Saturday, 15 June 2019

Slow Order - Eternal Fire (Album Review)

Release date: June 14th 2019. Label: Argonauta Records. Format: CD/DD

Eternal Fire – Tracklisting

01. Eternal Fire
02. Obsessive Tale
03. Serpent’s Son
04. Eclipse
05. Kanavar
06. The Hunter
07. Starweed
08. Black Mass




Slow Order new album Eternal Fire is one that sees the band draw influence from instrumental rock/metal bands such as Pelican and Karma To Burn. This allows the band to embrace the complexities of Post Rock/Post Metal with the riff driven style of Desert Rock and Stoner Metal. The album is quite a confident ride from start to finish with Slow Order playing a progressive style of Instrumental Rock/Music.

The songs contained on the album are quite different to each with Slow Order allowing the listener to draw their own conclusions on what style or genre of music they fall under. Slow Order add elements of Psychedelic Rock and Ambient Metal to their music and not in the way you possibly expect. The album can be very progressive but still maintain a cool easy-going and addictive charm.

The first few songs on the album – Eternal Fire, Obsessive Tale and Serpent’s Son – allows Slow Order to create a creepy Doom based vibe with the Post Metal/Stoner Metal influences holding everything together. The band slowly start to play a more menacing style of music especially on Serpent’s Son as the music becomes that little bit more threatening and with a sense of purpose as well. The sludgy Post-Metal grooves make themselves known as Slow Order create a more direct sound. The ambient textures soon build up to an exciting finish.

Fourth song – Eclipse – is an Ambient based Post-Rock song with elements of gloomy sounding Desert Rock that’s quite a stark contrast to the other songs held on the album.

The second half of the album sees Slow Order add a more distinctive Sludge Metal groove to their overall sound and even seeing Thrash based drums appearing on certain parts of the album. Check out the heavy and thunderous drumming on Kanavar. Immense and extremely powerful.

Eternal Fire is an album that has a lot going for it and is no doubt an exciting wild ride into the realms of Post Metal and Stoner Metal. The production is excellent and it allows to the different genres to sound very different to each other. If you’re a fan of Pelican and Karma To Burn, then Slow Order is where you need to be at. As this album embraces the different worlds those two legendary bands operate in and Slow Order will leave you wanting more.

Excellent and Highly Recommended

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Mona at All Noir PR for the promo. Eternal Fire is available to buy on CD/DD now via Argonauta Records.


Eternal Black - Slow Burn Suicide (Album Review)

Release date: June 13th 2019. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Slow Burn Suicide – Tracklisting

1.All These Things Destroy You... 01:21
2.Lost in the Fade 06:34
3.Below 04:42
4.The Ghost 05:21
5.Sum of All Fears 04:53
6.A Desert of No Name 05:13
7.Three Fates 02:54
8.Sinners, Saints, and Madmen 04:36
9.All These Things (Slight Return) 02:22


Hal Miller: Bass,
Joe Wood: Drums,
Ken Wohlrob: Guitars, Vocals


Greetings All,

Old school doom, I’m a sucker for it. Simple and classic, massive low end, monstrous drums, and big, down tuned riffs can make the emptiest of souls feel a little warm and fuzzy inside. With their second album, Slow Burn Suicide, Brooklyn, New York's Eternal Black deliver old school doom in spades. The band most definitely carries their inspiration on their sleeves, you can hear the sounds of Saint Vitus throughout the record as the bands massive sound and growled, dark lyrics plunge deep into the heart and soul of the listener. While the style is old school, the sound is impressive, the record is impressively recorded and played with precision and a style all their own.

The record opens with All These Things Destroy You, a brief, doom filled, reverb laden instrumental that sets the mood for what is to come. Lost in the Fade is a classic riff heavy, massive drum filled rock track. Below follows with a killer groove and tons of swagger.

