Saturday 31 July 2021

FIMIR - Tomb Of God (Album Review)

Release Date: July 30th 2021. Record Label: Argonauta Records. Format: DD/CD/Vinyl

Tomb Of God - Tracklisting

One Eyed Beast

Horde Of Crows

White Wolf

Obsidian Giant

Temple Of Madness

Mausoleum Craft


Harley Warlock - Bass

H. Wizzard - Drums

A.D. - Guitars

Georgios Funeral - Guitars

Magus Corvus - Vocals


Tomb Of God is the debut album from FIMIR, the new band formed from the ashes of Church Of Void. Their debut album takes many ideas and themes heard from that great band but brings a more electrifying Cosmic Doomed OUt Vibe. This allows the band to have more freedom to reign with the Doom Metal grooves the band primarily associate themselves with.

Tomb Of God has a great sense of urgency with the music moving from the different elements of Doom Metal from the last 45 years but with classic hard rock vocal arrangements and the spacier elements of the album. The album really impressed me the most with the Psychedelic sounds FIMIR use wisely on this release. As it gives this a more positive energy to it but FIMIR do bring some heavier aesthetics to the album with harsh growls coming into play here and there.

The album is packed full of KILLER guitar solos and every member gets a chance to shine and mpress on this record with Magus Corvus earning his money with his stunning vocal performance. I enjoyed Church Of Void music immensely but I’ve got to say I enjoyed FIMIR a whole lot more. The music is more adventurous, especially FIMIR dipping their toes into the world of Psychedelic Stoner Rock/Metal.

Tomb Of God won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, well perhaps not on the very first listen. So give this album a couple of spins before making final judgement as FIMIR takes many different twists and turns on the record. 

The instrumental work is first-rate and backed up by terrific production values. This all builds upto a strong collection of tracks that brings the world of Classic Doom Metal and Modern Doom/Stoner Metal so closer together with exciting passion and conviction. The record still has dark themes and ideas to keep the “old school” Doom Metal fans happy. If you’re a fan of Church Of Void then you should enjoy this album and see how the guys are doing something different with their new musical adventure.

All in all, Tomb Of God is a deeply satisfying Cosmic Doom Metal album with a lot of great things to say and most important of all, it’s a superbly entertaining album in it’s own right.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Mona at All Noir for the promo.

Tomb Of God is available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl from Argonauta Records now.

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Friday 30 July 2021

Ruff Majik share the animated video for Heart Like An Alligator plus new issue of PULP

Ruff Majik share the animated video for Heart Like An Alligator plus new issue of PULP

South African powerhouse rock cult Ruff Majik have released the animated video for their track Heart Like and Alligator. The track will be the last single taken from their critically acclaimed 2020 full length album The Devil’s Cattle before the band start releasing new material towards the end of the year.

(photo credit – Jacqui Van Staaden)
"The lyrics for Heart Like An Alligator were written after a long and excruciating late night slog through the streets of Berlin, somewhere in 2019. Inspiration was taken from the classic Hunter S. Thompson novel, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, and the whole song was meant to emulate the feeling of dread and encroaching doom that goes hand in hand with a night of partying (too hard)." Says vocalist and guitarist Johni Holiday.

He goes on to explain the idea behind the video - "The video was a fun animation project. Created by our long-time illustrator, Anni from Ale & Cake Illustration - it follows the story of desert trash on a psychedelic trip through a wasteland.!"

You can watch the video below:

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Thursday 29 July 2021

Pine Ridge Release New Video For WE COME AROUND

Russian Heavy Blues Rockers Pine Ridge release their first Video for their song We Come Around that you can watch below:


Full Album Premiere of FIMIR New Album - TOMB OF GOD - Released on Argonauta Records

Emerging from the ashes of CHURCH OF VOID, there is a new force rising up to pursue a path in the name of doom: FIMIR is set to release their blistering debut album, Tomb Of God, on July 30th with Argonauta Records. FIMIR was founded in 2019 by former CHURCH OF VOID members G. Funeral, Magus Corvus, H. Warlock, A.D. and Septic Apes’ drummer H. Wizzard. 

