Saturday 30 January 2021


 UK Doom/Stoner Metallers INDICA BLUES will be releasing their excellent upcoming new album WE ARE DOOMED on February 12th 2021 via APF Records.

The album builds upon their previous record but with a more serious theme running throughout the album. Though the band still play a lot of fantastic HEAVY RIFFS on the album which will keep their fans extremely happy.

I caught up with Tom Pilsworth (Guitar/Vocals) and John Slaymaker (Guitar) from the band to discuss the making of the album, signing to APF Records and the potential future state of the UK Music Scene.

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The band have gone slightly heavier and more groovier on your new album We Are Doomed compared to your last album. Do you feel this is the natural progression for the band or did you want to try something different compared to your previous releases.

John: Yes definitely a natural progression where groove is concerned. As for heavier, I think that’s down to our engineer Steve ‘Geezer’ Watkins and his recording techniques. He knows how to get the best performance out of a band.

What is the new album all about and why did you call the album WE ARE DOOMED. 

Tom: When we started writing this album, the ‘We Are Doomed’ concept was inspired by the chemical weapons attack in Sailsbury, UK. For a very short period of time - about 2 or 3 days - it really felt as though anything could happen. Would there be more attacks? Could the UK retaliate? Were we heading for war with Russia? So the idea for ‘We Are Doomed’ was to imagine the worst possible outcome of those massive global events between 2016-18 and then answer the question of how it got there.

When we went to record the album, the pandemic struck about halfway through. And then we really were doomed.

What influenced you all when writing and recording this album.

John: In the two years since we recorded ‘Hymns for a Dying Realm’ each of us have gone through life changes of some sort or another but we always continue with our joint passion to further the progression of Indica Blues. Those lived experiences greatly influence our music. 

You’ve signed to APF Records for this album. How did you hook-up with Andy over at APF. As I know he’s a huge FAN of yours. So I know it’s top fan-boy moment for him signing you guys to his awesome label.

Tom: This all came about because we met a photographer called Matt Peake, who had moved from Manchester Oxford. We hung out at gigs and he took some awesome photos for us. As it happened Matt was a good friend of Andy at APF. He told us he was badgering Andy to sign us. At first we thought ‘pff… never happen.’ 

But Matt was persistent. And eventually we sent our last album to Andy and he really liked it, but said now wasn’t the right time, so send us your next one. Which is exactly what we did. But really, most of the credit goes to Matt Peake, he really did make it happen! We’re absolutely delighted to on the APF roster - Andy is a legend in the scene for a reason, he really loves the music he signs and spends a huge amount of time and energy getting everything right. 

Did you have any other labels interested in releasing the album.

John: We never found out as Andy heard it first and asked us to sign that very same day. 

Was this a hard album to write and record for compared to your previous albums.

John: This album is our third recording as a team so we have established our writing methods, so in that sense it was easier. 

Tom: I reckon the recording was actually harder though. Geezer spends way more time on each element than other engineers - usually solos and vocals are a bit of an afterthought. I got through a hell of a lot honey trying not to go horse when it came to vocals. But it paid off, I think.

What comes first for you when recording new music. Lyrics or Music.

Tom: Always the music. Usually John or Andy will bring in a riff and we’ll just jam it out for a few sessions till we’re confident it’s a goer. Then I’ll take it home and write lyrics and put together a structure for it. 

The album cover for the upcoming new album is freaking awesome. Who designed the cover and how much input did you have into the overall design of the cover. 

Tom: That was done by Cristiano Suarez, a very talented Brazillian graphic artist who also designed our cover for ‘Ruins on the Shore.’ 

We gave him a detailed brief but he has the visual mind to work our ideas into reality. It’s not easy making a great cover - especially for a CD, you have to fit these grand ideas into a very small square. But it’s Cristiano’s eye for colours that make the difference - they grab your attention. 

There is a very simple message behind it - the world is doomed and you are strapped in for the ride. 

COVID-19 has pretty much put a stop to all life as we know it for the time being. How big of an impact has it affected the band. And how are you surviving in this stressful time.

John: Luckily none of us have been furloughed from work and left to fester, we’ve all been either working from home or continuing our normal routines in that respect. Thankfully the album was recorded just before the original lockdown and Geezer mixed it alone in the studio. Rehearsals have been minimal this past year and we had to cancel our shows that we had booked but we did manage to record two videos so that kept our spirits up. 