The Ghost keeps the darkness alive with a pummelling riff and a raging, face melting solo. An ominous tone brings in the heavy Sum Of All Fears. The band brings the fuzz to kick out the desert flavoured jam on A Desert Of No Name with a drum driven breakdown. The sombre, acoustic Three Fates soothes the soul a bit with an echo sound and buried distortion before giving way to Sinners, Saints, and Madmen. This plodding track kicks in with some serious, wah heavy riffage. The album closes almost as it began with All These Things Destroy You (slight return) bringing the dark, intense journey full circle.

Slow Burn Suicide is a testament to old school doom and the mighty power that it delivers. If you dig Saint Vitus, Orange Goblin, or the like, you definitely need to check out Eternal Black. They are worthy carriers of the torch for all things Doom. Dig on it!

- Todd S - Instagram @alltheghoststhathauntyou

Words by Todd Stealey


All Monsters - S/T (Album Review)

Release date: April 30th 2019. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD

All Monsters – Tracklisting

1.Social Battery 03:24
2.Preoccupation 02:04
3.Loophole 03:38
4.January 03:09
5.Optimize 04:18
6.Deadpan 02:48
7.Monster 04:41


All music, voice, production and engineering by All Monsters


Greetings All,

Earlier this year I came across an interesting black metal demo from a band called Vide. I found this band to be an extremely prolific individual from Texas/Louisiana. The man who is Vide has at least 5 different projects in motion at any given time. One of those projects really snagged my ear. That being his self described Black n Roll project All Monsters. This self titled record takes an intriguing approach of mixing black metal vocals and guitars and mixing them up with pieces of indie and alternative rock.

Social Battery opens the record with an old school punk rock feel. Preoccupation kicks in brutal blackened screams over a mid tempo indie rock guitar riff and driving drum beat. A mid 90’s indie rock groove intertwined with distant guttural screams gives Loophole an unsettling charm.

January is reminiscent of what The Replacements or late 80’s REM may have sounded like if only they had listened to heavy metal and not Big Star. Some dissonant indie rock guitar work drives the stellar Optimize. A mellow, clean guitar and straight forward drum beat open the intense Deadpan that explodes with fierce blackened screams that give the song an alluring off kilter feel. The record closes with the massive guitar sound and uptempo driving drums of  Monster that mixes in an almost detached set of vocals and some Sonic Youth inspired guitar work. A fitting close to an intense debut.

All Monsters presents an intriguing, lo-fi piece of killer rock. This is indeed Black N Roll, I am a fan and am super psyched to hear what Vide and all his projects has in store for us in the future. Do yourself a favor and Dig on this one! 

- Todd S - Instagram @alltheghoststhathauntyou

Words by Todd Stealey


Saturday, 8 June 2019

BEASTWARS - IV (Album Review)

Release date: June 28th 2019. Label: Destroy Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

IV – Tracklisting

1.Raise the Sword 06:27
2.Wolves and Prey
3.Storms of Mars
4.This Mortal Decay
5.Omens 05:41
6.Sound of the Grave
7.The Traveller
8.Like Dried Blood


Matthew Hyde - Vocals
Clayton Anderson - Guitar
James Woods - Bass
Nathan Hickey - Drums


Truth be told I never expected to see the return of Beastwars. Especially after their last album – The Death Of All Things and Matt (Lead Singer) announcing back then he was battling Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. Thankfully, Matt has fought his way back to health and is now in remission.

The Death Of All Things was more subdued compared to their earlier albums and felt like a farewell letter from the band to their fans. The album was a very moving and deeply emotional album. Though it still felt the band had unfinished business to take care of that was left unresolved with The Death Of All Things.

Fast forward three years and Beastwars are now ready to make their return to the Sludge/Stoner Metal world they left behind with their epic new album IV. This album is based upon the experiences Matt went through battling this terrible disease and it makes for a deeply unflinching album to listen to at times. You can hear Matt facing his worst fears on this album and the unflinching lyrics cuts right to the bone on the majority of the songs.