From a mere spark in the dark and a distant echo of forgotten riffs haunting in emptiness from a collapsed doomstar of their former band, FIMIR got rid of their ghosts and started to work on their first album right away, until the world went into lockdown. 

Ultimately, the five-piece collective hailing from the frozen wastelands of Finland, used their time and creativity wisely, and managed to put the final touches on their upcoming debut, featuring six, heavy cosmic tracks unleashing an enthralling blend of razor sharp riffage, a haunting occult vibes, ambient soundspheres and classic doom metal! 

Well you can hear this brilliant album in all it's DOOMED OUT GLORY with this cool album premiere

Tomb Of God will be available as Vinyl, CD and Digital formats on July 30, 2021 through Argonauta Records

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Thanks to Mona at All Noir PR and Gero at Argonauta Records for all of the details.

Wednesday 28 July 2021

DUEL Premiere New Song THE VEIL From Forthcoming New Album IN CARNE PERSONA

Band Bio

DUEL is heavy psychedelic stoner doom metal from Austin, Texas. Hugely influenced by the darker sounds of early 70’s Proto-metal. Features two ex-Scorpion Child members. Their sound is menacing and brutally old school. Total purists, their tunes cut right to the bone with heavy, deep groove and blistering tone. Tough and Loud! Hard rock as it should be!


Tom Frank - Guitar/Vocals
Shaun Avants - Bass/Vocals
Justin Collins - Drums
Jeff Henson - Guitar/Vocals

Upcoming Album Details

"In Carne Persona", the upcoming fourth full length album from Texas heavy rockers DUEL, is more of what you have come to expect from the band. Nine new heavy riff soaked tracks from a dungeon in the desert. Written and recorded during plague lockdown, In Carne Persona has the feel of an album that takes its time and full attention to detail. Several upbeat classic guitar rockers in the vain of Thin Lizzy, early UFO, and the beginnings of KISS. A handful of old school NWOBHM anthems channeling early Judas Priest and Iron Maiden , tripped out stoner and proto metal soundscapes. Always pushing the barriers of their sound and offering up something new with the soul of the classic DUEL evil boogie.

You can listen to THE VEIL below with this cool song premiere thanks to the ever awesome folks at Purple Sage PR and Heavy Psych Sounds Records.

In Carne Persona will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Heavy Psych Sounds Records from October 1st 2021 and is available to pre-order now.

Thanks to Claire at Purple Sage PR for all of the details.

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Tuesday 27 July 2021

Suncraft - Flat Earth Rider (Album Review)

Release Date: August 06th 2021. Record Label: All Good Clean Records. Format: DD/Vinyl

Flat Earth Rider - Tracklisting

Flat Earth Rider

Space Buddha

Lingo Hive Mind

Commie Cannibals


Bridges To Nowhere


Rasmus Skage Jensen: Bass/Vocal

Tobias Paulsen: Drums

Sigurd Grøtan: Guitar

Vebjørn Rindal Krogstad: Guitar


Psych Doom/Stoner Rockers have been making a name for themselves in their home territory of Norway. It’s hard not to see why with their debut full length album Flat Earth Rider. An album that touches upon themes of greed, alienation, loneliness and spirituality, reflecting upon conundrums of contemporary life. Well according to the Press Release that came with the promo.

I wasn’t in the mood to be taught or hear about modern world issues with a Doom/Stoner Metal tone but I was pleasantly surprised by this album in a great way. Flat Earth Rider is a refreshing change by merging modern Doom/Stoner Metal grooves and complex issues that we’ve all faced during this pandemic. Sounding like an off-shoot between The Sword, Mos Generator and ELDER, these guys show a deep love and respect for other musical genres which they bring with them to this album.