After everything is back to some sort of normality. What does the future hold for Indica Blues. Will you be touring the record in the UK or In Europe.

John: We would absolutely love to tour the album definitely in the UK and our dream would also be to play such festivals as Roadburn and Desertfest in Europe, having the backing from APF has given us the confidence to believe that this could now be a reality. 

Another thing that has messed things up big-time for musicians wanting to tour the UK and for UK Bands to tour Europe is BREXIT. There’s a ton of different information out there outlining what’s happening to musicians . How will this affect yourselves personally. And can you see any way out of this. As the UK Music Scene could face a deadly threat to it’s actual existence.

Tom: The UK government was offered visa free touring for musicians by the EU during negotiations but turned it down, because they didn’t want to reciprocate it. Which tells you all you need to know: they don’t give a shit about music. I think the real damage won’t be clear until covid passes, and band’s start trying to tour again. They’ll be costs and paperwork we never had before. This might sound a minor hindrance to some people, but let’s face it - those small issues can make the difference between going on tour or staying at home. Is there a way out? Things can change very quickly in politics, but people need to engage with the system and demand that change. 

Thanks for doing this interview. Before you go, do you have any words of wisdom that you want to say to your fans.

John: Yes, follow your heart follow your passion and do not let procrastination ruin your dreams.

Words by Steve Howe and Indica Blues

Thanks to Tom and John for doing this interview and Simon at For The Lost for arranging the interview.

We Are Doomed can be pre-ordered on CD/DD via APF Records now.


SNOW - Fast N‘ Heavy Loud N‘ Slow (Album Review)

Release date: January 20th 2021. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Fast N‘ Heavy Loud N‘ Slow – Tracklisting

1.Skate Fast Die Hard 02:25
2.Escape From Brasil 05:11
3.Prensado 03:12
4.Crying Eyes 02:58
5.Perfect Lies 02:08
6.Paradoxical Conflicts 03:00
7.Nowhere Fast 03:42
8.Good Vibes From Hell 03:17


Guitars, Drums, Vocals - Rodrigo “Rod“ Neves
Lead Guitar - Andrez Machado
Bass - Rodrigo Borba


Fast N‘ Heavy Loud N‘ Slow is the new album from Brazilian Sludge/Stoner Punk Upstarts SNOW. They play a blend of fast and furious Sludge/Stoner Metal with massive Crossover Punk appeal. The album is undeniably aggressive with the band living up to their multi-genre potential and that means they can appeal to fans of different genres with this release.

The album is quite short running for around 26 minutes spread across 8 songs. The vocals from Rodrigo fit very well in all of the genres contained on this release. The music is super-tight with a vibrant energy between all 3 band members and make for a convincing Sludge/Stoner Metal Power Trio of sorts.

The songs show a wide range of versatility with SNOW not settling down for one overall sound but a mixture of different styles with passionate vocals and lyrics leading the way. If you dig bands such as CANCER BATS then SNOW have a similar vibe to that great band. Well perhaps their earlier records especially on songs such as: Skate Fast Die Hard, Escape From Brasil, Perfect Lies and Nowhere Fast.

SNOW recorded, mixed and mastered the album themselves allowing to keep to the DIY PUNK Tradition that’s shown throughout the entire album. The best parts of the album is where the band focus solely on Sludge/Stoner Metal grooves and then move to a more Skate Punk attitude.

Overall, Fast N‘ Heavy Loud N‘ Slow is a superbly entertaining record that shows another style of Sludge/Stoner Metal from the South American Scene and SNOW are definitely worth checking out.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Thursday 28 January 2021

Spelljammer - Abyssal Trip (Album Review)

Release Date: 26th February 2021. Record Label: RidingEasy Records. Format: DD/CD/Vinyl

Abyssal Trip - Tracklisting



Among The Holy

Abyssal Trip


Silent Rift


Robert - Guitars

Jonatan - Drums

Niklas - Bass/Vocals


Swedish Doom/Stoner Metal Overlords Spelljammer are back from a 5 year slumber to wreak more Cosmic and Doomed Out Havoc with their new album Abyssal Trip. The album is quite a solitary and cold experience with the band focusing upon more of the darkness currently going in the world but set in the realms of outer space for the majority of the album.