However, the album has its fair share of uplifting moments as well. As Beastwars embrace the fact that Matt is still here and this album is a testament to Matt’s humanity and strength.

You can expect to hear a more emotional and darker style of music from the band. It’s more progressive with Beastwars embracing their more Doom based sound. If you’re a fan of Beastwars first two albums, then IV sees the band return to that heavy Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal sound they made their name with.

The album opens with the troubling and deeply emotional sounds of – Raise The Sword. Matt’s vocals return with an angry growl. Perhaps some of the angriest and sombre vocals he’s ever recorded. The lyrics are highly powerful and quite potent towards the end of the song. Matt draws upon his recent experiences with this song whilst the rest of the band create some epic progressive riffs to build the song upon.

Second song – Wolves and Prey – carries on the dark progressive themes of the opening song but starts adding a more hopeful psychedelic sound that will appear more frequently towards the end of the album. Beastwars start to sound like their old selves on this song and it’s a brilliant experience to fully listen to.

Third song – Storms Of Mars – sees Beastwars adding a familiar “sci-fi” vibe heard from their earlier albums but Matt’s vocals and lyrics keeps everything grounded and I will admit when Matt starts singing about not seeing his child growing up I broke down. This is the most powerful and emotional song contained on the album and you can feel the emotional intensity that Matt is singing about on this album. The music is first rate with Beastwars creating a truly progressive sound.

Fourth song – This Mortal Decay – is one of my favourite songs on the album as Beastwars start to play a more hopeful sound with trippy psychedelic riffs that leave you wanting more. The song is more Doom based compared to other songs but Beastwars have always been good at merging different genres and still sound vastly different to other Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal bands.

Fifth song – Omens – starts very slowly but with a more laid-back and heavier sound before settling down into a low-key rhythm. Matt’s vocals yet again take centre stage with the riffs building a soulful and hypnotic platform for the whole band to come together and build a more hopeful environment for the album to flourish.

The remainder of the album carries on the sombre, bleak and ultimately hopeful mood with the final three songs – Sound Of The Grave, The Traveller and Dried Like Blood – that perfectly captures the intense and emotional journey that Beastwars have undertaken over the last three years.

Beastwars have delivered their best album to date and one of the best albums of the year with IV. IV acts as a celebration of what everything Beastwars have accomplished in their careers so far. The album is a triumphant return for one of the best bands currently within the scene and it’s great to have Beastwars back playing their most uncompromising and unapologetic music they’ve released so far.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Richard at Sheltered Life PR for the promo. IV will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Destroy Records from June 28th 2019.


Cave In - Final Transmission (Album Review)

Release date: June 07th 2019. Label: Hydra Head Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Final Transmission – Tracklisting

1.Final Transmission 02:02
2.All Illusion 03:35
3.Shake My Blood 04:16
4.Night Crawler 03:12
5.Lunar Day 02:22
6.Winter Window 04:40
7.Lanterna 03:54
8.Strange Reflection 04:06
9.Led To The Wolves 03:12


Stephen Brodsky
JR Conners
Adam McGrath
Caleb Scofield


Final Transmission is the new album from legendary rockers – CAVE IN – and is the last album to feature Caleb Scofield who sadly passed away last year. Final Transmission acts as a fitting tribute to Caleb and is perhaps one of the best records CAVE IN have released in years.

The album takes you on quite a journey with the band playing different elements and sounds they’ve played through their entire career. Though this album has their classic “Space Rock” sound they used early on in their career. CAVE IN still play a heavy mix of Sludge Rock, Noise Rock, Post Hardcore and Doomed Out Sounds for a richly rewarding and deeply engaging journey from start to finish.

The opening songs such as: Final Transmission, All Illusion and Shake My Blood – sees CAVE IN playing heavy psychedelic sounds with emotionally complex lyrics with excellent vocals to match. Shake My Blood is perhaps the standout song on the album as it fuses the classic “CAVE IN” sound with a more progressive space rock style of music. The gloomy atmospherics allows the song to soar to greater heights and leaves you wanting more.