Opening song - Flat Earth Rider - gets straight down to business with fast-paced riffs and the band showing a Classic Hard Rock appreciation that does remind me of Mos Generator including the excellent vocals from Rasmus. The lyrics have a slight air or modern life rebellion to them and at least the band carry on with their hard-hitting message before treating the audience to non-stop Psych Doom/Stoner Metal fast-paced guitars. 

Second song - Space Buddha - takes things on a more cosmic route. Yeah the mood is quite gloomy with the lyrics but Suncraft still keep the overall flow of the album quite upbeat and they’re having a ball on this song. With the song moving from 70s Hard Rock, 90s Stoner Metal and modern-day fast-paced Doom Rock. The vocals are bouncy and even quite aggressive but become soft-natured when the twin-vocal melodies appear.

Third song - Lingo Hive Mind - is full on Stoner Metal with a slight alternative twist with the funky beats that appear courtesy of top-notch Bass playing from Rasmus. The song is one of the most complex offerings on the album with the band moving so quickly through the different sounds that it’s hard to keep up at times but the whole wild psychedelic and abrasive nature of this song make this one of the standout tracks on the album.

Fourth song - Commie Cannibals - is Suncraft going full throttle here with some of the heaviest sounds, aggressive vocals and hard-hitting lyrics found on the entire album. It’s quite interesting to hear at first. As the band bring an 80s Alt Rock atmosphere to the party but the next moment it springs into full on “Apocalyptic Cosmic Doom Metal”.  An excellent mix of “Doom-Pop” vocal melodies and bone-crunching Doom/Stoner Metal riffs.

The final two songs Adoption and Bridges To Nowhere are more of the same highly effective use of Doom/Stoner Metal with Prog Rock tendencies within the final song Bridges To Nowhere being another of the standout songs on the record.

Flat Earth Rider is a multi-layered album and shows Suncraft has a lot to say about the current state of global affairs. The real victory is how Suncraft used the Doom/Stoner Metal genres to spread that message. This album quickly builds up to one of the most aggresisve, addictive and warm-hearted records of the year. 

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Viral Propaganda for the promo.

Flat Earth Rider is available to buy on DD/Vinyl from All Good Clean Records from August 06th 2021.


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Monday 26 July 2021

Ghorot - Loss Of Light (Album Review)

Release Date: July 23rd 2021. Record Label: Inverse Records / Transylvanian Records. Format: DD/Cassette/Vinyl

Loss Of Light - Tracklisting

1.Harbinger 0619

2.Charioteer of Fire 11:04

3.Woven Furnace 03:52

4.Dead Gods 06:54

5.In Endless Grief 12:25


Carson Russell: Bass Guitar, Vocals

Brandon Walker: Drums, Vocals

Chad Remains: Guitars, Amplifiers, Vocals


Blackened Doom Metal Unit Ghorot don’t “FUCK AROUND” on their new album Loss Of Light. A record that takes a “No Holds Barred” approach with Ghorot flirting between the different darkness levels and density themes of Doom/Sludge Metal. The vocals are pitch-black “DOOM METAL” as the riffs themselves with Ghorot telling a bleak tale over 6 songs for over 40 minutes or so.

Opening song - Harbinger - opens with an ice-cold and almost Ambient/Drone sound before bringing a Psychedelic Classic Doom style of music with some interesting musical choices and bang-on guitar solos. The vocals come drifting in and bring a more “extreme” vibe to the album. However, Ghorot still retains a platform that allows them to play classic Heavy Rock guitar solos. So there are still echoes of light within Ghorot’s dark world but it soon delves further into almost Post-Black Metal territory.

