Thursday 26 September 2019


Greek Stoner Rockers Planet Of Zeus return with their epic new album FAITH IN PHYSICS this week via Heavy Psych Sounds.

This album sees the band return with a heavier, aggressive and more progressive sound.

You can listen to yourselves for this exclusive album premiere.

You can pre-order the album from Heavy Psych Sounds

Thanks to Claire at Purple Sage PR for all of the details.


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PSOTY- Sunless (Album Review)

Release date: September 13th 2019. Label: Candlelight Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Sunless – Tracklisting

1.Oil Blood 08:02
2.The Yawning Void 07:06
3.Watcher of the Abyss 10:14
4.Acheron 03:21
5.Queen of Hades 07:59
6.Charon 02:24
7.King of Ephyra 08:12
8.Obscura 08:09




Sunless is the new album from UK Post-Metal Collective PSOTY who used to be known as Pet Slimmers Of The Year back in the day. I used to be a huge fan of these guys and especially their last album in 2014. I thought the guys had split up but here we are 5 years later with their epic new album.

Sunless is quite a confident, brash and bold album that sees the band add vocals to the mix for the first time I believe. As their previous releases were all instrumental. The band and album take influence from Pelican and Russian Circles wit the wide range of different sounds and emotions contained on the album. Add elements of Progressive Rock/Metal and cinematic style delivery throughout the album.

PSOTY never seem to be afraid to take the listener on a difficult journey with each passing song. The musical progression is quite wonderful to listen to especially on the first few opening songs – Oil Blood, The Yawning Void and Watcher Of The Abyss. As POSTY rise to new creative challenges on this album compared to their previous releases with the dreamy sound of the Progressive sounding heavy guitars contained throughout the entire album.

The album maybe slightly too long but I admire PSOTY’s decision to create as many epic sounding songs they can on Sunless. The album tells a rich and intriguing story that sets them apart from the UK Post-Rock/Post-Metal scene.

Overall, this is an expertly produced and wonderfully sounding album that will take a few listens to fully appreciate. Sunless will take you on a bleak odyssey where the Post-Rock/Post-Metal surroundings will last long in the memory.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.


Wednesday 25 September 2019

Exclusive Song Premiere of Shadow Limb New Song - CRY OFF

Progressive Doom Metallers Shadow Limb will be releasing their new album Burn Scar on October 11th via Seeing Red Records.

We are premiering a new song - CRY OFF - from the album which you can hear below.


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Thanks to Thomas at Seeing Red Records and Rob Hammer for all of the info.

Monday 23 September 2019

Spirits Of The Earth - Tree Lore (Album Review)

Release date: August 18th 2019. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD

Tree Lore – Tracklisting

1. Errrggghh
2. Fly Through Space
3. Ragnarok
4. Cosmic Wizard
5. Live And Learn
6. Tree Lore


Kie de-Courci – guitars, synths, programming & vocals
Tim Stokes - bass guitar and vocals
Ciaran Crowley – drums percussion and vocals
Graeme – synths, keyboards, programming and bubbles


Straight out the sprawling metropolis of Bromley, Kent in England, Spirits Of The Earth come from a mould of Hawkwind, Monster Magnet, Motörhead, stoner rock and a serious case of out-there headfuckery. The band are a brand new acquaintance to me and I couldn't be happier, because I really like what I hear. Since I didn't know what to expect when listening to their new album, 'Tree Lore', I believe that helped keeping my senses more perceptive to the six songs on offer. And that's perfect, if so, because this a fantastic recording. Prior to the introduction to these guys all I knew of and about Bromley was that authors H.G. Wells, W.E. Johns and Enid Blyton were born there, while more notable former and current residents are Poly Styrene, Siouxsie Sioux, Billy Idol and Aleister Crowley...and Bromley FC! And now, this alien concoction called Spirits Of The Earth are honed in on world domination which will put Bromley even more on the map.

