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Old Man Lizard - True Misery (Album Review)

Release date: November 30th 2018. Label: Wasted State Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

True Misery – Tracklisting

1.Shark Attack
3.Tree Of Ténéré
4.The Adventures Of Rupert Biggins
5.Trees Fall Down
6.Cursed Ocean, Relentless Sea
7.Misery Is Miserable
8.Return To Earth


Jack Newham - Guitar & Vocals
Gav Senior - Bass
Dan Beales - Drums


Old Man Lizard are a Doom/Sludge/Stoner Rock band from the UK who have been compared to bands such as Harvey Milk, Baroness and Torche during their musical journey and that's down to their unique style of music they create on their previous albums. Now the band are about to release their third album - True Misery - and it's perhaps their heaviest and most daring album to date. Old Man Lizard manage to create a world-weary Sludge/Stoner Metal sound that has strands of Americana based music popping up from time to time.

Old Man Lizard are another band who have their own style of music and it can be quite lo-fi and distant at times. However the band have always played that sound on their past two albums.

True Misery offers a gloomier experience and the opening song - Shark Attack - is a mixture of heavy sludge/doom riffs that have quite a raw edge to them and the bleak sounding vocals from Jack only adds to the slightly sombre mood of the album. However Old Man Lizard never make you feel uncomfortable as the music has quite a hopeful quality to it at times.

Second song - Snakes - has a more Psychedelic Blues Rock sound that sees the band play a heavier Punk Rock style of music as well. The lyrics are quite simple but they do their job superbly well. The song lasts around two minutes in lengths but you'll be surprised how action-packed this song actually is.

Third song - Tree Of Tenere - has a more grizzled psychedelic and experimental Americana feel but with a slight twinge of Baroness mellow riffs. This is perhaps the song inspired by Baroness the most on the album but still having that authentic Old Man Lizard sound and that's mainly the lo-fi psychedelic Stoner vibes that has that twinge of Americana holding everything together.

Though the band impress the most on the second half of the album with the more epic songs - "Cursed Ocean, Relentless Sea" and Misery Is Miserable. Both running near the nine minute mark. Old Man Lizard seem to thrive more on the lengthier songs. As they perhaps more time to play with.

These two songs allows you to see the real Old Man Lizard with epic progressive Sludge/Stoner riffs matched against insightful lyrics as well. Old Man Lizard prove on this album that Sludge/Stoner Metal still has the power to be daring and different. It may take you a few listens to fully appreciate and understand this album as the band have included so many different ideas.

The production is simply superb and is one of the best parts of the album. As Old Man Lizard have never sounded this good. True Misery proves why Old Man Lizard are one of the most genuine and exciting bands to emerge from the UK Sludge/Stoner Metal scene in recent years.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Mona at All Noir for the promo. True Misery will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Wasted State Records from November 30th 2018.


L’Ira Del Baccano - Si Non Sedes iS - LIVE MMVII (Album Review)

Release date: November 16th 2018. Label: Subsound Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Si Non Sedes iS - LIVE MMVII – Tracklisting

1.Doomdance 09:19
2.Sussurri Di Nascita Celeste/Grateful to Jerry 08:24
3.875 10:45
4.Don Bastiano 07:37
5.Tempus Inane Flago Requiem Spatiumque Furori 18:34
6.Live Jam on Sussurri Theme (INEDIT VINYL ONLY bonus track) 07:55
7.Doomdance Apocalypse '80 mix(VINYL ONLY bonus track;from " Split 2010 " digital ep) 08:42


I’ve lost count of the the number of times that I’ve reviewed or featured this LIVE album from Italian Psych/Doom/Stoner Rockers – L’Ira Del Baccano. Si Non Sedes iS - LIVE MMVII is the album that perhaps started my love affair with Instrumental Doom Metal and perhaps the band as well. I first came across this band back in 2008 when I first became aware of the album. L’Ira Del Baccano offered this album as a free download even back then. Even when bands offering free albums was pretty much uncommon compared to now.

The album totally blew my mind with it’s non-stop delivery of epic psychedelic Doom/Stoner Metal sounds that sees the band adding elements of trippy Sludge Rock on the later stages of the album.

Si Non Sedes iS - LIVE MMVII is one of my all-time favourite LIVE albums that I still listen to this day. If you’re a fan of Instrumental Rock/Metal then this is an album you cannot ignore. Songs such as Doomdance, 875 and the intense 18 minute epic Tempus Inane Flago Requiem Spatiumque Furori still has the power to excite and leave you in a hypnotic drugged out trance.