Second song - Charioteer Of Fire - starts off as a Post-Doom/Post-Rock song with twinges of Psychedelic sounds and a Spaced Out Flow. This song moves slowly to the extreme side of Blackened Doom/Sludge Metal. This is a varied and interesting journey Ghorot takes before the extreme parts of the song appear and I enjoyed the Post-Rock/Post-Metal aspects of this song the most. This is an epic song running slightly past the 11 minutes mark. The vocals don’t appear towards the later stages of the song but the “Sonic Experimental” style of this song was one of my favourite parts of the whole album. There is still a sense of “foreboding DOOM” from the very start and Ghorot does a damn fine job holding the different styles of music together and no doubt offering the best track on the whole album. If you’re a fan of THOU and YOB then this song wants to have a word with you.

Third song - Woven Furnace - is a more straight-forward song for Ghorot to get down with. Shades of early-Black Sabbath are given a Blackened Doom/Sludge Metal makeover with a gloomy Punk Rock aesthetic that makes this one of the riffiest and addictive tracks on the record. Expect the unexpected with Ghorot. As you feel you have them all figured out and they surprise you once again. None so much with this song. As this song feels like “Rock And Roll Excess” but the extreme approach still makes this a very dangerous and aggressive song to listen to.

Ghorot went “ALL OUT METAL” with the final two songs on the record - Dead Gods and In Endless Grief. Two songs forging once again different levels of Doom Metal and Sludge Metal but with a Psychedelic Metal and Cosmic Progressive outlook allowing Ghorot perhaps play the heaviest and boldest parts of the album.

Loss Of Light is without doubt one of the most engaging albums I’ve heard from the more extreme side of Doom/Sludge Metal. This is a thrilling spectacle of different styles of Metal that ultimately pulls no punches but still allows dedicated followers of the scene and casual fans to be entertained brilliantly throughout the 40 minute plus running time.

Overall, this is a must have album. End Of Discussion.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to the various folks who sent me this album to review. 

Loss Of Light is available to buy on the following formats and record labels below:

Worldwide CD & Digital - Inverse Records(FI)

Worldwide Cassette & Digital - Transylvanian Recordings(US)

Worldwide Vinyl & Digital - Independently Released(US)

Saturday 24 July 2021

Satánico Pandemonium - Espectrofilia EP (EP Review)

Release Date: July 09th 2021. Record Label: LSDR Records. Format: DD

Espectrofilia EP - Tracklisting

1.El que reside dentro 09:01

2.Parábola del juez perverso 07:16

3.Asistolia 01:02

4.Espectrofilia 08:59

5.Panteonera 08:21

6.La muerte del Sol 07:59


Sergio - Guitar / FX

Miguel - Guitar

Cosmo - Drums / Vocals

Daniel - Bass / Vocals


Mexican Doom/Stoner Metallers Satánico Pandemonium return with their new release - Espectrofilia EP. And my only gripe with this release is that it’s a full length album. Not an EP. This thing runs for 42 minutes or so. If these guys do release a full length album then I’ll be interested to know what length that bad-boy will be.

Anyway, Satánico Pandemonium belongs to the “LOW & SLOW” group of Doom/Stoner Metal bands. With the band playing slowly played and down-tuned Doom/Stoner Metal riffs with the ever popular “Amplifier Distortion” style of rock that fits the genre(s) of music the band use to get their heavy distorted message across.

Electric Wizard is a big influence with this band and you can hear that from the excellent opening song - El que reside dentro - playing a classic Wizard style groove to maximum potential and volume. Throw in an almost Punk-Rock production vibe and Satánico Pandemonium play heavy atmospheric Doom Metal steeped in modern Stoner Metal distortion. The vocals are primarily sung in Spanish but you can understand what the song is about and that’s down to the great music included here.

Second song - Parábola del juez perverso - Satánico Pandemonium - is more bombastic with the vocals being over the top in all the right places. The distorted and doomed out guitars are matched along by Cosmo and Dainel on Bass and Drums respectively. The psychedelic guitars make this song way out there for a Doom Metal song but it has a gloomy Black Sabbath approach that makes it even more interesting. The “LOW & SLOW” methodology allows the band to branch out into almost Cosmic/Space Rock territory but the band pull feeling back and return to their primal, distorted and drone based attitude whilst still playing some epic guitar riffs along the way.

