Saturday 21 September 2019

Monolord - No Comfort (Album Review)

Release date: Sept 20th 2019. Label: Relapse Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

No Comfort – Tracklisting

1.The Bastard Son 09:26
2.The Last Leaf 05:14 video
3.Larvae 09:38
4.Skywards 06:55
5.Alone Together 04:58
6.No Comfort 10:54


Thomas Jäger - Guitar/Vocals
Esben Willems - Drums
Mika Häkka - Bass


No Comfort is the fourth album from Swedish Doom Metal Heavyweights – Monolord – and their first album for new label Relapse Records after releasing three critically acclaimed albums previously on RidingEasy Records. After perhaps releasing their best album with Rust a couple years ago. I was sceptical that Monolord could move onto bigger and better things or even redefine their sound.

I’m happy to report that Monolord have achieved that and even more with No Comfort. As the band have a different sound though still including familiar sounds and elements that have appeared on their previous albums. This is a more focused and dare I say more hopeful version of Monolord with the band embracing the classic Hard Rock/Heavy metal sounds of the seventies amongst the modern sounding progressive Doom based grooves.

Opening song – The Bastard Son – gets straight down to business of hearing Monolord with a clearer and distinctive sound. The mood is more progressive which allows the music to become more experimental with a top-notch Psychedelic vibe hidden in the background. The song is quite gloomy in places but more riffier as well. The song and album maybe not as heavy as previous Monolord releases but there is a high amount of heavy riffs and grooves throughout the album. The vocals from Thomas are superb as ever but it’s the music that’s the real “star” here.

Second song – The Last Leaf – sees Monolord go for a conventional Doom/Stoner Metal sound on this song but there are still a few cool surprises along the way. The seventies influence come shining through on this song and it’s quite exciting to hear especially when the band start playing an aggressive style of music that has echoes of Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy within it’s DNA. Monolord play some of the heaviest and best riffs on the album on this song alone.

Third song – Larvae – has a more hopeful approach with a Post-Rock interlude starting the song before a classic sounding Seventies style guitar riff that brings a Psychedelic Doom vibe back to the album. This song reminds me of Rust in many ways but still allowing Monolord to develop their sound to new levels of creativity. The song is quite moody and intense but one that ends on a more upbeat and positive note.

The second half of the album carries on the great work Monolord achieved with the first half with the remaining three songs – Skywards, Alone Together and No Comfort – allowing the band to experiment with their overall sound and writing some of the best lyrics of their career especially with Skywards and No Comfort.

Monolord have always been known for their heavy pounding riffs and this album doesn’t disappoint at all especially when you listen to the final two songs – Alone Together and No Comfort. These two songs take you on quite an emotional journey with its deeply moving lyrics and Psychedelic Doom/Stoner Metal riffs holding everything together.

No Comfort is a wonderful sounding album and I wouldn’t expect anything less from Monolord. As this band always deliver the goods in the audio department. No Comfort allows the band to forge an exciting new future for themselves and I can’t wait to hear what the guys will release next.

Overall, No Comfort is a thrilling, exciting and insightful album that leaves you wanting more. This is one of the best albums you’ll hear this year or any year for that matter. It’s seriously that great.

Words by Steve Howe

No Comfort is available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl now via Relapse Records