Tuesday 17 September 2019

The New Death Cult - S/T (Album Review)

Release date: September 06th 2019. Label: Indie Recordings. Format: CD.DD/Vinyl

The New Death Cult – S/T – Tracklisting

1 Light Spills Over
2 Zeitgeist
3 True Eyes
4 Moon
5 The War
6 Blood of Babylon
7 Colours of the Mind
8 Home
9 Edel


ALPHA - Vocals/Guitar
BETA - Lead Guitar
GAMMA - Bass
DELTA - Drums


The New Death Cult debut album has influences ranging from QOTSA, Biffy Clyro, MUSE and Pink Floyd within its Hard Rock DNA and it shows throughout the album. The album also has a vintage nineties Stoner Rock groove that allows the band to bring an extra layer of heaviness to their overall sound. The band don’t mind bringing a pop based atmosphere to the party as well and leave the listener superbly entertained from start to finish.

Opening song – Light Spills Over – opens with a Psychedelic and Electronic based sound with the heavy guitars making a quick appearance to get the party fully started with high-voltage anthemic riffs. The vocals are reminiscent of late nineties Alt Rock and Grunge in places and it’s very addictive. The pop atmosphere make itself known amongst the heavy Stoner based riffs and it’s a winning combination especially when the socially aware lyrics that becomes a constant theme throughout the album.

Second song – Zeitgeist – echoes the sound that Biffy Clyro perfected back in the day with heavy progressive riffs and a more commercial sound. However, the band make everything work with an early-era QOTSA style swagger being at the forefront of the music. The lyrics and vocals become more intense with the band adding a Spaced Out attitude to the overall feel and flow of the album.

Third song – True Eyes – is one of the most commercial sounding songs on the album and that’s no bad thing with the band showing the audience they can create “radio-friendly” songs with a distinctive Hard Rock edge. The second half of this track is where the song really comes along with lush sounding guitars and psychedelic sounds that make this one of the most addictive and standout songs on the album.

Things become more serious and hard-hitting with the following two songs – Moon and The War – with The New Death Cult showing their true Heavy Rock credentials. As the mood becomes slightly topical and allows the band to comment on current worldwide events on both songs. The New Death Cult almost put MUSE to shame with their blend of Stadium Rock inspired high energy riffs and hard-hitting lyrics to match.

The band continue the good work they created on the first half of the album with even more Psychedelic and Spaced Out moments on excellent songs such as Colours Of The Mind, Home and Edel with perhaps Home being my favourite song on the entire album.

The production is excellent from start to finish and the album will surprise you with the many different sounds and genres that the band have included on this album. This album is a thrilling and genuinely exciting debut album that’s packed full of wonder and adventure that leaves you wanting more.

Words by Steve Howe