Spelljammer focus on that Cosmic Doomed Out Sound from their past few releases and not the Desert/Stoner Rock grooves they first made their names with almost a decade ago. This album is full of heavy progressive and world-building riffs that build up to a melodic rhythm but Spelljammer have spent their time in the wilderness wisely by playing a more demented style of almost Occult Rock on this album.

I do get shades of Monolord and Slomatics on this record but those guys and Spelljammer are perhaps the best bands in the scene playing this style of Spaced Out Doom. Though Cities Of Mars aren’t too far behind.

Anyway back to Abyssal Trip. Spelljammer treats you 6 tracks of heavy progressive Doom/Stoner Riffs where the band blend Swirling Psychedelic Noises and Progressive passages with distorted vocals keeping the listener informed of what's happening around them.

The first opening 2 songs - Bellwether and Lake - is classic Spelljammer through and through. Progressive Doom/Stoner Rock merging into elements of dramatic Post-Rock ideas and letting the hypnotic and almost dreamlike music build at it’s own pace. Both of these songs are bone-crushingly heavy with distorted grooves being some of the best music that Spelljammer have released to date.

Third song - Among The Holy - sees Spelljammer operate with a more determined and direct sound with the song bringing a heavy thunderous Doom Metal atmosphere but with a classic Psych Rock attitude to keep everything grounded. This is one of the most aggressive songs on the album but one that also offers some of the most addictive riffs as well.

Fourth song - Abyssal Trip - is the first of 2 tracks that run past the 10 minute mark and this sees Spelljammer venture into the realm of Occult Doom Metal with a soundclip opening the song and setting the scene for a more gloomier offering from the band. The song soon moves into the normal Spaced Out Rock atmosphere but it’s been corrupted by a heavier gloom and doom element and Spelljammer just run away with this idea and offer the best track on the album. The song moves into many different areas of Doom and Stoner Metal that multiple listens of this song is an absolute must with the brilliant instrumental being on display.

The final two songs (Peregrine and Silent Rift) close the album brilliantly with Peregrine being a slow-paced gloomy and psychedelic instrumental track. Silent Rift is the other epic song the band have included on this release and it has a similar vibe as the title track. 

Silent Rift is more riff-driven and Spelljammer don’t waste any time in getting down in playing the good stuff and the fantastic drumming keeps everything moving along with heavy guitars adding layers of sublime riffs which allows the overall flow and mood of the album to be slightly more upbeat but still retaining that gloomy rock atmosphere that Spelljammer excel at.

Abyssal Trip is another wonderful and thrilling chapter from Spelljammer. This album has potential to be considered as one of the Doom/Stoner Metal albums of the year. I know it’s a bit early to say things like that but I heard Lowrider’s classic comeback album Refractions the same time last year. Look how things turned out for that record. Well I’m going to say that Abyssal Trip has the same type of appeal. 

This is a must have album to own. End Of.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Dave at US/THEM PR for the promo. Abyssal Trip will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via RidingEasy Records from February 26th 2021.


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Wednesday 27 January 2021

HEAVY TEMPLE Sign To Magnetic Eye Records

HEAVY TEMPLE have penned a deal with Magnetic Eye Records, becoming the label's first signing of 2021 (but not its last). This well-oiled riff machine will proudly present a heavy psychedelic expedition that seamlessly weaves from boogie van grooves to the gravitas of Candlemass in the shape of their debut album via Magnetic Eye Records this year.

HEAVY TEMPLE comment: "We're beyond thrilled to be joining the Magnetic Eye family, along with so many talented friends and musicians", writes singer and bass player High Priestess Nighthawk. "We can hardly wait to put out our first full album with Magnetic Eye, and we think it's our best music yet. Looking forward to sharing something with everyone this year!"

Jadd Shickler bids the Pennsylvanians welcome: "Some bands come knocking, others you might run across or decide to look into", comments the Magnetic Eye Records label director. "Heavy Temple are a band whose sound and reputation simply demanded our attention. We are excited to welcome these purveyors of doom and groove to the label, and the only thing we're more anxious to see than the release of their first official full-length is their heroic return to the road. Welcome, Heavy Temple!"

HEAVY TEMPLE formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA in 2012 and quickly released a pair of critically-acclaimed EPs that presented a mature blend of fuzzy grooves, doom, and heavy psychedelia with occult motifs as well as a tongue-in-cheek sense of humour.

