Friday 2 June 2023

Psychedelic Punk Rock Band We Kill Cowboys Unleashes New Single and Music Video “Pink Codeine”

Get ready to embrace a mind-altering journey into the realm of Psychedelic Punk 
Rock as We Kill Cowboys unveils their new single and accompanying music video. 
With their signature blend of raw energy, psychedelic aesthetics, and rebellious 
spirit, this boundary-pushing band is poised to ignite a revolution in the South African 
heavy music scene.

The track, Pink Codeine is a sonic explosion that transports listeners to a 
heightened state of consciousness. Seamlessly merging searing guitar riffs, pulsating rhythms, and ethereal vocals, the single encapsulates the essence of the 
band's unique sound. 

We Kill Cowboys has built a reputation for their high-octane live performances, 
captivating audiences with their electrifying stage presence and infectious energy. 
With their new single and music video, they continue to push the boundaries of 
creativity and deliver a sonic punch that resonates deep within the soul.

Commenting on the release lead vocalist Alex Muller expressed, “It was inspired by 
my struggles with addiction years back. Thinking about the psychological dance that you go through, more so than the physical addiction of a substance. Then it also ties Into my thoughts around the ego and the true self and being able to wake up to what Your truth really is.”

“This song is more of an observation, a sharing of life experience. I think anyone 
could relate to it and let it speak to them in the way it needs to for that individual… I guess the message is that it’s never too late to wake up to stop hiding from yourself.”

Buy / Stream Pink Codeine out not on Mongrel Records

About We Kill Cowboys

We Kill Cowboys is a Cape Town based, 4-piece rock ‘n roll band, the brainchild of 
tattoo artist and singer-song writer, Alex Muller.

The band fuses elements of psychedelic rock, punk rock, grunge and stoner blues 
with an anti-establishment lyrical content, delivered by Alex’s raw, sultry, gritty 

Jono’s dirty, wielding guitar riffs, Andrew’s metal drum fills blasting alongside Danie’s 
fuzzy bass grooves … These guys are here to turn the amps right up and blow ear 
holes and minds.

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