Now in 2018 the band have finally decided to re-release the album on Vinyl. Plus the band have added two songs to the album as well. So you’re treated to almost 70 minutes of top-class Italian Psychedelic Doom/Stoner Metal from one of the best instrumental bands around.

I’ve been a long-time fan and champion of the band and I was kinda honoured when the band asked me to do a press release for this reissue. So I’m going to post what I wrote for the album below. As I feel it best describes the album:

Why should you be excited for a Vinyl Reissue of a Live Album that was released in 2007 and one that was criminally ignored when it was originally released.. Well the answer is simple. L'Ira Del Baccano released a heavy spaced out and psychedelic classic riff-fest that is Si Non Sedes iS ...LIVE

This live album was ahead of it’s time when it was released. As the band fused heavy doom metal riffs against a Psychedelic Stoner/Space Rock backdrop.

You never really heard anything like this back in 2007/08 which is when I first came across the band. The heavy psychedelic guitars instantly draw you in from the epic opening sounds of DOOMDANCE and right upto the heavy sludgy guitars of the 18 minute epic - Tempus Inane Flago, Requiem Spatiumque Furori . If you’re a fan of Instrumental Psychedelic Stoner Rock then accept no substitute these guys are the real deal and L’IRA DEL BACCANO are your new cosmic overlords that you need in your life right now….”

You know what to do…..

Words by Steve Howe

You can buy the album here via Subsound Records and BandCamp.



Wasted Theory - Warlords Of The New Electric (Album Review)

Release date: October 30th 2018. Label: Argonauta Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl/Cassette

Warlords Of The New Electric – Tracklisting

1.Rawhide Hellride 03:55
2.Drug Buzzard 04:14
3.Bongronaut 05:38
4.The Son of a Son of a Bitch 03:52
5.Bastard County 05:00
6.Heavy Bite 03:34
7.Weed Creature 04:46
8.Doomslut Rodeo 05:25


Larry Jackson, Jr.- Vocals/Guitars
Andrew Petkovic - Guitars
Brendan Burns - Drums


Wasted Theory return with another round of Southern Rock/Metal blended with classic Stoner Rock sounds. Warlords Of The New Electric is an album that’s on far too short in my mind. As the band present you with an album that runs for 36 minutes or so. I would of loved a few more songs just to spend more time with this great band. However Wasted Theory maximize every second with heavy powerful sounds that sees them drawing influences from the NOLA scene, Thin Lizzy and Orange Goblin.

The music is fast-paced and with a good old fashioned Classic/Hard Rock energy with the band switching from modern Stoner Rock/Metal grooves and top-notch Thin Lizzy classic guitar riffage. The album can be very psychedelic at times with opening song – Rawhide Hellride – having a combination of NOLA riffs, Southern Rock and Swampedelic epic guitar jams. Wasted Theory are a very tight unit on Warlords Of The New Electric proves that theory right with the band not wasting a single riff.

Songs such as Drug Buzzard, Bongronaut and The Son of a Son of A Bitch – only embrace the Swampedelic/Southern Rock sounds further but with a great sense of humour as well especially on The Son of Son of A Bitch.

I have to say that I’ve been disappointed by a lot of Southern Rock/Metal albums over the last few years but Wasted Theory have restored my faith in that genre of music. As this album is so damn catchy with highly infectious vocals and lyrics to match.

Another highlight of the album is how Wasted Theory stick to a winning formula and never decide to change directions by fusing different elements of music just for the hell of it. Wasted Theory impress even more on the second half of the album with Bastard County, Heavy Bite and Doomslut Rodeo. As the band carries on the wicked sense of humour spliced throughout the album.

The production is stunning with Wasted Theory putting in an assured and highly confident performance. I don’t think the band have ever sounded this good or even this HEAVY. And that’s saying something for Wasted Theory. As the band always release quality sounding albums.

Warlords Of The New Electric is Wasted Theory’s best album to date and one that will only enhance their well deserved reputation within the Stoner Rock/Metal scene as one of the best bands currently around today.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Leanne at Mettle Media PR for the promo. You can buy the album from their BandCamp Page and Argonauta Records now.