The band quickly made waves throughout the heavy rock underground during their first several years of activity, galvanizing their brain-melting attack over the course of numerous tours with the likes of CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, RUBY THE HATCHET, MOTHERSHIP, and ROYAL THUNDER among many others. Before HEAVY TEMPLE even released an album, the band had already performed at prestigious festivals including Psycho Las Vegas, Black Flags Over Brooklyn, DesertFest New York, The Obelisk All-Dayer, Maryland Doom Fest, and Decibel Metal and Beer.

Fusing their strongest line-up into place just ahead of the coronavirus pandemic, HEAVY TEMPLE took advantage of the forced layoff from touring to craft their cosmic heaviness into a first official full-length, which is due in 2021 via Magnetic Eye Records.


Supermoon - S/T (Album Review)

Release Date: 29th December 2020. Record Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Supermoon - S/T - Tracklisting


Sun Is High



Serpent Spirit


The Dome

Moon Rabbit


Vasilis Tsigkris - Vocals and Instruments


Greek Psych Stoner Rockers Supermoon debut full length album is a record full of Spaced Out Mysticism with flashes of Psychedelic Desert/Stoner Rock. The band do give off a Yawning Man vibe on this record with the cinematic style of Psychedelic Desert/Stoner Rock being at the forefront of their music though the added vocals gives Supermoon a much needed voice and allows the album to be respected on its own merits and deep meaningful values.

The album is quite organic with the heavy riffs and lyrics having hidden meaning the first time when you listen to the album. It’s also good that Supermoon ventures into heavier elements of Doom Rock for a more unsettling style of music but twinned with the more adventurous Desert/Stoner Rock grooves.

The 8 songs contained on the album are superbly written, arranged and performed with each song having its own distinct flavour and message to whoever listens to this. The opening songs Sedna/Open Sun Is High and Mantra set the mood and Supermoon run away with a wild array of different ideas and grooves that expertly pays homage to the legendary 90s Desert/Stoner Rock scene but with modern Cosmic Rock/Doom Rock landscapes giving this record a much varied and heavier sound.

Supermoon is the work of one person (Vasilis Tsikgris) and he proves to be another fantastic “one-man” band to discover and there’s been a hell of a lot of these type bands impressing myself and the Stoner Rock community in general over the last few years.

The album does convey a more Post-Rock attitude when things become slightly more experimental but it’s a good side to Supermoon to show and offer a different kind of Psychedelic Desert/Stoner Rock album.

Vasilis also recorded, mixed and produced this album himself and the album does sound wonderful with an atmosphere that is always constantly LOUD, WARM and ENGAGING. I listened to this album on my MP3 Player and was impressed how LOUD the record actually sounded even when on a low volume. So expect a more vibrant sounding album when first listening to the record.

If you dig bands such as Yawning Man and TUBER but with a more gloomy and perhaps a more Mystical Folk outlook on life then Supermoon has all those bases covered. This is an exquisite and deeply engrossing album.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


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Tuesday 26 January 2021

Sonic Flower - Rides Again (Album Review)


Release Date: 29th January 2021. Record Label: Heavy Psych Sounds Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Rides Again - Tracklisting

Super Witch

Black Sheep

Jungle Cruise

Captain Forest

Stay Away (The Meters Cover)

Quicksand Planet

Earthquake (Graham Central Station Cover)


Tatsu Mikami - Bass

Takenori Hoshi - Guitar

Arisa - Guitar

Keisuke Fukuwa - Drums


Rides Again is the new album from Japanese Psych Rockers Sonic Flower who are best known for being a spin-off band from legendary Doomsters - Church Of Misery. Sonic Flower released their self titled debut album back in 2003 and started recording their follow-up album back in 2005. However the band broke up during these recording sessions and was never released until now. The rumour is that the band are releasing a new album later this year with a brand new vocalist which is also being released via Heavy Psych Sounds.

Rides Again is more of a mini album lasting almost 29 minutes with 5 new compositions and 2 covers which the band perform with their usual top-notch talent. Rides Again is purely instrumental and sees the band play a more boogie orientated style of Blues Rock, Psych Rock and Stoner Rock. This is far as removed you can get from Church Of Misery but the band do bring some moody doom based elements on the record,

Everything is funky and has a fresh classic rock appeal which you hear on the excellent opening song - Super Witch. You can hear a “Deep Purple” influence on this track and it’s quite bouncy, light on heavy grooves but still provides bewitching entertainment.