Third track - Asistolia - is a 60 second instrumental song not offering much and is perhaps classed as filler to make you wait for the next exciting chapters of the EP.

The 2nd part of the EP is where Satánico Pandemonium come into their own with the final 3 songs offering the gloomiest and heaviest sounds on the EP especially with Espectrofilia and La muerte del Sol. Satánico Pandemonium uses different ideas and themes to keep everything fresh and exciting. It has the usual sights and sounds from Electric Wizard, Black Sabbath and SLEEP but with that Punk Rock mentality I mentioned earlier in the review. Distortion is key here and Espectrofilia EP ends on a depressing and gloomy high.

Espectrofilia EP showcases another wonderful band to come from the Hard Rock/Metal scene and why Mexican bands  seem to find an appreciative audience within the global Doom/Stoner Metal community. 

Satánico Pandemonium have released another great record to their discography. If you’re a fan of the “Low & Slow” movement theni this is the perfect place to be.

Words by Steve Howe


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Lore City - Participation Mystique (Album Review)

Release Date: July 23rd 2021. Record Label: Self Released. Format: DD/Vinyl

Participation Mystique -  Tracklisting

1.And Tomorrow 03:08

2.Once-returner 05:13

3.I Know You Know 04:24

4.Your Love 03:57

5.I Am the One 05:29

6.Parallel 06:01

7.Buttons 04:49

8.Original Feeling 07:23

9.Elapse 04:52


Laura Mariposa Williams (vocals, keyboard)

Eric Angelo Bessel (percussion, keyboard, guitar)


Progressive Art-Rockers Lore City return with their majestic new album Participation Mystique and it shows a new maturing sound from the band where they bring in more Psychedelic and Post Rock sounds which makes for a more interesting and heartfelt listen. The lush vocals arrangements and different musical melodies veer into the world of Prog Rock, Art Rock and Post Rock with a brooding Dark Wave style that’s quite innocent whilst holding a Gothic identity as well.

There’s not many LOUD and HEAVY riffs. It’s not Lore City’s style and never will be. There are quite a few gloomy moments with lead vocalist Laura shining from start to finish. The album is almost positively spiritual and this was a welcome diversion from the usual albums I review here. This is an album that takes you on an emotional journey but told mostly through the power of Art Rock and Psych Rock. 

The songs have hidden meanings and messages which I’m still trying to figure out. I should really be really focusing upon the wonderfully eclectic different styles of genres Lore City have used for this album but I’m focusing more upon the trippy lyrics and some of the way out there ambient sounds. 

If this album was released in the 1990s then it would have been considered a landmark release and one that we would still be talking about to this very day. It has similar creative ideas from the 90s Alt Rock scene but Lore City have spliced modern sounds into that aesthetic which left me wanting more but in a good way. 

Standout songs are: Once-returner, I Know You Know, I Am The One and Original Feeling.

Overall, I feel Participation Mystique is more suited to the “Art-Rock” crowd but I always admire albums that take you out of your comfort zone and impress you even further. I’ve heard Lore City’s previous albums but this is their best record to date especially with the Trance and Shamanistic moments that will leave you in a totally blissful and peaceful state where you can reflect on the finer moments in your life.

A truly hypnotic and majestic band that you should all discover and this album is perhaps the best place to start.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Lore City for the promo. Participation Mystique is available to buy on DD/Vinyl now.


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Friday 23 July 2021

Planet Of The Dead - Pilgrims (Album Review)

Release Date: July 23rd 2021. Record Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Pilgrims -  Tracklisting

1.Gom Jabbar 04:22

2.Pilgrim 05:03

3.Nostromo 04:12

4.The Sprawl 06:06

5.Escape from Smith's Grove 03:47

6.Directive IV 03:38

7.The Cursed Earth 04:35

8.The Great Wave 06:32


Mark Mundell - vocals

Malcolm McKenzie - guitar

Kees Hengst - bass

Josh Hussey - drums


New Zealand Cosmic Sludge Metallers Planet Of The Dead are back with their 2nd full length album Pilgrims and it’s equally as groove-laden as their celebrated debut album. Their description on BandCamp describes their music down to a fine art - “For fans of classic science fiction and supermassive riffs.”

