablanathanalba which sees the band play a more evil FUZZED UP style of sound compared to their debut album. The album still has the trademark sounds and themes of the modern day Doomed Out Stoner Metal with levels of Distorted Grooves and Twisted Melodies which is built upon trademark sounds from bands such as Black Sabbath, Church Of Misery and Electric Wizard. There's a free-flowing and sinister Psychedelic attitude throughout the album with opening track Hell Riders offering the perfect gateway into Wizard Master's world of Heavy Occult Rock with a killer sideline in gloomy soundbytes and freakish Progressive jams.

The sound of Ablanathanalba is both essentially vintage and modern at the same time where Wizard Master explores a more progressive sounding Psychedelic attitude with sludgy remains of the Occult becoming more frequent towards the later stages of Hell Riders.

Second song Funeral Boogie is opens with a classic sounding Horror theme that quickly changes into folkier atmospherics before that burgeoning Sludgy and creepy groove becomes more Doomed Out Stoner based. The music has a Rock And Roll approach when WIzard Master plays a simpler style of music that retains its sinister edge. The raw production values allows Wizard Master to tap into that area of Gloomy Psychedelic Doom with a slight focus on Blues Rock. The vocals are vintage sounding 70's Proto Doom with small modern Stoner Rock flourishes. The lyrics are freaky, jazzy and soulful which is quite impressive for a Doom/Stoner Metal album such as this. However, most folks will get their most kicks out of the AMPLIFIER DISTORTED and LOW & SLOW based jams.

Third song Acid is a more trippier and fuzzed up song with Wizard Master playing heavier levels of SONIC and FUZZ based distortion on this song. The music moves cautiously along but with always a threatening attitude. The vocals remain yet again fully Occult/Doom based with the music slowly moving between the finer caveats of Sludge Rock and Stoner Metal. The song also has a wicked "STOP/START'' approach which allows the rhythm section to lay down some impressive ear-shattering beats with the Psychedelic guitars being wonderfully "OUT THERE" which builds upto one of the most refreshing aspects of the album.

Wizard Master goes all out with the Occult/Doom Metal aspect on the second half of the album with the gloomiest and heaviest parts yet to appear. The mood is deliciously CHAOTIC with Wizard Master drawing upon Electric Wizard and COUGH at times with a mean Sonic/Fuzz/Psychedelic template to weave more despairing gloomy sounds upon. Especially on tracks such as Master Of Wizardry and Tested By Death. Wizard Master can be more direct here with the music, vocals and lyrics contained within this part of the album.

Ablanathanalba allows Wizard Master to refine their "Power-Trio" way of playing with the band easily becoming one of the best bands within the modern day Underground Doom/Stoner Metal scene playing this style of FUZZED UP DOOM/STONER METAL alongside bands such as 1782, Acid Mammoth, Earthbong and other bands of their ilk.

Ablanathanalba is quite a highly creative album with Wizard Master relying upon progressive sounding techniques compared to their debut album. This all builds up to a more violent and action-packed style of music which leaves the listener fully satisfied from start to finish.

If you imagine that Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats would venture into harsher and more sinister areas of Doom/Stoner Metal then Ablanathanalba are the answer to your SATANIC prayers.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Qabar PR for the promo.

Ablanathanalba will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Electric Valley Records from July 07th 2023.


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Psych Doom Rockers NAUTHA Release New Video For KATA KUMBAS From New Album Metempsychosis

The core of the line-up of NAUTHA is made up by Pierpaolo Cianca (guitar), Antonio Montellanico (vocals, bass, guitar) and Giorgio Pinnen (drums). In 2018 they debuted with the album "Tutti i Colori del Buio" inspired by the Italian progressive rock season of the 70s, mixing doom, metal, psychedelic and art rock influences.

“Metempsychosis” is the new album and the second chapter of their sound research.

Leaving behind the Italian language in favor of English, the roman band changes skin to immerse their sound in a cosmic journey. Seven songs like different "transmigrations of the soul" and interpretations of sound, which each time abandons the formal structures of progressive to move towards the experimental sounds of jazz-rock and the galactic voyages of psychedelic kraut.

You can hear the new song and video for KATA KUMBAS

Monday 26 June 2023

DC Heavyweights BORRACHO Return with New Single and Highly Anticipated Album BLURRING THE LINES OF REALITY

The revered heavy rock trio will unleash their fifth full-length studio album on 18th August 2023 on underground label, Kozmik Artifactz!