Songs such as Black Sheep, Jungle Cruise, Captain Frost and Quicksand Planet round up the original songs contained on the record with Sonic Flower playing a vibrant and heavy mix of Psychedelic Blues/Stoner Rock which is firmly rooted in the musicians involved love for everything 70’s Hard Rock and Classic Rock. The songs on the album can sound quite similar in places but it won’t get in the way of enjoying this cool groove-laiden record.

Sonic Flower include two covers on the album with Stay Away by The Meters and Earthquake by Graham Central Station. Two cool tracks given a more Psychedelic and Riffier makeover with Sonic Flower adding some of the more hippest sounds to these two songs in general. 

The production of Rides Again is good for the most part but there are quite a few rough sounding moments that could have been done with more work but it does allow this album to have a more rough and ready feel.

The main thing about Rides Again that it’s been given the love, care and attention it richly deserves. This is the first time the record has been heard since those initial recording sessions and if you’re a fan of Sonic Flower or perhaps Church Of Misery then it’s an excellent and exciting album to add to your record collection.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Purple Sage PR for the promo.

Rides Again will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Heavy Psych Sounds Records from January 29th 2021.



Monday 25 January 2021

Evert Snyman - Hot Mess (Album Review)

Release date: January 22nd 2021. Label: Mongrel Records. Format: DD

Hot Mess – Tracklisting

1.The End Of Time 03:12 
2.Debilitate Me 03:32 
3.Dumb and Dead 02:09 
4.Cleaner Than God 04:24 
5.Hot Mess 03:22 
6.Maybe Never 03:58 
7.I Live the Lie 02:31 
8.If Eyes Could Kill 05:02 
9.Operation Human Shield 03:10 
10.Consummate 04:25 
11.Burn 04:29 


Evert Snyman : Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Piano, Wurlitzer, Synthesizer, Drums and Percussion 
Wessel Möller : Wurlitzer on The End of Time 
Stiaan Du Preez : Lead Guitar on Dumb and Dead 
Tim Edwards : Percussion Loops on Cleaner than God and Drums on Burn 
Roan Muntingh : Guitar solo on I Live the Lie 


Hot Mess is the new album from South African Multi-Instrumentalist – Evert Snyman – who also happens to be a member of South African Stoner/Grunge Rock Outlaws – Ruff Majik. Evert plays a different style of music to Ruff Majik on this album but has managed to take Ruff Majik’s wild and vivid creative charm with him to produce a spellbinding effort that’s quite off-beat from start to finish. 

If you’re a fan of Here Lies Man then this Hot Mess follows a similar approach with Evert playing a mix of Alternative Rock, Desert Rock, Psych Rock and a vintage QOTSA Rock Swagger on the earlier stages of the record with The End Of Time, Debilitate Me and Dumb and Dead setting the scene for Evert showing a keen ear for addictive lyrics, vocals and melodic hard rock. 

The album also allows Evert to play a more mellow style of Rock Music and this offers the perfect balance to the more heavier compositions held on the record. Every plays almost everything on this record though he does has help with various guest musicians on other songs which allows even those guest musicians to have a chance to shine as well. 

Hot Mess is a rebellious album that pays homage to 90s Desert/Stoner Rock with a slight 2000’s indie rock feel. I can hear influences from THE HIVES as well especially when the Punk Rock guitars appear. Though it’s all very much Evert’s own style of music where he impresses on the majority of the 11 tracks that appear on the album. 

The production is handled by Every himself and he’s a wonderful producer. He proved this on the last Ruff Majik record which I believed he produced and mixed as well. I could be wrong on the producing part. Evert’s eye to fine detail on the entire production and recording is a major highlight and everything sounds superb. The overall sound is LOUD and VIBRANT with the record sounding first rate from start to finish. 

The 2nd half of the album is perhaps the best part of the album with songs such as I Live The Lie, If Eyes Could Kill, Operation Human Shield, Consummate and Burn being the containing the most intriguing ideas no the album. It maybe slightly too long but at least Evert will keep you entertained for the majority of the album and make you wonder where will this crazy album take you next. 