CAVE IN don’t forget their Metalcore or Post-Hardcore roots on this album. As the band play a chaotic style of those genres on the later stages of the album and allows Final Transmission to grow naturally. The band seem keen to play with people’s expectations with this record as the album doesn’t follow the standard CAVE-IN journey. However, Final Transmissions is a much bolder album that I originally expected.

The most aggressive songs on the album are Night Crawler and Led To The Wolves as CAVE IN unleash waves of aggressive Post-Hardcore sounds that show you the band haven’t forgotten to play more direct and angrier songs.

Though it’s the more psychedelic moments on the album where CAVE IN ultimately impress the most. The Post-Rock/Post-Metal atmospherics is quite beautiful to listen to at times especially on Lunar Day, Latena and Strange Reflection.

The production on Final Transmission is first-rate and offers the listener an exciting and vibrant sound that only CAVE IN can deliver. If this is the last ever album that CAVE IN release, then they can go with their heads held high knowing they’ve delivered one of their most powerful and dynamic albums of their career.

Words by Steve Howe


Mother Iron Horse - The Lesser Key (Album Review)

Release date: May 17th 2019. Label: Hellmouth/Electric Valley Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

The Lesser Key – Tracklisting

1.Gehenna 04:51
2.House Of Ba'al 05:05
3.Scepter Of Ice 05:12
4.Basilisk 03:38
5.Heaven's Gate 03:27
6.L' Inferno 02:47
7.The Curse 04:03
8.In Effigy 04:36
9.The Lesser Key 04:21


Adam Luca
Marco Medina
Devin Fields
Chris Kobialka.


The Lesser Key is the new album from Mother Iron Horse and it’s a groove laiden throwback to seventies Hard Rock, Doom Metal and Heavy Metal sounds. The album has a creepy occult rock/metal feel to it as well though the band aren’t afraid of embracing their Stoner Metal roots as well.

Inspired by bands such as Motorhead, High On Fire, Black Sabbath, Uncle Acid and Electric Wizard. There is a quite a lot of different styles of music on this album but Mother Iron Horse manage to create a trippy and heavy vibrant sound. The album is quite raw in places but the production is still superb that allows the band to show off their undeniable talent from start to finish.

Opening song – Gehenna – is a creepy and vintage sounding song with Mother Iron Horse playing a familiar style of Doom/Stoner Metal music though putting their own creative spin on the song. The music is heavy from the start and the Sabbath style riffs has a few psychedelic elements lurking in the background. The vocals have a real menacing presence to them and even though the vocals do feel slightly out of place at first, however they become ever more confident as the song progresses to its natural conclusion.

Second song – House Of Ba’al – has a High On Fire influence with the heavy guitars being the main driving force of the song. Mother Iron Horse experiment with their sound on this song and this song does see the band become ever more confident especially when they play a more psychedelic blend of Doom/Stoner Metal on certain parts of the song.

Third song – Scepter Of Ice – is one of the standout songs on the album as the band play a fast-paced and furious blend of Heavy Metal, Doom Metal and Stoner Metal with a twinge of Heavy Sludge Rock appearing that keeps the whole mood vibrant and quite angry at the same time. The vocals are excellent and have more of an OTT style compared to the other songs on the album.

Fourth song – Basilisk – carries on the progressive vintage sound but with a slightly more modern style of music holding everything together. The song does take time to fully get moving along but once it does Mother Iron Horse impress with some epic guitar solos and intense lyrics to match as well. Perhaps one of the gloomiest and angriest songs held on the album.

The second half of the album is where the heaviest riffs appear especially on songs such as Heaven’s Gate, The Curse, In Effigy and The Lesser Key. Though L’Inferno was a cool acoustic song that reminded me of Ancient VVisdom and their blend of Semi Acoustic Doom based Rock. The song has a haunting psychedelic quality to it that I wanted to hear more of.