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HUATA Return With Their New Album Lux Initiatrux Terrae. Experience The New Single - The Solar Work

French Psychedelic Doom Metallers HUATA return after a 6 year absence with their stunning new album - Lux Initiatrux Terrae

The beast that is Huata has finally awaken and they are back with a renewed sense of vigour, armed with an album that is epic in scale in every sense of the word, big riffs, bigger melodies and bathed in both light and darkness, “Lux Initiatrux Terrae” is one of the stand out records of 2018. Spread over one hour, Huata with captivate, enthral and mesmerize the listener, with their utterly stunning and beguiling new record which will remind you of ANCESTORS, YOB and RAMESSES.

You can hear a new single for the album below:

You can buy the album from the links below: (dark marbled blue 2xvinyl LP) (black 2xVinyl LP) (CD) U.S. UK
* each format has its own unique album cover

Follow Seeing Red Records:

When The Boss Took On The Helmet - Alex Hurst Interviews BARBARIAN HERMIT

Barbarian Hermit are a UK Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal Band who have been making a name for themselves recently with their own style of heavy music.

The band have just released their stunning new album Solitude And Savagery which is currently receiving a ton of great reviews.

I’ll include the official press bio about the band below.

Hailing from Manchester, UK, BARBARIAN HERMIT are scheduled to release their album Solitude and Savagery on November 16th via APF Records. The quintet play a heady mix of down-tuned, fuzz-laden guitars kicking out some of the raunchiest riffs in rock over elephantine grooves to create a sound that is as irresistibly catchy as it is crushingly heavy.

Working with the legendary Chris Fielding at Skyhammer Studios, the producer behind such mammoth sounds as Electric Wizard, Conan, Primordial, Witchsorrow, Winterfylleth and mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate, OLD), BARBARIAN HERMIT’s Solitude and Savagerybears seven bruising tracks of pummelling groove metal that smoulders with swampy rawness and feral energy.

The band have been gigging heavily around the UK for the last few years. Recently, playing at big events like HRH festival, Bloodstock Festival and supporting big names like Raging Speedhorn, Dopelord and Crowbar. Their debut self-titled EP came out in early 2016 and received rave reviews from the press and will follow this up with their debut album Solitude and Savagery which is set for release from APF Records in November 2018.

Now I normally interview the bands on the blog. However, we have something different for you today. As we have a special guest interviewing Barbarian Hermit. 

Step forward, Alex Hurst. Alex is the lead singer from BOSS KELOID who released one of the best albums of the year with Melted On The Inch. So take it away Alex…


Hello there you bunch of barbarian bastards. It is I Alexander John Leslie Hurst from the band Boss Keloid and I demand you please answer these questions as honestly as you can with no hesitation or delay.

1- Where does the name of the band originate from?

Ed - One day, early on in the band, we were at practice and we had a strange experience. A lightning bolt shot through us all and ended up being absorbed by Mike. He levitated, glowing; uttering the words "Barbarian Hermit" before his guitar flew up to him and he churned out the riff that is now "No Sleep".

2- You have 5 members in the band, if you were to add a 6th what would that said members role be?

Adam - It would be good to have a sauciére on stage with us, keeping a constant supply of thick, delicious gravy simmering away. Like nu metal bands have DJs on the decks, our guy would be creating sweet music with a stove top cooker.

3- A rumour has been floating about that you have been dishing out gravy at your shows. What is your preference in consistency of your gravy?

Gaz - The rumours are true my dude! For best results the following recipe must be followed…

  • Big Daddy Reegs’ riff stock 
  • Texbook Robertshaw thickening groove 
  • Spadge Fafners bottom end juice 
  • Gaz’s hench beats 
  • Eds vocal seasoning 
Recommended to be served at loud volumes with accompanying gravy boat full of Buckfast.

Mmmmmm. Gravy.

4- Your new album “Solitude & Savagery” sounds bloody great (I have had a sneek preview. As I sing on a track I only think that’s fair). How long was the process of writing these songs, was it an intense process or did the songs & riffs flow out of you with ease?

Gaz - We started writing as soon as the new line up was in place. All in all the process took about 9 months. Once we started, the riffs and ideas came thick and fast. We were focussed on writing the best most interesting songs we could, and had a good idea of what sort of vibe we wanted so they came together quite organically. We were adamant that we had to challenge ourselves at every stage and we think that helped us stay focused. We’re incredibly proud of what we created and how the record turned out.

5- What albums are you listening to and digging at the moment

Ed - Obsolete by Fear Factory. It's a great example of a concept album and an apt vision of the dark night of our soul by way of the singularity, setting into motion our own destruction. I love that as it means the opposite is also true, we hold both doom and hope within us. Even in the abyss, a light always shines.

Adam - The new one by The Prodigy 'No Tourists’ SLAPS! I've barely listened to anything else since it came out.

