Saturday 10 June 2023

Introduce Yourselves: Double Planet

What is the name of your band?

Double Planet

What is the genre of music that you play?

Heavy, thrashy, spacey, progressive, grunge / stoner rock.

Can you give a brief history of the band of how it came together and where it is today?

Initially formed in 2008 as three piece, Double Planet has slowly expanded to its current five piece configuration with the addition of a second guitarist in 2012, and a lead vocalist in 2019.

What can people expect from your music?

Relentless emotion with a wide variety of influences. Songs that will take you down a path with many unexpected twists and turns.

What is the best release that folks should check out from your band?

The Great Divide Volume 1 was the first release as a five piece including a lead vocalist. Volume 2 will be released in June 2023 and continues our evolution into something we ourselves find hard to define.

Where can people find you on Social Media?