The music is more varied on the second half of the album and I admire the use of different genres and sounds that Mother Iron Horse adapt for these songs with Heaven’s Gate and The Lesser Key being the best tracks contained on the album.

The Lesser Key is a stellar release from Mother Iron Horse and will please just about everyone who is a fan of Doom/Stoner Metal.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


Thursday, 6 June 2019

Faerie Ring - The Clearing (Album Review)

Release date: June 07th 2019. Label: King Volume Records/Kozmik Artifactz. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

The Clearing – Tracklisting

1.Bite the Ash
2.Lost Wind
3.The Ring
6.Heavy Trip
7.Heaven's End


Handsome Al


Greetings All,

Those unfamiliar with the tremendous King Volume record label should stop reading this and check them out immediately. Same for Kozmic Artifactz. Then get your happy asses back here and finish reading. King Volume started as a tape label for tons of great underground doom, fuzz, stoner bands. Although recently, they have been turned their attention to some very sweet looking and sounding vinyl. 

If you haven’t checked out their Deathchant record from earlier this year, do yourself a favor and while you are there do yourself another favor and check out this killer debut record from Indiana based Sabbath worshippers Faerie Ring. 

The Clearing is a sonically gifted slab of seven killer tracks of inspired stoner rock excellence. The 4 piece delivers the goods without pause and while their sound is familiar, it has the feeling of excitement that comes with finding an old comfy band shirt or pair of jeans that make you feel alright all over.

Bite The Ash opens the record with a cool, early QOTSA vibe with plenty of fuzz bass to get you moving. A slower intro brings Lost Wind to life before kicking the doors in with crashing cymbals and a satisfying, driving riff.

The Ring comes next with a big drum intro and even bigger rock, dare I say metal, swagger. A slower, heavy bass intro brings in the excellent Somnium that literally explodes with another awesome riff and monstrous cymbal crashes and features a killer spacy/phase laden breakdown.

It is truly something special for me to say my favorite track on a record is an instrumental. I am vocals and lyrics guy, sorry. However, the uptempo instrumental rager that is Miracle is my favorite track. The band really showcases their chops with tempo changes, a massive sized riff and a mixture of dissonant, echo laden guitars. They nailed it with this one. Heavy Trip opens with a bit of guitar noise before unleashing a sweet, Kyuss inspired rock n roll groove. Heaven’s End closes the record out on a high note with a final monster riff and some massive drums that carry the echoed vocals that are called from some-place else.

The Clearing by Faerie Ring is another impressive debut record. The record is amazingly well played and recorded. The sound is amazing and the vocals with their lo-fi detached feel gives the record a unique touch. I honestly can’t say enough good things about Faerie Ring. They are now comfortably perched in heavy rotation and I will be following them closely, as I can’t wait to see what they have in store moving forward. Go get yourself a copy of their record. My green vinyl version just came in the mail the other day (I stupidly slept on the blue vinyl…)

Dig on Faerie Ring (and King Volume & Kozmik Artifactz)!!!

- Todd S - Instagram @alltheghoststhathauntyou

Words by Todd Stealey

Thanks to Earsplit PR for the promo. The Clearing will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via King Volume Records and Kozmik Artifactz.


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Tuesday, 4 June 2019

KAVOD Release New Video For Mahatma from their New EP - Wheel Of Time


Edoardo (Guitar, Ebowing Stuff & Incense Sniffer)
Francesco (Bass, Tattoos & Vocals)
Alessandro (Drum and play loud as hell

The Lowdown
Italian Doom trio Kavod released recently their EP "Wheel of Time" and now it's out their second official videoclip. Filmed and edited by the guitarist Edoardo the video shows Francesco (bass and vocals) surrounded by an ethereal smoke while chanting. 

The song takes its name from the nickname given to Gandhi as "great soul". At the end of the song you can hear Francesco singing a very famous speech made by Gandhi himself. 