How can you go wrong by opening an album with an instrumental brain melter called ‘Errrggghhh’? Easy, you can’t! Of course, not, it was a trick question. Spirits Of The Earth unleashes their sonic attack from the word go and they never let off until ‘Tree Lore’ is over. True, there are slower segments here and there, but overall these guys simply destroys molecules and atoms, only to create new exciting worlds. Next up is ‘Fly Through Space’ and it is punkish/ Motörheadesque in approach with seriously spaced out electronica exploding all around in the soundscape. It becomes hypnotic as the heavy riffs are played on repeat with the thunderous drums and bass guitar crushing my head. Wonderful, people, absolutely wonderful! ‘Ragnarok’ drops a lot of the electronica but continues the relentless full-on assault. About halfway through, they slow down and turn kind of trippy for a while, only to reignite and completely annihilate everything in sight.

‘Cosmic Wizard’ is next and holy skullduggery, this amalgamation of lead heavy, skull crushing metal and some seriously trippy electronic space rock/ electronica is a mind opener if there ever was one. Coming at me at 200mph there’s no stopping Spirits Of The Earth, and why would I want to stop them? Fantastic! ‘Live And Learn’ picks it right up and after travelling through an exploding super nova, the band takes me on a tumultuous, yet cathartic mind fuck with this beast of a song. Closing out this brilliant album with the instrumental title track, it starts of almost like an electronic dance song before a trance-inducing riff and the earth-shattering rumble of the bass guitar leads the way. And this is how it plays out, meditative, mind-expanding and absolutely wonderful. Definitely the slowest song but probably the best, which says a lot since this is one truly amazing recording.

In a world oversaturated by so much – too much? – music, great bands are often overlooked giving the crappy stuff all the attention. Therefore, I am so thankful Spirits Of The Earth was sent my way, because my world so much better because of it. I mean, these guys are phenomenal and dear readers, you should take heed. Music this great needs to be out there!

Words by Håkan Nyman


Cult Of Luna - A Dawn To Fear (Album Review)

Release date: September 20th 2019. Label: Metal Blade Record, Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

A Dawn To Fear – Tracklisting

1.The Silent Man 10:36 video
2.Lay Your Head to Rest 06:23
3.A Dawn to Fear 08:53
4.Nightwalkers 10:48
5.Lights on the Hill 15:07
6.We Feel the End 07:06
7.Inland Rain 07:00
8.The Fall 13:13


Magnus Líndberg
Johannes Persson
Andreas Johansson
Thomas Hedlund
Fredrik Kihlberg
Kristian Karlsson


Following on from their triumphant collaboration album Mariner with Julie Christmas, Cult Of Luna return with the eagerly anticipated A Dawn To Fear and it has been more than worth the long wait for this album. While Mariner had all you would hope for with a Cult Of Luna release, we’re talking the vast and transcending soundscapes that the band are renowned for and also had the added bonus of Julie Christmas sublime vocals and it made for a compelling and all encompassing listen. That album did whet the appetites for a brand new Cult Of Luna album from all of those who listened to it and thankfully those prayers have been answered with A Dawn To Fear.

Opening track The Silent Man is a statement of intent from Cult Of Luna from the get go and signals that the band are truly back where they belong, the song ranks as one of the heaviest things that they’ve ever released and grabs you as soon as it begins. The track has a very cathartic feel to it and from the heaviness, something grows and the track just builds and builds before ending with a soaring feelings d it feels great to hear the band play with such passion.

The triumphant Lay Your Head To Rest follows and continues the quality from that opening salvo with another epic song and shows that the band are still on par with the high standards they’ve set themselves in the past, constantly evolving but also reassuringly familiar sounding.

The albums title track is a sprawling epic track with whispered vocals aplenty over an epic soundscape that takes in many twists and turns while Nightwalkers combine formidable heaviness with an air of aural menace with Johannes Persson giving his vocal chords a workout when they come into play and shows what a powerful singer he is.

The monumental Lights On The Hill is A Dawn To Fears centrepiece and demonstrates exactly what makes Cult Of Luna such an immense band, with every facet of the bands brilliance is combined into this track. From then on, the band slow it down with the mournful We Feel The End Before the Power gets turned up again with Inland Rain, a track that builds and builds again before climaxing with a fearsome heaviness.

The album ends with the thirteen minute epic, The Fall and this song is the perfect way to end the album. Initially starting off as a downbeat hymn, the track morphs into a mixture of heavy and epic before ending in the most triumphant fashion that will leave you breathless and sees off the album in fine style, and you will be wanting to experience the whole thing again, from start to finish.

