Monday 11 January 2021

Burning Sister - S/T (EP Review)

Release date: December 09th 2020. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD 

Burning Sister – S/T – Tracklisting

1.Path Destroyer 06:28
2.Lord of Nothing 04:39
3.Maelstrom 04:26
4.Burning Sister 06:26
5.Oblivinaut 06:11


Steve - Bass/vox
Drake - Guitars
Alison - Drums


Burning Sister are a self-proclaimed “MILE HIGH DOWNER ROCK” band from Denver, Colorado. An area which has provided ourselves with many cool bands of late. This band focus primarily on 70s based Doom/Stoner Rock with elements of Psychedelic Rock and Acid Rock allowing the band to switch between classic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal vibes within their superb debut EP.

The self-titled EP has quite a rebellious feel to it all with the Power Trio perhaps influenced by the shadows of Black Sabbath and Fu Manchu but with a slightly darker Stoner methodology within the Doomier aspects of the EP. The 5 songs on offer here build up from an almost murky backdrop to an almost Spacier style of attitude which you can hear from the excellent opening song – Path Destroyer.

Path Destroyer opens the EP superbly well with the loud aggressive riffs coming to an absolute stop towards the end and Burning Sister play a more sombre style Post-Doom/Stoner Metal before switching back to a gloomier outlook. Steve’s vocals feel rooted in 70s Doom Rock/Metal with the music being played for a tougher modern aesthetic. Overall, it’s a good mix and it’s helped along by the excellent production values whilst remaining quite vintage in parts.

Second song – Lord Of Nothing – is a rough and ready offering with the band playing a song perhaps reminding myself of Saint Vitus and The Obsessed with the PUNK ROCK aspects coming on very strong with the Doom/Stoner Metal riffs being slightly more restrained. The vocals are quite bold and should maybe have done with more volume in the mix. Another superb song for Burning Sister to impress the listener with.

The next 3 songs on the EP is the strongest parts of the entire record with Burning Sister being more adventurous with the music, lyrics and kick-ass vocals from Steve yet again. Drake on Guitars and Alison on drums impress the most on Malestrom and Burning Sister having a more grizzled and threatening sound. The EP sees Burning Sister flirt with the different styles of Doom/Stoner Rock and offer a more entertaining style of music that you initially expect.

The EP is quite dark, gloomy and very bleak which is what you should expect from a band creating “MILE HIGH DOWNER ROCK”.

You do get your monies worth with this record as the band offer 28 minutes of sublime Doom/Stoner Metal to get fully involved with. Burning Sister feel like they’re holding back on this release and we won’t see the “REAL” Burning Sister until a few more releases or perhaps even on a full length album.

This is a superb release to own and shows that Burning Sister have huge potential. Keep an eye on this band….

Words by Steve Howe


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