Overall, Hot Mess is a proper balls-to-the-wall HEAVY RAWK album and showcases one of the most creative musicians from the South African Stoner Rock scene. 

Words by Steve Howe

You can buy Hot Mess from the following link


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Sunday 24 January 2021

SUNNATA - Burning In Heaven, Melting On Earth (Album Review)

Release date: February 26th 2021. Label: Self Released. Format: DD/CD/Vinyl

Burning In Heaven, Melting On Earth – Tracklisting

2.God Emperor of Dune
3.A Million Lives
4.Black Serpent
5.Völva (The Seeress)
6.Way Out


While still listening to a ton of music over the last year I haven't written a review on quite a while. Thanks to Steve for bringing me back in. I decided to dive in head first with the thunderous new album by Sunnata. Burning in Heaven, Melting on Earth is the Polish doom bringers 4th full length and delves deep into themes of religious fanaticism and crushing grooves. The band's sound is described as doom with touches of grunge and psychedelia. The description is amazingly accurate. The six tracks on the record are brimming with heavy guitars, driving bass, monstrous drumming and ominous vocals delivered in harsh screams and tight harmonies.

The record opens with the killer track Crows. A slow, heavy bass groove and eerie Mark Lanegan like vocals bring you in before exploding with Mastodon sounding power and harmonies. The quiet to loud grunge inspired dynamic is superb.

The sprawling God Emperor of Doom follows and entrances the listener for nearly 9 minutes of slow, dreamy dark psychedelia.

A Million Lives shows the band picking up the tempo and shifting it into quite a few different gears that deliver harsh screams and middle eastern sounding chants.

The spectacular Black Serpent keeps the tempo moving. Echoey, reverb heavy guitars and harmonies veer into screams and chants then into a slick QOTSA like breakdown. Another stellar moment.

Volva (The Seeress) slows things down again for a bit with a slow, heavy bass groove and angular guitars with dark, hypnotic vocals that erupt into a killer chorus equal parts Mastodon and Alice in Chains.

The record closes with the ominous sound of Way Out. Heavily effected vocals give way to reverb heavy guitars and a driving western drumbeat. The changes and feel of the track leave the listener as if they are looking into a dark sky and are unsure what they are seeing or would even want to see.

Burning in Heaven, Melting on Earth was my first experience with this amazing band. Sunnata has definitely got a strong understanding and love for the Doom sound and I will most definitely be visiting their back catalogue and looking forward to the dark future with what they concoct moving on. This is a great record, you will need to check out!

Words by - Todd S - Instagram @alltheghoststhathauntyou

Thanks to Lisa at Hold Tight PR for the promo.

Burning In Heaven, Melting On Earth will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via SUNNATA from February 26th 2021.


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Pine Ridge - Can't Deny (Album Review)

Release date: December 18th 2020. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Can’t Deny – Tracklisting

1.So 01:20
2.Can't Deny 04:34
3.Someone In Your Head 04:04
4.We Come Around 04:42
5.Wayfaring Stranger 05:32
6.Genesis 04:41
7.Runaway 03:57
8.Sons Of Nothing 06:09
9.Those Days 04:37


Can’t Deny is new full length album from Russian Psych Blues/Classic Rockers Pine Ridge and it’s an album that focuses solely on the 70s Hard Rock scene. There are some Stoner and Doom based elements within the album but mostly Pine Ridge concentrate mostly on the Blues Rock side of life. The album is quite upbeat and is a more straight-forward album compared the to recent albums I’ve heard from the Russian Hard Rock scene and that’s a good thing. As Pine Ridge don’t experiment or play about with their music and focus solely on delivering a superbly engaging album which is packed full of great songs from start to finish.

The songs are quite varied and draw the listener in with top-notch musicianship that flirts between Heavy Blues Rock and Neo-Psychedelia vibes with passionate loud grooves that are quite catchy at the same time. The vocals are good and have an earthly organic feel to them and match the easy-going warm atmosphere the music generates within each of the 8 songs contained on the album.

Standout songs include: Can’t Deny, Someone In Your Head, Wayfaring Stranger, Sons Of Nothing and These Days. Pine Ridge are perhaps the most confident on these tracks with a 70s Cocky Swagger leading the way. Intimate Psych Rock grooves and a knowing “Seen It All Before” Blues Rock attitude.