The songs themselves on the album are epic, perfectly paced and demonstrate exactly how far Cult If Luna have come when it comes to crafting songs.

With A Dawn To Fear, Cult Of Luna have made an album that is emotional, vast and the heaviest thing they have done to date and they’ve done it with a mixture of passion and assured confidence, not many band can go away for a number of years and come back with something as devastatingly strong as this album.

This album is a statement of intent from Cult Of Luna and it feels great to have them back so sit down, listen and let A Dawn To Fear utterly captivate and consume you with its epic nature

Words by Gavin Brown

A Dawn To Fear is available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl now via Metal Blade Records.

Saturday 21 September 2019

Ghost:Hello - The Sound Of Color In Space (Album Review)

Release date: Sept 20th 2019. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

The Sound Of Color In Space – Tracklisting

1.Alcubierre Metric 01:40
2.Fingerstache 03:19
3.Perfect 05:02
4.The Mouth of the Gift Horse 02:11
5.Bardo State 05:05
6.Nemesis 04:49
7.Burnout 04:29
8.Spit of Stars 04:22
9.Poison Swan 05:24


Nina Skok
William Jennings
Joe Kidd


The Sound Of Color In Space is the new album from Electro-Synth Desert/Stoner Rockers – Ghost:Hello – and the first feeling listening to this album was – WTF DID I JUST LISTEN TO!!! - I wasn’t sure if I enjoyed it or actually understood what was going on. As Ghost:Hello aren’t your usual band. I’ve never heard of a band adding Electronic and Synth music to Desert/Stoner Rock before.

However after a few more listens Ghost:Hello have created an intriguing and exciting wild album that dares to be different. Sure there are a few Desert/Stoner Rock grooves we’ve heard before but when the Electro/Synth vibes appear then all bets are off the table and Ghost:Hello become a wild force of nature with their heavy electronic sounds.

The songs are quite catchy and have a free-flowing vibe that allows the band to play with a more experimental Psychedelic Doom atmosphere. The first couple songs are purely instrumental with Alcubierre Metric and Fingerstache showing you what the band can do with their blend of Electro-Doom or Electro-Stoner riffs.

The vocals finally appear on the excellent sounding 3rd track – Perfect. The lyrics are quite simple but the vocal delivery and experimental sounds make the song come alive. It’s quite unconventional but Ghost:Hello make this work with their undeniable charm and huge likeability that remains the focal point of the entire album.

Other cool songs to check out are: The Mouth Of The Gift Horse, Bardo State, Nemesis and Poison Swan – with the band exploring and developing their weird Electro-Stoner sound further with some nice bursts of Desert Rock and Doom vibes suddenly appearing.

The production is clear, loud and crisp and one that allows Ghost:Hello to confuse and delight the listener with their strange hybrid sound.

The Sound Of Color In Space allows Ghost:Hello to be a highly original band in their own right and I’m excited to see what the band have in store for their next record. As this is one wild ride you won’t be able to find or experience anywhere else. Awesome stuff!!!

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Curtis at Dewar PR for the promo. The Sound Of Color In Space is available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl now.


CLOUDS TASTE SATANIC Announce New Album Details for EVIL EYE

Brooklyn’s CLOUDS TASTE SATANIC return with “Second Sight”, the promised follow-up LP to this years “Evil Eye”. The album releases October 31 (Halloween) but Digital Pre-Orders are available on Bandcamp now and the Physical Pre-Orders Schedule is listed below. “Second Sight” features two 20-minute songs and could be considered Part 2 of a 2 record set. As on “Evil Eye” the band maintains their “Riffs Rule All” credo with added doses of introspection by way of mixed tempos, spacy interludes, jazzy breaks and epic finales.

