Monday 16 December 2019

DOMO - Domonautas Vol. 1 (Album Review)

Release date: December 15th 2019. Label: Clostridium Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Domonautas Vol. 1 – Tracklisting

1.Oxímoron 05:15
2.Astródomo 12:28
3.Ritual del Sol 12:04
4.Planisferio 07:56


Pablo Criado: electric and acoustic guitars, tambur, trumpet and fx.
Samuel Riviere: electric guitar, sitar and fx.
Óscar Soler: bass, acoustic guitar, synth and vocals.
Paco García: drums and percussion.


Domonautas Vol. 1 is the new album by Spanish Psychedelic/Space/Stoner Rockers Domo and it’s quite a hard album to listen to when listening to for the first time. That’s down to the many different sounding ideas the band have included on this album. There are quite a lot of different instruments that the band play on the album. As the album has quite an eclectic Jazz and Experimental feel compared to other Psychedelic Stoner Rock albums.

There’s definitely some fun to be had on this album but Domo sure do make hard work of this at times. It took myself a few listens to fully understand and appreciate the instrumental work on the entire album. The one thing you cannot say about Domo is that they play things safe on this album. As they do not. The trippy and eastern vibes allows Domo to create a slightly creepy sound in places.

The 4 songs on offer are quite varied with Domo never settling for one standard sound. The psychedelic overtones is what drives Domo’s music forward and to intense levels of creativity that blend Psych, Hard Rock, Doom and Stoner Rock for a powerful and dynamic sound that’s quite refreshing to hear in places.

The two standout songs have to be Astródomo and Ritual del Sol. As they have the most exciting parts contained on the whole album.

Within time I will appreciate Domonautas Vol. 1 a lot more than I do now. As I need more time with this album and to fully understand the many different elements of music that Domo have created for this album. Though it’s an immense and daring slice of Psychedelic Stoner Rock that you should give a listen until Domonautas Vol. 2 is released.

Words by Steve Howe