My favourite part of the album is when the cool sounding Pianos or Organs bring a doomier atmosphere to the party before the heavy blues/stoner guitars bring a more Hard Rock sensibility to the album. That happens constantly on this album and allows the band to show listeners what top-notch musicians they actually are. 

Can’t Deny is a great album and shows why Pine Ride are a welcome addition to the Blues based Stoner Rock scene. Pine Ridge would like to convert you to their way of Heavy Organic and Addictive Blues/Stoner Rock.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


Saturday 23 January 2021

e.t.c. - e​.​t​.​c (Edición 10 años) (Album Review)

Release date: December 21st 2020. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

e​.​t​.​c (Edición 10 años) – Tracklisting

1.A Comenzar 03:36
2.Sed 03:40
3.A Veces 03:32
4.Ayer 03:15
5.Bad Girl 03:52
6.María 05:42
7.Más Allá 04:47
8.Quién Es El Que Miente 04:46
9.No Soy Igual Que Tú 04:07
10.Revoluxión 02:36
11.Aquí Estoy 06:34
12.Sistema 06:00
13.Tuntún 05:43
14.Need to be Lonely 02:59
15.Inside You (Demo) 03:14
16.Dóde Estás (Demo) 02:20
17.Sistema (Mezcla 2020) 06:03
18.Aquí Estoy (Mezcla 2020) 06:29
19.Sed (Concierto de Lanzamiento) 04:16
20.Revoluxión (Concierto con Bush & STP en Lima) 03:01
21.Más Allá (Emil Toledo & Juan Nolag Remix) 07:06


e.t.c is a Grunge/Alternative Rock Band from Peru who ave just the 10th Anniversary Edition of their self-titled debut album. The album and band itself are primarily influenced by bands such as Deftones, Nirvana and a few other bands from the 90s Grunge Scene. The band add a modern Alternative Rock flavour and I can hear the Deftones influence shining throughout the majority of the songs on their debut record.

It’s by no means perfect but if you grew up in the 90s and worshipped the legendary Grunge Scene then e.t.c. are doing a lot of things right with this release. This is my first exposure to the band and there are some great tunes to lose yourself in with A Comenzar, Sed, Ayer, Maria, Revoluxion and Tuntún.

The vocals have a rough and ready appeal to them which matches the Grunge aesthetic superbly well. The album itself is 14 tracks long with the band adding 7 bonus tracks from that are a mixture of Demo and Live tracks. So this is quite the complete package for e.t.c. to release.

One of the more exciting parts about e.t.c. is when they venture into other areas of music such as Progressive Rock. This shows the band are not afraid to broaden their own musical horizons and you can hear bands diverse as TOOL filtering into the band’s overall sound.

e​.​t​.​c (Edición 10 años) is a welcome change from the usual Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal bands I normally review and let myself remember the good old days when I worshipped the Grunge Scene back in my younger days.

So if you’re an Alternative Rock/Grunge fan then this album is the ideal release for you and you can also discover a fantastic band from the South American Hard Rock/Grunge scene.

Words by Steve Howe


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Tigers On Opium - 503​.​420​.​6669​.​vol one (EP Review)

Release date: January 22nd 2021. Label: Forbidden Place Records. Format: DD/Cassette Tape.

503​.​420​.​6669​.​vol one – Tracklisting

1.We're at Meow Meow 00:32
2.Hash 05:33
3.I May Sound Like A Drunk... But I Feel Like A Matador 03:15
4.Icarus 03:04
5.When I Go 01:57
6.Dark Electric 04:00
7.Tantos Años Juntos 02:56 


503​.​420​.​6669​.​vol one is the latest release from Electro-Punk Tinged Stoner Rock misfits – Tigers On Opium and it’s quite easily their boldest and exciting release to date. The record only last 21 minutes but the band make every second count with their blend of Psych Rock, Doom Rock, Desert Rock and rebellious Stoner Rock grooves.

They sound quite different to the release Dark Electric I reviewed a short while ago. You can still here elements of Uncle Acid classic Doom Rock soundscapes but this has been injected with a more darker elements of Desert/Stoner Rock. The EP allows Tigers On Opium to show a real experimental flair to their sound. Songs such as Hash, I May Sound Like A Drunk... But I Feel Like A Matador, Icarus and Dark Electric are the real standouts here. As the songs are more vibrant and have weird psychedelic Stoner Rock flavour to them compared to the other shorter songs on the album.