The song is all about those demons who take our life, our time, and leave us with nothing more than ashes while only at the end of our life we remember that "In the midst of darkness, light persists".

To support Kavod you can donate or just download the EP for free and share the music 


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Sunday, 2 June 2019

Destroyer Of Light - Mors Aeterna (Album Review)

Release date: May 24th 2019. Label: Argpnauta Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Mors Aeterna – Tracklisting

1.Overture Putrefactio 01:05
2.Dissolution 07:42
3.Afterlife 05:02
4.The Unknown 01:32
5.Falling Star 06:00
6.Burning Darkness 06:03
7.Pralaya's Hymn 02:05
8.Loving the Void 05:39
9.Into the Abyss 01:32
10.Eternal Death 07:44


Steve Colca: guitar/vocals
Keegan Kjeldsen: guitar
Penny Turner: drums
Nick Coffman: Bass.


Mors Aeterna is the 3rd full length album from Texas Doom/Sludge Metallers – Destroyer Of Light – and the band have evolved their music into a more creepier and theatrical style of music. This allows the band to create perhaps their most enjoyable and riffiest album to date. Taking influence from a wide range of different Doom/Heavy Metal bands over the last 40 years whilst remaining true to their own original ideas.

This album is a gloomy exercise in how to create a pitch perfect Doom Metal album that has a captivating story behind the album. The album is about a man who dies and lives in eternal damnation in HELL itself for all eternity. And what is more DOOM METAL than that cool concept. The album has quite an emotional impact as the band sing about grief, loss, pain and forgiveness despite the individual being stuck in a never-ending cycle of living the same painful experiences over and over again.

Destroyer Of Light deserve credit for creating an emotional and hard-hitting album such as this. The music is another highlight with the band drawing upon influences as diverse as Black Sabbath, Merciful Fate and Electric Wizard. So expect some down-tempo Doom/Sludge Metal sounds throughout the entire album with songs such as Dissolution, Afterlife, Falling Star, Burning Darkness and Eternal Death being the best songs contained on the album.

The main reason why Mors Aeterna works superbly well is the journey it takes the listener on from start to finish. Steve Colca relishes his role as the narrator within this FUCKED UP and GLOOMY UNDERWORLD the band create for this album. All of the songs have similar structures to each other but still sound vastly different to each other as well.

Mors Aeterna is a throwback to the classic Doom Metal albums from the 1970s and 1980s but one that still offers a more modern sound with elements of Sludge/Stoner Metal appearing here and there. Overall, Mors Aeterna is perhaps one of the best sounding Doom Metal albums you’ll likely to hear or experience this year and leaves you wanting more.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Mona at All Noir PR for the promo. Mors Aeterna is available to buy now on CD/DD/Vinyl via Argonauta Records.


Toothless Cage - MARS (EP Review)

Release date: June 1st 2019. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Mars – Tracklisting

1.Mars 04:43
2.Breathing 04:32
3.River Of Gods 03:16
4.END 06:22
5.Oneironaut 05:04


Diogo Contins
Rui Ribeiro
Pedro Domingues


Mars is the debut EP from Toothless Cage. A band that plays of deliciously heavy style of Fuzz Rock, Psych, Stoner Rock and Doom Metal but with a cool sounding Garage Rock sound. The EP is a constantly heavy and action packed ride from start to finish.

The band embrace their Space Rock sound with genuine excitement especially on the superb opening song – MARS. The song takes influence from bands such as Black Sabbath and SLEEP in places though Toothless Cage add a more vintage Garage Rock vibe to their music. This is one of the standout songs on the EP with the heavy riffs having a cool progressive style of their own. The vocals are superb with the band writing some trippy lyrics to match the spaced out riffs.

Second song – Breathing – has a more laid-back and reflective approach compared to the opening song. It’s a perfect mix of heavy rock sounds and the more quieter moments the band play on this song. The second half of the song is a fast-paced riff-fest where Toothless Cage play a more ferocious blend of Doom/Stoner Metal. This proves the band can play a heavier style of Doom/Stoner Metal to impress fans with.