This Summer, Washington DC’s steadfast heavyweight stalwarts Borracho return to shake up the underground and blur your reality.
Creating a sonic tapestry that transcend boundaries, the band combines elements of classic, doom, and progressive rock to form a signature sound that has resonated with fans since their formation over fifteen years ago.
Drawing on influences spanning decades, they combine soaring musicality with subterranean propulsion, encompassing the hard-driven strut of bands like Black Sabbath and Mountain, stoner jams of Clutch and Fu Manchu, and the unmistakable energetic sensibilities of Mastodon and High on Fire.
Adding to an already impressive discography, their highly anticipated fifth studio album – Blurring the Lines of Reality – will get an official release this August on German label, Kozmik Artifactz, and cement their rightful place at the centre of the US underground stoner rock scene.
"We couldn't be more excited about the release. It really pulls together so many elements of our sound and reflects the emotions and challenges of the period it was written during a global pandemic. We think we’ve crafted a truly immersive and powerful listening experience that fans, and newcomers will really enjoy," explains drummer, Mario Trubiano.

Their lead single, ‘Architects of Chaos I’, is the first of three connected tracks that make up an entire side of the album. Full of Eastern influence the song unfolds into a dissection of the socio-political issues that have shaped the world we live in. A theme that carries through much of the album. One of the ways the band indulged in this exploration was by using AI in the creation of both the album art and the video for the single. As you’ll see, technology is both powerful and scary in equal measure, highlighting the potential for its use and its misuse.
Borracho's Blurring the Lines of Reality will be officially released on 18th August 2023 on Kozmik Artifactz.
Watch their AI generated video for new single 'Architects of Chaos I' below


Steve Fisher – Guitar, Vocals
Mario Trubiano – Drums, Percussion
Tim Martin – Bass, Backing Vocals


Pound of Flesh (Album, Kozmik Artifactz) 2021
Riffography (Compilation, Ripple Music/Kozmik Artifactz) 2017
Atacama (Album, Kozmik Artifactz) 2016
The Second Coming of Heavy, Vol. 1 (Split Album, Ripple Music) 2015
Oculus (Album, Strange Magic Records/No Balls Records, AM Records) 2013
Splitting Sky (Album, No Balls Records/Cursed Tongue Records) 2011


Borracho on Facebook –
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Kozmik Artifactz on Bandcamp –
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Delco Detention - Come Get It (Album Review)

Release Date: June 22nd 2023. Record Label: Self Released.. Formats: CD/DD

Come Get It: Tracklisting

1.Domagoj Simek Told Me Quitters Never Smoke (feat. Jared Collins & Mike Descoteaux) 05:09

2.Pull Down The Mountain (feat. Kevin McNamara & Mike DiDonato) 03:29

3.Dying Light (feat. Dave Wessell) 03:58

4.Digital Zombie (feat.Kevin McNamara & George Loving) 03:52

5.Earthless Delco (feat. Isaiah Mitchell of Earthless) 05:02

6.Pitch Black Heart (feat. Kevin McNamara) 04:13

7.Slasher (feat. Justin Kerbel of Ransom Child) 05:54

8.Rock N Roll God (feat. Dave Wessell) 04:01

9.I Have The Body Of John Wilkes Booth (feat. Jessi Maule of Chokesetter) 04:36


Tyler Pomerantz- Guitars and Bass

Adam Pomerantz- Drums

*Isaiah Mitchell - guitar solo

*Mike DiDonato - guitar solo

*George Loving (track 4) & Mike Descoteaux (Track 1) - Bass

*Kevin McNamara, Jared Collins, Justin Kerbel, Dave Wessell, Angelique Zuppo-

*Lyrics and Vocals

*Track 9 (Clutch cover with Jessi Maule of Chokesetter)


Stoner Rock Troublemakers Delco Detention return with their new album Come Get It and it sees the band feature multiple guest artists throughout the album with musicians such as Isaiah Mitchell, Kevin McNamara, Jessi Maue and Mike DeDonato lending their musical and creative talents on various tracks. The album has a more focused sound compared to their releases and the Father & Son duo (Adam and Tyler Pomerantz) are more in tune here. The music is starting to become its own thing with 11 year old Tyler slowly finding his own style of music and holding his own with the multiple guest musicians contained on this album.

Come Get It takes a more Boogie Rock and Blues Rock approach with some Hard Rock/Metal grooves allowing the album to be quite an upbeat and soulful listen. Tyler's love for CLUTCH is never too far away and the record does pay homage to that legendary band. Though, you can hear traces of bands such as Thin Lizzy, ZZ Top and Blue Cheer on the various tracks on the album. Proving that Tyler is improving his musical and creative skills with each subsequent release.

There's a lot more Progressive based flavours on the album with a warped Psychedelic influence heard on tracks such as: Domagoj Sime Told Me Quitters Never Smoke, Pull Down The Mountain and Dying Light, Digital Zombie, Earthless Delco, Slasher and the awesome and rebellious cover of CLUTCH classic I Have The Body Of John Wilkes Booth. These tracks feature the gloomiest vocals and grooves of the album moving further into areas of music such as Doom Metal, NOLA and Southern Rock. 

