Wednesday 27 January 2021

Supermoon - S/T (Album Review)

Release Date: 29th December 2020. Record Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Supermoon - S/T - Tracklisting


Sun Is High



Serpent Spirit


The Dome

Moon Rabbit


Vasilis Tsigkris - Vocals and Instruments


Greek Psych Stoner Rockers Supermoon debut full length album is a record full of Spaced Out Mysticism with flashes of Psychedelic Desert/Stoner Rock. The band do give off a Yawning Man vibe on this record with the cinematic style of Psychedelic Desert/Stoner Rock being at the forefront of their music though the added vocals gives Supermoon a much needed voice and allows the album to be respected on its own merits and deep meaningful values.

The album is quite organic with the heavy riffs and lyrics having hidden meaning the first time when you listen to the album. It’s also good that Supermoon ventures into heavier elements of Doom Rock for a more unsettling style of music but twinned with the more adventurous Desert/Stoner Rock grooves.

The 8 songs contained on the album are superbly written, arranged and performed with each song having its own distinct flavour and message to whoever listens to this. The opening songs Sedna/Open Sun Is High and Mantra set the mood and Supermoon run away with a wild array of different ideas and grooves that expertly pays homage to the legendary 90s Desert/Stoner Rock scene but with modern Cosmic Rock/Doom Rock landscapes giving this record a much varied and heavier sound.

Supermoon is the work of one person (Vasilis Tsikgris) and he proves to be another fantastic “one-man” band to discover and there’s been a hell of a lot of these type bands impressing myself and the Stoner Rock community in general over the last few years.

The album does convey a more Post-Rock attitude when things become slightly more experimental but it’s a good side to Supermoon to show and offer a different kind of Psychedelic Desert/Stoner Rock album.

Vasilis also recorded, mixed and produced this album himself and the album does sound wonderful with an atmosphere that is always constantly LOUD, WARM and ENGAGING. I listened to this album on my MP3 Player and was impressed how LOUD the record actually sounded even when on a low volume. So expect a more vibrant sounding album when first listening to the record.

If you dig bands such as Yawning Man and TUBER but with a more gloomy and perhaps a more Mystical Folk outlook on life then Supermoon has all those bases covered. This is an exquisite and deeply engrossing album.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


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