Gaz - Intronaught: The Direction Of Last Things. Loads goin on on this album. Proper groovin my truffles!!!

Rob - Coheed & Cambria: The Unheavenly Creatures.

Mike - Cypress Hill: Elephants on Acid

6- If Andrew Field (Aka APF Records, your label) was in a burning building and he had the only master of your new album but you could only save one or the other then what would be your barbarian choice?

Mike - Easy. Mr Field is a man of many names, such as “Uncle Dad”, “The Sambuca Leprechaun” and “Pretty Bollocks”. His most abiding sobriquet however is SATAN. For reasons that we could not and should not discuss. Given this infernal denomination I’m pretty sure he’d fair well in high temperatures and stroll out of said blaze with his faculties intact.

That said, we’re pulling our panties aside at the mere suggestion of returning to Sky Hammer to record again so starting the album from scratch would be something of an indulgence.

7- What are your up & coming touring / gigging plans and will we be seeing different varieties of gravy and gravy serving devices at these shows?

Mike - We’re currently in negotiations pertaining to a European Tour with a band who shall remain undisclosed at this time. Suffice it to say that they are fat, loud, evil and highly skilled at cannabis and kebabs. Our kind of people. There’s some serial killer obsessed cultic weirdo’s in Japan who might be interested in having us over for a Netflix and chill soon too..

We’re always in the hermitage diligently taking watch over the gravy cauldron and summoning the ancient gravy gods to bless our secret sauce. The delivery apparatus is usually anything that takes our fancy in the heat of the moment. It could be a penis, a dog, or the head of a decapitated DJ who blocked our van in with his Dad’s car. Anything really!

8- Your guitar player Mike is known to some as the “sexy big boy who will f**k you with his 6 string toy”. Would you say this is a fair representation of him?

Rob - Yes, but it's also an understatement to say the most. He goes by many names. Reegs. Big Daddy Reegs. Uncle Thunder. The Octagon. Ginger Flash. Tennents Superman. Alan Titchmarsh. Mike.

He's a tree dwelling, phone losing, baby-making gravy waterfall.

He's the eye of Thundera who gives us sight beyond sight. But most importantly, he's our cuddly little riff machine. And he WILL hunt you for sport.

9- If you could get your music in any film as a soundtrack, what film would you choose?

Ed - While tempted to say something sinister, dark or multi faceted like a Dario Argento, David Lynch, Darren Aronofsky or Guillermo Del Toro movie… I'd be inclined to say the next Avengers movie… but I'll say the Thomas the Tank Engine movie because we had a nod to him in our video to “Burn the Fire" and because my son loves trains!

10- describe your barbaric sound in no more than 4 words

Adam - Hench riffs. Creamworthy grooves.

11- Last of all. If Boss Keloid and barbarian Hermit were to have a baby what would be the gender and the name of the beautiful child

Rob - It wouldn't be human. It would be an entire planet. With a giant cock and balls and heroically beautiful tits. And its title would be Maxton the Powerful - Ruler of Fuck Town.

Words by Alex Hurst and BARBARIAN HERMIT

Thanks to Lisa at Hold Tight PR! for arranging this awesome interview. Thanks to the guys for doing the interview.

Solitude And Savagery is available to buy now on CD/DD via APF Records now.

Here's the new video for BLACK MASS from their stunning new album Solitude And Savagery.

Pre-order the album from:

Forthcoming gigs 

ALBUM LAUNCH WITH BATTALIONS  - 16/11 - Solitude & Savagery Album Launch @ The Refectory, Manchester

17/11 - Dark City 2018, Northern Monk Brewery, Leeds
22/12 - Rebellion Christmas Party, Manchester

Sadhus, The Smoking Community - Big Fish (Album Review)

Release date: November 15th 2018. Label: Fuzz Ink Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Big Fish – Tracklisting

1.Hyper Roller 02:45
2.Flesh 04:52
3.Lazarus 08:24
4.Big Fish 07:11
5.Sobbing Children 03:41
6.I.P.S. (Intelligent Psycho Sludge) 07:03


Stavros - Vocals
Thomas G. - Guitars
Mak - Bass
Greg - Drums


Big Fish is the new album from Greek Sludge/Stoner Rockers – Sadhus, The Smoking Community and it’s a constantly heavy and boisterous affair. The album is a heavy mix of Doom, Sludge and Stoner Metal that sounds fantastic and pissed off as hell. However the band sometimes struggle with the different elements of music included here on the album.