The first half of the album is perhaps the most entertaining on the album but the whole album is a killer release with richly observed production values that remain to Delco Detention's underground DIY Roots. It's good to see Tyler allowing his good friend George Loving (also 11 years old)  to appear on Bass Guitar for Digital Zombie and puts in a stunning performance to allow the song to have extra weight within the VOLUME department.

I mustn't forget to state how great Adam's drumming performance on the album is. As he's a constant presence with his superb drumming being perhaps the strongest I've heard from him. 

Come Get It is another fantastic and highly entertaining record from Delco Detention. There's not many 11 year old musicians with four acclaimed albums to their name and featuring some of their musical heroes and influences but here we are with another great album from Delco Detention that ranks as their best release to date.

Words by Steve Howe


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SILVERBURN is the solo project of James ‘Jimbob’ Isaac. The Welsh metal visionary began this journey during the cruel lockdown winter of 2020. It has been said that extreme conditions demand extreme responses, and ‘Self Induced Transcendental Annihilation’ (SITA) began as an elemental response to the almighty global gut-punch that surrounded it’s creation.
SILVERBURN is the solo project of James ‘Jimbob’ Isaac. The Welsh metal visionary began this journey during the cruel lockdown winter of 2020. It has been said that extreme conditions demand extreme responses, and ‘Self Induced Transcendental Annihilation’ (SITA) began as an elemental response to the almighty global gut-punch that surrounded it’s creation.

With this album, Isaac has meticulously crafted a wholly uncompromising solo offering in the truest sense. Spirit Metal, Quantum Thrash, Metaphysical Post-sludgecore… call it what you will, this album takes zero prisoners. A true dark night of the soul, in stereo. Having written, constructed and finalised each song at his digital home studio within a self-allotted twelve month time frame, Isaac then proceeded to practice and actualise the live drumming over the twelve months that followed. The two and a half year creative journey then culminated in the recording studio where JB committed each live instrument to tape with producer Gethin Pearson at his Institute of Sonic Architecture studios in Wales, in January 2023.

Released on 11th August (MSH Music Group), ‘SITA’ is a healing rite of passage. A hero’s metallic journey of total annihilation, rebirth and healing through fire. With Isaac’s legacy traversing his former bands Taint and Hark, this solo album marks a shift forward from his tried, tested and influential ‘stoner rock/post-hardcore/prog-sludge’ template. Whilst followers and fans of his signature roots may take some surprise over the hard hitting direction of Silverburn, the DNA of these songs resides firmly within Isaac’s authentic canon of influences. From the world-ending double-kick maelstrom of opening track ‘Annihilation’ to the cinematic, discordant chug and release of ‘Etheric Crush’ this album draws from Isaac’s beloved eras of 90’s metal and 2000’s metallic hardcore/math/noisecore/space/sludge metal.

Listen to first single ‘Annihilation' below:

While ‘SITA’ is centred around the almighty chug and more of Isaac’s signature discordancy, he also continues his innate thirst for swing, groove and gargantuan tempo drops along side the barrage of on-point bludgeon. With the nexus of Isaac’s song craft stemming from his drumming heart this record is laden with seismic rhythm shifts, breeze-block riffing, prog-punk twang and heart breaking wide screen melody/melancholy. In an era where stock pentatonic has become passé and so-called ‘prog’ has already dated, Silverburn smashes with apocalyptic vitality and kinetic spirit. Isaac’s lyrical matter spans multi-dimensionality, Jungian themes of psychology/philosophy, the void and spiritual rebirth. Equally primordial, visceral, transcendent, healing and defiant. As album closer ‘Bathe In Fire’ decrees.. “Your false appearance, crumbling facade, it withers away…My energy rises, immersed in fire”. Silverburn is alive.

The 'SITA' cover art is handled by Isaac himself, taking his first step into digital painting. A renowned visual artist himself, he was inspired by jazz/prog/rock art legend Mati Klarwein. Isaac has concocted an intense and jarring vision to compliment the music and lyrical landscape. The final piece evokes classic crossover/thrash with an acid-fried progressive/contemporary sensibility.

