Saturday 24 July 2021

Satánico Pandemonium - Espectrofilia EP (EP Review)

Release Date: July 09th 2021. Record Label: LSDR Records. Format: DD

Espectrofilia EP - Tracklisting

1.El que reside dentro 09:01

2.Parábola del juez perverso 07:16

3.Asistolia 01:02

4.Espectrofilia 08:59

5.Panteonera 08:21

6.La muerte del Sol 07:59


Sergio - Guitar / FX

Miguel - Guitar

Cosmo - Drums / Vocals

Daniel - Bass / Vocals


Mexican Doom/Stoner Metallers Satánico Pandemonium return with their new release - Espectrofilia EP. And my only gripe with this release is that it’s a full length album. Not an EP. This thing runs for 42 minutes or so. If these guys do release a full length album then I’ll be interested to know what length that bad-boy will be.

Anyway, Satánico Pandemonium belongs to the “LOW & SLOW” group of Doom/Stoner Metal bands. With the band playing slowly played and down-tuned Doom/Stoner Metal riffs with the ever popular “Amplifier Distortion” style of rock that fits the genre(s) of music the band use to get their heavy distorted message across.

Electric Wizard is a big influence with this band and you can hear that from the excellent opening song - El que reside dentro - playing a classic Wizard style groove to maximum potential and volume. Throw in an almost Punk-Rock production vibe and Satánico Pandemonium play heavy atmospheric Doom Metal steeped in modern Stoner Metal distortion. The vocals are primarily sung in Spanish but you can understand what the song is about and that’s down to the great music included here.

Second song - Parábola del juez perverso - Satánico Pandemonium - is more bombastic with the vocals being over the top in all the right places. The distorted and doomed out guitars are matched along by Cosmo and Dainel on Bass and Drums respectively. The psychedelic guitars make this song way out there for a Doom Metal song but it has a gloomy Black Sabbath approach that makes it even more interesting. The “LOW & SLOW” methodology allows the band to branch out into almost Cosmic/Space Rock territory but the band pull feeling back and return to their primal, distorted and drone based attitude whilst still playing some epic guitar riffs along the way.

Third track - Asistolia - is a 60 second instrumental song not offering much and is perhaps classed as filler to make you wait for the next exciting chapters of the EP.

The 2nd part of the EP is where Satánico Pandemonium come into their own with the final 3 songs offering the gloomiest and heaviest sounds on the EP especially with Espectrofilia and La muerte del Sol. Satánico Pandemonium uses different ideas and themes to keep everything fresh and exciting. It has the usual sights and sounds from Electric Wizard, Black Sabbath and SLEEP but with that Punk Rock mentality I mentioned earlier in the review. Distortion is key here and Espectrofilia EP ends on a depressing and gloomy high.

Espectrofilia EP showcases another wonderful band to come from the Hard Rock/Metal scene and why Mexican bands  seem to find an appreciative audience within the global Doom/Stoner Metal community. 

Satánico Pandemonium have released another great record to their discography. If you’re a fan of the “Low & Slow” movement theni this is the perfect place to be.

Words by Steve Howe


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