Thursday 22 July 2021

Cassius King - Field Trip (Album Review)

Release Date: July 23rd 2021. Record Label: Nomad Eel Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Field Trip -  Tracklisting

01. King of Lies

02. Below the Stones

03. Cleopatra's Needle

04. Join the Exodus

05. Traveler

06. Apocalyptic Nations

07. I Move with the Moon

08. Six

09. Leave of Absence

10. This Side of Forever


Jason McMaster - Vocals

Ron Lipnicki - Drums

Jimmy Schulman - Bass

Dan Lorenzo - Guitars


Cassius King is the new project from Ex-HADES and VESSEL OF LIGHT member Dan Lorenzo. Well I say new but Dan has been using the Cassius King moniker for years but after COVID-19 hit, Dan decided the world didn’t need a new VESSEL OF LIGHT right now. (I wouldn’t have minded Dan but I’m a patient man and I can wait).

So he decided to make Cassius King debut full length album and started to work with vocalist Jason McMaster (WATCHTOWER/DANGEROUS TOYS/BROKEN TEETH/HOWLING SYCAMORE/IGNITOR) for this record. Joining them on this classic sounding Field Trip is Dan’s colleagues from Vessel Of Light - Jimmy Schulman and Ron Lipnicki.

So what can you expect on their debut album - Field Trip. Well there’s 10 tracks showing the bands love for all things 70s and 80s Heavy Metal especially with Black Sabbath and Led Zepp being massive influences on the band's sound. Cassius Trip are inspired by the best Black Sabbath line-ups with Ozzy and DIo at the helm though with a great ability to tie up the different vocal styles and musical melodies.

What makes this album extra cool is how Cassius King bring a Doom Metal element to their music with a Stoner Rock bounce along the way. Sure, this is mostly a “TRUE” Heavy Metal album but at least Cassius King play music that readers of this blog can get behind.

The band get off to a flying start with the opening song King Of Lies with the song having a Thrash based approach that settles down for a more Doom-Lite groove. The vocals veer into theatrical 70s Heavy Rock/Heavy Metal style though you can feel the huge sense of “FUN” the band bring with their lyrics and the subtle changing of Heavy Rock genres whilst avoiding all the cliches that some folks associate with bands playing Classic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.

Cassius King keep their winning rate going through songs such as: Cleopatra’s Needle, Below The Stones, Traveler (The Long Road), Six and Sound Of Forever

The songs can be wonderfully passionate such as Traveler (The Long Road) with an “Alice In Chains” grungy atmosphere that doesn’t end up being foreshadowed by the SABBATH classic DOOM vibe the band inject into every track. This is my favourite song on the album as it’s quite hard-hitting but the music is always showing Cassius King playing highly-energetic classic DOOM ROCK/METAL.

Field Trip is a great record for Cassius King to release for their debut album. If you’re a fan of any of the members current or previous bands then this album will have you covered. This is not the most original sounding album out there. Though, that’s not the point.

Field Trip is an album that plays on your favourite classic Doom Metal, Heavy Metal and Stoner Rock memories of the last 40 years and shows a healthy loving attitude and respect of what’s come before it whilst being a damn good album in it’s own right.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Cassius King for the promo. 

Field Trip will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Nomad Eel Records from July 23rd 2021.