Thursday 26 December 2019

Outlaws Of The Sun - Album Of The Year - TORCHE - ADMISSION

ADMISSION by TORCHE is the album of the year for us at Outlaws Of The Sun. The album came in at No 2 on both lists for Todd and Steve.

So it was an easy decision to make with Todd and myself both having different No 1 albums to each other. 

This is a brilliant album from the Sludge/Stoner Metal legends that is TORCHE.

Todd reviewed the album earlier this year. Here what Todd had to say about the album back in July 2019. 

"There is not any reason to waste time giving you the backstory on Torche. I feel as though it you are reading this, you are familiar with these guys and their tremendous work to date. What does need to be said is that 15 years into their career Torche has delivered unto us unworthy souls their absolute best record so far. Admission is 11 tracks of pure rock brilliance!

Fuzzed out and heavy and loaded with a fuck-ton of hooks and will keep these songs in your head for the foreseeable future. The band delivers on their trademark sound with huge guitars and riffs, massive, earth quaking drums, fuzzed out bass work and their strongest vocals to date.

It is fairly safe to say that Admission will be near the top of my best of list, and I imagine many others as well. If you dig Torche, or just head shaking, body quaking rock n rolla, you will undoubtedly dig on this record. Check it out!"