Like its predecessor, “Second Sight” was engineered and mixed by Ben Rice at Degraw Sound in Brooklyn and mastered by Alan Douches (Grammy winner for his work with High On Fire) at West West Side Music. The cover and inner sleeve art are original pieces by Goatess Doomwych whose work has graced numerous doom covers including albums by Dead Witches. Doom or Be Doomed…



Digital Pre-Order Date - Thursday September 19th
Test Pressing Release Date - Thursday October 3rd
Vinyl Pre-Order Release Date – Thursday October 10th
CD Pre-Order Release Date – Thursday October 17th
Album Release Date – Thursday October 31st


Test Pressings: 15 Copies were made and 14 are for sale. Hand numbered with Limited Edition Sticker. Comes housed in a Special Edition Jacket with original Goatess Doomwych cover art. Hand Silk-Screened in Black and Metallic Silver by Made In Brooklyn Silkscreens. Original “Test Pressing” Jackets with ID Stickers included as well. Limit one per order. $75.00

Super Limited “Halloweed Edition” 12” Vinyl Package: Limited to 100 Copies, 12” Ultra-Clear Vinyl with EXCLUSIVE Deep Purple and Black Splatter. Comes housed in a Matte Varnish Diecut Jacket designed by Goatess Doomwych with Debossed Stamping on the front and back and Hand Numbered Limited Edition Sticker. The Inner Sleeve and Record Labels contain more original GD art.

EACH SET comes with the following EXCLUSIVE “Halloweed Edition” extras:

-Black Matte Zippo Style Lighter with original GD art;

-CTS “Halloweed” Rolling Papers;
-6” Embroidered Patch with original GD art;
-5” Color Promo Postcard with original GD art on one side and the story behind Second Sight on the other;
-CTS “Satan Tastes Delicious” Sticker, a second CTS Sticker and Bonus Download Card. $35.00

Limited Edition 12’ Merge/Splatter Vinyl: Limited to 200 Copies, 12” Silver and Deep Purple Merge Vinyl with Silver, White and Black Splatter. Comes housed in a Matte Varnish Diecut Jacket designed by Goatess Doomwych with Debossed Stamping on the front and back. Inner Sleeve and Record Labels contain more original GD art. $18.00

Limited Edition 12’ Splatter Vinyl: Limited to 200 Copies, 12” Deep Purple Vinyl with Silver, White and Black Splatter. Comes housed in a Matte Varnish Diecut Jacket designed by Goatess Doomwych with Debossed Stamping on the front and back. Inner Sleeve and Record Labels contain more original GD art. $18.00

Limited Edition Compact Disc: Limited to 125 Copies, Jewel Case, 4 Panel Insert and Inner Tray Art Exclusive to te CD. $8.00

Connect with Clouds Taste Satanic and Support DIY:

Thanks to Clouds Taste Satanic and Mettle Media for all of the info.

Monolord - No Comfort (Album Review)

Release date: Sept 20th 2019. Label: Relapse Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

No Comfort – Tracklisting

1.The Bastard Son 09:26
2.The Last Leaf 05:14 video
3.Larvae 09:38
4.Skywards 06:55
5.Alone Together 04:58
6.No Comfort 10:54


Thomas Jäger - Guitar/Vocals
Esben Willems - Drums
Mika Häkka - Bass


No Comfort is the fourth album from Swedish Doom Metal Heavyweights – Monolord – and their first album for new label Relapse Records after releasing three critically acclaimed albums previously on RidingEasy Records. After perhaps releasing their best album with Rust a couple years ago. I was sceptical that Monolord could move onto bigger and better things or even redefine their sound.

I’m happy to report that Monolord have achieved that and even more with No Comfort. As the band have a different sound though still including familiar sounds and elements that have appeared on their previous albums. This is a more focused and dare I say more hopeful version of Monolord with the band embracing the classic Hard Rock/Heavy metal sounds of the seventies amongst the modern sounding progressive Doom based grooves.

Opening song – The Bastard Son – gets straight down to business of hearing Monolord with a clearer and distinctive sound. The mood is more progressive which allows the music to become more experimental with a top-notch Psychedelic vibe hidden in the background. The song is quite gloomy in places but more riffier as well. The song and album maybe not as heavy as previous Monolord releases but there is a high amount of heavy riffs and grooves throughout the album. The vocals from Thomas are superb as ever but it’s the music that’s the real “star” here.

Second song – The Last Leaf – sees Monolord go for a conventional Doom/Stoner Metal sound on this song but there are still a few cool surprises along the way. The seventies influence come shining through on this song and it’s quite exciting to hear especially when the band start playing an aggressive style of music that has echoes of Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy within it’s DNA. Monolord play some of the heaviest and best riffs on the album on this song alone.