Tigers On Opium don’t stick to one style of music throughout this release as the band play fast and loose with Stoner Rock conventions and play what sounds mostly good to them. You want fast-paced PUNK ROCK, Dark Twisted Pop, Doom Rock, Desert Rock and Psych Rock all held in the confinements of Stoner Rock then 503​.​420​.​6669​.​vol one is the answer you’re looking for.

The EP does sadly run out of steam with the last song Tantos Años Juntos. As even though it’s a superbly played and much tender song. It’s just not as fun as what came before it. Though, it’s good to see Tigers On Opium trying a different approach with their music.

If you miss the early days of QOTSA when they were a true force to be reckoned with then Tigers On Opium have that same drive and energy. I’m hoping there’s a full length album in the near future basically just to see what crazy ideas and grooves the band can come up with on a much longer record.

Awesome stuff...

Words by Steve Howe

503​.​420​.​6669​.​vol one is available to buy now on Cassette Tape/DD via Forbidden Place Records.


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Thursday 21 January 2021

Black Magic Tree - Through The Grapevine (Album Review) And Album Premiere of THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE

Release Date: 22nd January 2021. Record Label: Karma Conspiracy Records. Format: DD/Vinyl

Through The Grapevine - Tracklisting

Mandala Lady

Spider's Web
Long Night
Inner Rest


Alessandro Monte - Vocals
Christian Reuter - Guitars
Max-Milan Bergrath - Guitars
Michael Hupp - Drums
Nils Geisser - Bass


Black Magic Tree are a German Psychedelic Blues/Stoner Rock Band and is their debut full length album - Through The Grapevine. The band show cool confidence and an almighty Stoner Rock swagger that embraces the wild and crazy times of 70s Blues Rock and Psychedelic Rock. The album only runs for 31 minutes or so but this is quite a straightforward record with a wide assortment of different grooves and riffs. 

Black Magic Tree also has that feel-good vibe amongst the vocals and lyrics on this album with the band taking inspiration from Led Zepplin but more emphasis on Soulful Blues Rock moments leading the way. 

Opening song - Mandala Lady - is quite an upbeat and exciting song to open the album with it’s healthy dash of Blues driven Stoner Rock. The overall feel and flow of the album is 60s/70s Classic Hard Rock with some excellent almost modern guitars adding real weight to the volume of the album. If you dig early Kadavar then Black Magic Tree play a similar style of music.

Second song - Beethoven - is more of a modern and almost party atmosphere with addictive vocals allowing Black Magic Tree to move further into their Stoner Rock persona. Though the song becomes slightly doomier as a result. The classic rock guitars give the song a sense of fun which will leave you with a warm FUZZY feeling inside.

Third song - Spiders Web - is more low-key with an almost laid-back solitary feel with the hazy slow-paced guitars but it soon speeds up to be one of the best tracks on the album. Black Magic Tree offers a vivid mix of Blues Rock, Psych Rock and a more organic Stoner Rock atmosphere. I can hear elements of Northern Ireland Blues/Hard Rockers - The Answer - on this track but the added bonus of Doom Rock guitars towards the end are a welcome surprise.

Black Magic Tree went slightly more progressive with the next 2 songs Domo and Long Night with almost 11 minutes allowing the band aiming for a slightly darker vibe and succeeding especially on Domo. The riffs on Long Night are perhaps the best part of the album but Domo does have better vocals and lyrical content. The band keeps going for that vintage Doom Rock element and it’s an exciting part of the album.

The final two songs - Inner Rest and Flower - sees Black Magic Tree return to the albums earlier Psychedelic Blues/Stoner Rock sounds and play a collection of great sounds that moves effortlessly between Classic Rock and flat-out modern Stoner Rock.

Through The Grapevine is a well-produced record that covers the different eras of Classic Rock and Stoner Rock with superb effort and ultimately leaves the listener wanting more. This is a precise and exciting record for the band to release. I would have liked a longer record but that doesn’t stop this being a top-notch record for people to take notice of.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Karma Conspiracy Records and Black Magic Tree, you can hear the album in full with this exclusive album premiere:

Through The Grapevine is available to buy now on DD/Vinyl via Karma Conspiracy Records.


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