Third song – River Of Gods – offers a more hazier and psychedelic sound with a twinge of Blues Rock appearing here and there. The song does start very slowly but soon builds up into a more confident and heavier rhythm.

The final two songs END and Oneironaut is where Toothless Cage impress the most. As they have more time to play with on both songs. The EP becomes more Progressive and more adventurous as a result. The music allows Toothless Cage to experiment with their sound and it’s a good approach to have. As the listener becomes part of the action especially on the excellent sounding song – Oneironaut.

The only downside of this EP that it’s too damn short. The EP Only runs for 24 minutes or so. I wanted to hear one more song from Toothless Cage. Maybe that’s myself being to selfish. As this EP is so damn good and the band are definitely worth keeping an eye on in the future.

MARS is a superb sounding EP from Toothless Cage and will hopefully allow Toothless Cage to build up a solid fan-base within the Fuzz/Doom/Stoner Metal community. As these guys have something special about them.

Words by Steve Howe


Saturday, 1 June 2019

Yawning Man - Macedonian Lines (Album Review)

Release date: June 14th 2019. Label: Heavy Psych Sounds. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Macedonian Lines – Tracklisting

1. Virtual Funeral
2. Macedonian Lines
3. Melancholy Sadie
4. Bowie's Last Breath
5. I'm Not An Indian (But I Play One On TV)
6. I Make Weird Choices


Gary Acre - guitar
Mario Lalli - bass guitar
Bill Stinson - drums


So-Cal desert kings, Yawning Man, are back with a new album, 'Macedoninan Lines', and as always they push boundaries. The older I get the more I appreciate and embrace instrumental music, if done right. And Yawning Man are up there as a frontrunner in how to mesmerize and enchant their listeners in the best possible way, sans vocals. After all, the band has been around for a long time, so they know what they are doing.

As the first bar of opener ‘Virtual Funeral’ emanates from the speakers, Yawning Man has me hooked and they won’t let go. And that’s perfectly fine with me as I close my eyes and let the band sweep me away. It doesn’t take long before Gary Acre’s soothing and uplifting guitar tones starts to loosen me up, both physically and mentally. ‘Macedonian Lines’ picks right up while pushing the tempo upwards a touch. And by now, Mario Lalli’s bass guitar aides Acre’s guitar in burrowing into sore spots while alleviating ailments of any kind. Two songs in and all I want is to hit repeat so this beauty never stops. 

‘Melancholy Sadie’ takes a step back for a minute before launching me into a whole new plain, a whole new level of being. It might sound corny but this album, and other recordings of this ilk, should be used as medical treatment. Seriously, with this you need no medicine whatsoever. Just hit play, close your eyes and listen and absorb the resolve Yawning Man offers.

Bowie’s Last Breath’ is lead the way by a fuzzed-out bass line with a soaring, liberating guitar while Bill Stinson’s drumming is the heartbeat, which keeps you steady as you’re taken on an astral journey never before experienced. Beautiful! ‘I’m Not An Indian (But I Play One On TV) continues where ‘Bowie’s Last Breath’ left off but the rhythm section has taken a somewhat darker stance. Coupled with the dreamy guitar this amalgamation is nothing but wonderful. Closer ‘I Make Weird Choices’ begins with a wonderful soft bass riff which initiates our return back to reality as new, healed people thanks to the healers in Yawning Man.

This album has quickly been added to my go-to list when I need to change my ways, calm down or be uplifted, you name it. ‘Macedonian Lines’ is purely and simply the best, purest organic remedy anyone needs. Forget conventional treatment and all that mumbo jumbo, this is the real deal, people. And I can’t thank the band enough for….for being this amazingly good!

Words by Håkan Nyman

Thanks to Claire at Purple Sage PR for the promo. Macedonian Lines will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Heavy Psych Sounds from June 14th 2019.