Third song – Larvae – has a more hopeful approach with a Post-Rock interlude starting the song before a classic sounding Seventies style guitar riff that brings a Psychedelic Doom vibe back to the album. This song reminds me of Rust in many ways but still allowing Monolord to develop their sound to new levels of creativity. The song is quite moody and intense but one that ends on a more upbeat and positive note.

The second half of the album carries on the great work Monolord achieved with the first half with the remaining three songs – Skywards, Alone Together and No Comfort – allowing the band to experiment with their overall sound and writing some of the best lyrics of their career especially with Skywards and No Comfort.

Monolord have always been known for their heavy pounding riffs and this album doesn’t disappoint at all especially when you listen to the final two songs – Alone Together and No Comfort. These two songs take you on quite an emotional journey with its deeply moving lyrics and Psychedelic Doom/Stoner Metal riffs holding everything together.

No Comfort is a wonderful sounding album and I wouldn’t expect anything less from Monolord. As this band always deliver the goods in the audio department. No Comfort allows the band to forge an exciting new future for themselves and I can’t wait to hear what the guys will release next.

Overall, No Comfort is a thrilling, exciting and insightful album that leaves you wanting more. This is one of the best albums you’ll hear this year or any year for that matter. It’s seriously that great.

Words by Steve Howe

No Comfort is available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl now via Relapse Records


Wednesday 18 September 2019

Exclusive Song Premiere of BLACK MASTIFF New Song - Star Base 77

Release date: October 18th 2019. Label: Grand Hand Records. 

Loser Delusions – Tracklisting

1. Down By A sound (4:44)
2. Bike Club (4:33)
3. Machines (4:23)
4. A Tangle (4:33)
5. Other Kinds (3:46)
6. Star Base 77 (4:02)
7. Paddle (3:57)
8. Mind Vibe (4:30)
9. Spastic Rhythms (4:14)
10. Stranger (4:26)


Clay Shea, Allan Harding, Bob Yiannakoulias.

The Lowdown

Black Mastiff will be releasing their new album 'Loser Delusions' out on October 18th via Grand Hand Records and the band are premiering the second song - Star Base 77 - from the album right here.

Thanks to Asher Media for all of the details


Cult Of Sorrow - Invocation of the Lucifer (Album Review) and Exclusive Album Premiere

Release date: September 20th 2019. Label: Black Doomba Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Invocation of the Lucifer – Tracklisting

1.Come Infernal
4.Witch Dance
5.Souls Of The Damned
6.Burn 04:28
7.Satan's Eyes
8.The Mirror


Jerry Lovett (Vocals, Guitar), Pete Contreras (Guitar), Joe Owen (bass), Nate Bid (Drums)


Doom Metal Overlords CULT OF SORROW return with their new album Invocation of the Lucifer and it's a brooding blend of Heavy Doom Metal sounds with the band on stunning demented form for their 2nd album.

This album doesn't shy away at bringing some classic sounding Doom Metal grooves to the masses with Devilish Vocals and Lyrics to match. If you dig bands such as Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus and Trouble then this the place to be with CULT OF SORROW ready to make a beeline for your SOUL.

Standout songs include Come Infernal, Shaman, Witch Dance, Souls Of The Damned and The Mirror. So get stuck in with one of the best sounding Doom Metal albums you'll hear this year.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Curtis at Dewar PR and Black Doomba Records for all of the details.


Tuesday 17 September 2019

The New Death Cult - S/T (Album Review)

Release date: September 06th 2019. Label: Indie Recordings. Format: CD.DD/Vinyl

The New Death Cult – S/T – Tracklisting

1 Light Spills Over
2 Zeitgeist
3 True Eyes
4 Moon
5 The War
6 Blood of Babylon
7 Colours of the Mind
8 Home
9 Edel


ALPHA - Vocals/Guitar
BETA - Lead Guitar
GAMMA - Bass
DELTA - Drums


The New Death Cult debut album has influences ranging from QOTSA, Biffy Clyro, MUSE and Pink Floyd within its Hard Rock DNA and it shows throughout the album. The album also has a vintage nineties Stoner Rock groove that allows the band to bring an extra layer of heaviness to their overall sound. The band don’t mind bringing a pop based atmosphere to the party as well and leave the listener superbly entertained from start to finish.