Pilgrims follows a similar journey from Fear Of A Dead Planet with the band playing heavy Sludge/Stoner Metal sounds with a Sci-Fi Theme with some Horror vibes along the way. Whilst their debut was a slightly heavier affair, the band have reigned the heavy violent sounds just a bit on this release. However, this works in the band’s favour with Planet Of The Dead bringing a more “Riff-Centric” or “Riffier” style of music on this release and still leaving their Sludge/Stoner Metal credentials in check.

The first two opening songs - Gom Jabbar and Pilgrim - are some are strongest parts of the album with the band moving firmly into a Progressive style of Sludge/Stoner Metal with Mark’s vocals bringing a street-level style of Sludge growls and offset that against the fantastical Sci-Fi inspired lyrics and Planet Of The Dead have a recipe for success here. When the track Pilgrim appears, the band switch their blend of Spaced Out Rock to Intergalactic Fuzz with Mark not getting that message and playing his own violent blend of addictive growls. There’s excellent Fuzz/Guitar Reverb coming from all corners and lets the guys play fantastic guitar solos.

With an album having such diverse themes from Science Fiction works such as Slaughterhouse 5, Alien Film Franchise and Robocop throughout different parts of the album. This is very much a band who pick a mixture of important and not-so-important themes and remember to have fun along the way.

The music is the real “STAR” here with the different styles of Doom, Sludge and Stoner Metal and the band offering a gritty and trippier style of music especially on songs such as: Nostromo and The Sprawl.

The second half of the album is perhaps more creative with the brilliantly RoboCop inspired Directive IV and that leads into my other favourite part of the album, the final two songs - The Cursed Earth and The Great Wave.

This album could have easily been a big Psychedelic and Noisy mess with the many different themes and musical ideas that Planet Of The Dead have used for Pilgrims. However, this is indeed a “SUPERMASSIVE” album and I was left grinning “EAR-TO-FUCKING-EAR” whilst listening to this.

Planet Of The Dead are helped once again behind the scenes by James Goldsmith on Production Duties and the always fantastic Brad Boatright on mastering duties. James knows a thing or two working with Cosmic Sludge/Stoner Metal bands. As he’s worked with New Zealand famous riffsters BEASTWARS multiple times and I feel Planet Of The Dead will soon achieve the same type of recognition within the Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal community in no time at all. Especially if they keep releasing more exciting albums such as Pilgrims.

Pilgrims is an unmissable and superbly heavy record on all fronts that everyone should check out. 

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Viral Propaganda for the promo. 

Pilgrims is available to buy now on CD/DD/Vinyl


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Cape Town’s Hardcore Punk Rock union Alive At Midnight have released their snarling new single A House Divided.

Born from the gutters of the Mother City, Alive At Midnight are the product of a world gone bad. Today is the release of A House Divided, their new single and first with Mongrel Records.

Drawing inspiration from dive-bars, crashed cars and back ally conversations. There is no shortage of mind numbing and stomach-churning narrative on this often confusing and complex spinning ball we all call home and sometimes the only thing you can do is turn on the amps and spit in the mic.

The lyrics are a personal tale of being brought up in an unstable household and how the actions of your guardians can make you question your very existence. Shot at Kill City Blues, the video pays homage to the legendary recording studio and rehearsal space as the ban explains, “When we heard that Kill City Blues rehearsal studio was to be closed down, we seized the moment to film the last few days of its demise. From the closing party to the walls being torn down. KCB was a home to us and many Cape Town bands and musicians. A place we will never forget. R.I.P. KCB.

Watch the video below:

Buy / Stream A House Divided:

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