Friday 23 June 2023

Intergalactic Stoner Rockers YOJIMBO Release New Live Session For DOOMSDAY CLOCK

Self-proclaimed Intergalactic Stoner Rock, the French quartet YOJIMBO has given its first cries in the spring of 2019. Carried by vocal flights nourished by fuzz tones with progressive floydian accents, the ship Yojimbo sails through massive, catchy stoner grooves, to abyssal invocations of doom and the spatiality of post-rock.

A first self-produced eponymous EP is released in 2022, hailed enthusiastically by the specialized press. YOJIMBO pursues his journey with a promotional tour where it shares the stage with bands such as IAH, Geezer or Baron Crâne.

2023 marks a new milestone: new line-up, new identity; YOJIMBO continues his interstellar journey, ready to conquer new worlds.

The band have released a new video or Live Session for DOOMSDAY CLOCK below