Pre-order the album now on BandCamp


James ‘Jimbob’ Isaac - Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Drums, all songs, co-producer
Gethin Pearson - Recording engineer, co-producer, mix engineer
Grant Berry/Fader Mastering - Mastering
Record label - MSH Music Group
Artwork/multimedia - Jimbob Isaac

SILVERBURN will play at ArcTangent festival in Bristol | August 16th - 19th August 2023


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Saturday 24 June 2023

MASSASAUGA - The Only Good Wizard Is A Dead Wizard (EP Review)

Release Date: June 14th 2023. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: CD/DD

The Only Good Wizard Is A Dead Wizard: Tracklisting

1.Witching Hour 03:54

2.The Only Good Wizard is a Dead Wizard 02:57

3.Interlude (No Peace in the Village) 04:53

4.Don't Be Scared of the Dark 02:58

5.Dungeon Crawler 06:20

6.The Sorcerer's Theme (Bonus Track) 02:46


Conrad Lummus

Adam Stewart


MASSASAUGA is a Doom/Stoner Rock band from Coventry, UK and their debut EP, The Only Good Wizard Is A Dead Wizard allows the record to qualify under the “DOES THIS DOOM” category and it most definitely does. As the band play a different blend of Doom/Stoner Rock with MASSASAUGA focusing on more modern day elements.

The EP is based on the following concept:

“Inspired by the Witch Trials of the 17th century, "The Only Good Wizard is a Dead Wizard" tells a tale of mass hysteria, ritual sacrifice and ancient magic. A series of events transpiring to create a divide between man and mage.”

MASSASAUGA adds a gloomy style of Fuzz and Hard Rock with Thrashier elements appearing on the opening song Witching Hour. I was expecting MASSASAUGA to be a Green Lung clone but I was pleasantly surprised to see MASSASAUGA offer an almost Gothic and Post-Punk vibe to their music with the tone and melody of the song. This is a killer song with eerie vocals, intelligent lyrics and wicked grooves make this one of the standout tracks on the EP.

Second song The Only Good Wizard Is The Dead Wizard is where the Post-Punk element perhaps takes centre stage but MASSASAUGA still remember they’re a Doom/Stoner Metal band first and this allows them to play an assorted and aggressive melody of Thrash based grooves. The production values are solid with a DIY approach which allows MASSASAUGA to try more exciting things with their music.

Third song Interlude (No Peace In The Village) is an instrumental piece that offers a semi-acoustic Doom Rock/Metal take with some freaky Psychedelic beats. This has a vintage 70’s Hard Rock attitude which can be quite jazzy in places. 

Fourth song Don’t Be Scared Of The Dark sees MASSASAUGA return to playing their vintage and freaky blend of Doom Metal. Add a funkier groove and more occult based lyrics then MASSASAUGA offer another one of the EP’s standout tracks. This is perhaps the most “fun” song on the album as the band drew influence from bands such as Sisters Of Mercy and The Cult on this track alone. 

The final two tracks Dungeon Crawler and The Sorcerer’s Theme become more Thrash based yet again but still offering huge amounts of Stoner based grooves with Dungeon Crawler being the most aggressive and heaviest track on the EP.

MASSASAUGA have delivered the goods with The Only Good Wizard Is A Dead Wizard. Taking bold creative risks for a wholly satisfying release that shows a band with huge potential for their future releases. Check this out when you can. It’s seriously that good.

Words by Steve Howe


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New Dawn Fades - Forever (EP Review)

Release Date: June 12th 2023. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: CD/DD

Forever: Tracklisting

1.True Till Death 05:24

2.This Night Has Closed My Eyes 06:00

3.New Moon 04:21


GFA - Guitars, Vocals

Corey Pettingill - Guitars

Rob Avery - Bass


Forever is the new EP from Hard Rock/Stoner Metallers New Dawn Fades who show their love and affection for other genres such as Heavy Metal, Psych Rock and Grunge. The EP offers a great style of Rock/Metal with a cool “throwback” kind of sound. There is a Classic Rock element to New Dawn Fades music but it’s quite aggressively modern with the band taking influence from a wide range of bands such as Soundgarden, C.O.C. Motley Crue, Judas Priest and even WASP. 

The three tracks on offer here have plenty of Stoner attitude to them with the music being action-packed and oozing style. The style may be too simplistic for some folks tastes but New Dawn Fades add a soulful blend of Blues Rock to their music which you can hear within the opening song True Till Death. It’s catchy and fast-paced with the band showcasing some highly energetic Thrash based grooves. 

The other two tracks This Night Has Closed My Eyes and New Moon offer a more Stoner based approach but with New Dawn Fades keeping with their Hard Rock creative influences for a killer sound. The vocals are wickedly entertaining with GFA revelling in frontman persona. The Night Has Closed My Eyes is perhaps the standout track here as it has the more interesting style of grooves that allows New Dawn Fades to play their own style of great sounds which touch upon the legendary NOLA scene which fans of DOWN will appreciate on the early stages of New Moon.

Forever is a great release from New Dawn Fades and with the promise of new material being recorded later this year, I expect this band to make a name for themselves within the Stoner Metal Underground Scene with perhaps a more substantial release. 

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


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