Opening song – Light Spills Over – opens with a Psychedelic and Electronic based sound with the heavy guitars making a quick appearance to get the party fully started with high-voltage anthemic riffs. The vocals are reminiscent of late nineties Alt Rock and Grunge in places and it’s very addictive. The pop atmosphere make itself known amongst the heavy Stoner based riffs and it’s a winning combination especially when the socially aware lyrics that becomes a constant theme throughout the album.

Second song – Zeitgeist – echoes the sound that Biffy Clyro perfected back in the day with heavy progressive riffs and a more commercial sound. However, the band make everything work with an early-era QOTSA style swagger being at the forefront of the music. The lyrics and vocals become more intense with the band adding a Spaced Out attitude to the overall feel and flow of the album.

Third song – True Eyes – is one of the most commercial sounding songs on the album and that’s no bad thing with the band showing the audience they can create “radio-friendly” songs with a distinctive Hard Rock edge. The second half of this track is where the song really comes along with lush sounding guitars and psychedelic sounds that make this one of the most addictive and standout songs on the album.

Things become more serious and hard-hitting with the following two songs – Moon and The War – with The New Death Cult showing their true Heavy Rock credentials. As the mood becomes slightly topical and allows the band to comment on current worldwide events on both songs. The New Death Cult almost put MUSE to shame with their blend of Stadium Rock inspired high energy riffs and hard-hitting lyrics to match.

The band continue the good work they created on the first half of the album with even more Psychedelic and Spaced Out moments on excellent songs such as Colours Of The Mind, Home and Edel with perhaps Home being my favourite song on the entire album.

The production is excellent from start to finish and the album will surprise you with the many different sounds and genres that the band have included on this album. This album is a thrilling and genuinely exciting debut album that’s packed full of wonder and adventure that leaves you wanting more.

Words by Steve Howe


Sunday 15 September 2019

GURT - Bongs Of Praise (Album Review)

Release date: September 06th 2019. Label: When Planets Collide. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Bongs Of Praise – Tracklisting

1.Doctor Strangeleaf 02:13
2.Weed It and Weep 06:32
3.Rolling Stoned 04:15
4.Squidgy Black Slide 04:35
5.One Hit Wonder 06:08
6.The Joint of No Return 06:17
7.Gauze and Effect 04:18
8.Jazz Cabbage 01:03
9.Marijuarmchair 04:01
10.Bongs Of Praise 05:42


Gareth Kelly - Growth - Mouth.
Rich Williams - Sedulurt - Riffmonster.
Dave Blakemore - Spice - Bassmaster.
Bill Jacobs - The Scorpion - Bashing.


UK Doom/Sludge Rockers GURT are back with a new album and it’s a captivating affair with the band’s trademark sarcastic humour intact. This is perhaps the heaviest record that the band have released to date and the band don’t shy away from playing some of the bleakest and progressive sounds of their career.

The band have written a collection of superb sounding songs that once again sees the band’s deep love affair for the legendary NOLA based sound. The lyrics are one of the best things about this album. As the guys have written deeply humorous lyrics with against the brutal sounding grooves that all build to a hard rocking and easy-going Party based atmosphere.

The band are never going to win any awards for originality in regards to their music. Though, they could actually win awards for the perhaps cleverest and most insane song titles you’re likely to hear this year. If you’re looking for a socially aware album that asks hard-hitting questions, then you better look elsewhere. As GURT release music just to purely entertain and they exceed on all levels on this album.

This album is very much a team affair with lead singer Gareth Kelly delivering his trademark style of vocals superbly well from start to finish. The other members Rich, Dave and Bill plays fantastically bleak sounding high-voltage music for Gareth to preach to an ever appreciative audience.

Standout songs include – Doctor Strangeleaf, Weed It And Weep, Rolling Stoned, The Joint Of No Return and the excellent final song BONGS OF PRAISE.

The name of this album is inspired by a UK TV Religious Programme called Songs Of Praise. I never thought in a million years that I would use Songs Of Praise in one of my articles though here we are. Though with GURT anything is possible. This is the band that released Christmas covers of Little Donkey and Walking In The Air.

Anyway - this album has everything you want from GURT. Brutal sounds and a wicked sense of humour from start to finish.

Words by Steve Howe

You can buy BONGS OF PRAISE here via When Planets Collide.

Thanks to Claire at Purple Sage PR for all of the details.