Sadhus, The Smoking Community impress most on the more epic songs such as Lazarus, Big Fish and I.P.S. (Intelligent Psycho Sludge). As they have more time to create and expand their NOLA influenced sound. The hardcore and almost death based growls takes some time getting used to but Stavros will soon win you round. The whole tone and atmosphere of the album is very raw but that allows Sadhus, The Smoking Community to play a more bleaker and atmospheric style of Sludge/Stoner Metal.

Overall, Sadhus, The Smoking Community have created a winning album after 4 years since their last album. Big Fish is loud and violent Sludge/Stoner Metal that stays bleak throughout it’s 35 minute running time. So don’t go expecting any uplifting moments of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal as this isn’t Sadhus, The Smoking Community style.

Approach this album with CAUTION. As this album will FUCK UP YOUR ENTIRE DAY with it’s bleak themes and brutal epic sounds…

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


Thursday, 15 November 2018

Old Man Lizard Announce New Album And Exclusive Song Premiere of CURSED OCEAN, RELENTLESS SEA

'True Misery' Out November 30th On Wasted State Records!

Since 2011, UK power trio OLD MAN LIZARD have been belting out their unique brand of some finest stoner and sludge heaviness. Memorable live shows alongside the likes of Elder, Conan or Fatso Jetson, festival slots at Desertfest London and Belgium, Hard Rock Hell - Doom vs Stoner as well as headlining tours all over Europe have established OLD MAN LIZARD as a staple of the current heavy fuzz rock scene. After two critically acclaimed records to date as well as a split 7” with Earthmass, Jack Newnham (also in Slabdragger and Meadows), Gav Senior and Dan Beales have returned to the studio to record their third full length album titled 'True Misery', due out on November 30th 2018 with Wasted State Records!

Today OLD MAN LIZARD premiere another tasty appetizer with the song 'Cursed Ocean/ Relentless Sea', taken from their upcoming 'True Misery' album.

Says vocalist and guitarist Jack:

"Cursed Ocean/ Relentless Sea is a song based on a true story. A good friend of mine was telling me about his neighbor, in a tiny suffolk village called Polstead (close to Polstead Heath), telling him about his recent first visit to the sea side. This an astonishing feat when you consider that this person is a farmer in his old age. My friend explained that the farmer was amazed by his first sight of the ocean, explaining that "ut go owt, an' come back agen". The level of rural isolation required for this to even happen is fascinating to me. Also mentioned in the song and worthy of note is the famous polstead red barn murder."

Stream OLD MAN LIZARD's brand new song 'Cursed Ocean/ Relentless Sea' below:

The awesome album cover is below.

The tracklist of 'True Misery' reads as follows:

1. Shark Attack
2. Snakes!!!
3. Tree of Ténéré
4. The Adventures Of Rupert Biggins
5. Trees Fall Down
6. Cursed Ocean, Relentless Sea
7. Misery Is Miserable
8. Return To Earth

Coming November 30th 2018 as CD, Vinyl and Digital Download, 'True Misery' will be a true Must-Have for all genre collectors and beyond, recommended for fans of Elder, Baroness, Kyuss, Harvey Milk and Taint! The album pre-order is now available at: Wasted State Records

For More Info Visit:

Old Man Lizard Facebook
Wasted State Records  

DURGE Announce Lyric Video Premiere of First Single - ROUND AND ROUND

Melancholy infused psychedelic rockers Durge release debut EP and reveal lyric video for first single Round and Round 

DURGE was formed in Cape Town, South Africa in 2016 by Mark Ellis, Francois Taljaardt, James Lombard, and Heinrich Wesson. Over the past two years the band has been forging their unique sound that they call “Melandelic Rock”, a fusion of melancholy and psychedelic sounds. They’ve recently released their debut EP titled Dirge, a collection of songs that Texx and the City called,

“a dark, brooding debut that perfectly defines its title.”

Vocalist/guitarist Mark Ellis comments on the EP,

“Being very much a DIY project and the band's first official release (with the help of some close friends), this EP is something close to the hearts of all four members. It also marks the start of an exploration into our sound which still has many dimensions to uncover. Dealing mostly with individualism and social issues, Dirge is a short statement to life.

Today sees the release of the lyric video for Round and Round the first single taken from the album.

Watch the video HERE or below

DIRGE is available now on all digital platforms including:

Google Play | iTunes | Spotify | Deezer


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Brujas del Sol - II (Album Review)

Release date: October 19th 2018. Label: Kozmik Artifactz. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

II – Tracklisting

1.Teenage Hitchhiker 06:39
2.Sea Rage 03:14
3.Sisterlace 05:08
4.Fringe of Senility 05:43
5.White Lights 07:06
6.Polara 06:18
7.Spiritus 09:34


Adrian Zambrano - Guitar, Vocals
Derrick White - Bass
Joshua Oswald - Drums, Vocals
Phillip Reed - Guitar, Synthesizer


Brujas del Sol were a band that I hadn't come across before. That seems to be happening to me a lot recently. Though I'm not complaining as I'm discovering a lot of great bands and these guys are perhaps the best I've heard yet. Though that wasn't the case when I first heard their new album II.

Brujas del Sol play a heavy psychedelic version of Desert/Stoner Rock with elements of Post-Rock and Post-Doom being added in. Some parts of the album even have a poppier vibe to them as well. This all makes for a highly intriguing and experimental sounding album. Brujas del Sol make you wonder where they will take you next on this album with each passing song.

Opening song - Teenage Hitchhiker - may have a seedy name but Brujas del Sol approach this song as an upbeat Post-Rock/Desert Rock song that takes influence from bands such as Yawning Man, Elder and Weedpecker. The music is quite complex and progressive in equal measure. Though Brujas del Sol have a commanding presence that's simply hard to ignore.

Second Song - Sea Rage - is a shorter song with Brujas del Sol playing a more standard Post-Rock it's not as exciting as the first track but it does have some thrilling heavy sounds that may surprise you along the way.

Third song - Sisterlace - is where vocals actually appear and they have an immediate impact on the band's music with Brujas del Sol becoming an almost different band as a result. The music becomes heavier and more daring with psychedelic sounds becoming the main focus. The vocals take a few moments to get fully used to as I was expecting something different.

Fourth track - Fringe Of Senility - is a very strange song indeed with Brujas del Sol adding elements of Electronic music into the mix and offering and eighties sounding gloomy landscape. The whole song feels inspired by the electronic bands from the eighties but given a Psychedelic Stoner Rock makeover. This is perhaps my favourite song on the album. As it shows you how really out there Brujas del Sol can actually be.

The band carry on the Electronic style influence on the next song - White Lights - but with a calmer Post-Rock sound. The album carries on this style of music for the remaining two songs - Polara and Spiritus. With Brujas del Sol moving around the different style of music they create on the album.

Spiritus is another standout song on the album with the song running almost ten minutes in length. Brujas del Sol have managed to create an exciting and genuinely original sound for this album. Truth be told I was left wanting more from the band. As this album is epic as it comes.

Brujas del Sol brilliant and exciting use of different musical sounds that will have you coming back for more.

Words by Steve Howe

You can buy II on CD/DD/Vinyl now via Kozmik Artifactz.


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Goliathan - Albion (EP Review)

Release date: November 16th 2018. Label: Metal Assault Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Albion – Tracklisting



Shawn Doster: Guitar
Kevin Cogill: Guitar
Neal Gardner: Bass
Phillip Bailey: Drums


Instrumental Post-Doom/Sludge Metallers - Goliathan - latest release Albion is a heavy mix of Post-Doom, Sludge, Post-Rock, Post-Metal and Psychedelic Ambient based sounds. The band throw you right into the action with the opening track - Albion - which is a haunting progressive mix of Psychedelic Metal and almost pitch-black textures. Inspired by bands such as Pelican and Russian Circles but with a doomier edge.

The song does take to fully get going but when the almost post-black metal vibes appear then Goliathan become a more confident band. The atmosphere is quite hard-hitting and one that offers an intelligent and exciting style of music. The music can be quite melodic at times especially when the post-rock passages appear. These quieter parts show another side to the band as they feel equally comfortable playing a softer style of music. Though their main talent is creating the heavier riffs that ultimately Post-Metal fans demand.

Second song Vaalbara is a more chaotic affair with the band moving into different directions at different stages of the song. Mostly this works very well. However there are a few parts that feel out of place at times. Though overall this song manages to end on an exciting finish.

Final song - Aberration - is the standout song with Goliathan once again expertly changing the mood of the EP. This song sees Goliathan playing a heavier style of music that starts off real slow before quickly progressing into a faster blend of Post-Rock/Post-Metal. Albion is a superbly produced EP and shows that Goliathan have real promise with their music.

Overall, Albion is a majestic EP that will impress the Post-Rock/Post-Metal crowd looking for their next heavy musical fix.

Words by Steve Howe


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