Thursday 21 January 2021

MONSTROID - Set 2 Burnt Sky (Album Review) And Exclusive Album Premiere of SET 2: BURNT SKY

Release date: January 22nd 2021. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Set 2: Burnt Sky – Tracklisting

1.Hyper Fuzz
2.Take Me
3.Shadow Beast
4.Fall In Line
5.Navigator 2
6.Black River
7.Dust From Bones
8.No Glory
9.Burnt Sky

Artists on the album:

Lead Guitar and Lead Vocals: Wayne Hendrikz
Bass and Backing Vocals: Larry Leyden
Drums and Percussion: Steven Jacobson
Rhythm Guitars, Percussion and Backing Vocals: Andrew Pullen

Additional Artists on the album:

George van der Spuy on keys (Taxi Violence): Take Me
Matthew Pullen (Rooikat) on Backing Vocals: Shadow Beast


South African Stoner Rock scene is starting to come on leaps and bounds over the last few years with bands such as Ruff Majik making a name for themselves. Time to add another cool band to the mix with MONSTROID. The band play a heavy and stylish mix of Desert Rock, Fuzz Rock and Stoner Metal with a more Sci-fi based twist.

With inspiration from bands such as KYUSS, FU MANCHU, Karma To Burn and Monster Magnet, MONSTROID are firmly in the driving seat forging out their own career and psychedelic heavy sound. Their new album – Set 2: Burnt Sky – whilst nothing groundbreaking does see the band playing heavier and fuzzier sounds compared to their world famous musical peers.

Set 2: Burnt Sky contains 9 songs and runs for 46 minutes and the listener is treated to wild mix of 90s Desert Rock, Fuzz Rock and Stoner Metal with a soaring Psychedelic Spaced Out vibe. The vocals are constantly engaging from Wayne on Lead Vocals with Larry and Andrew providing excellent backing vocals throughout the album.

There is an addictive Alt Rock flow to this album and MONSTROID write spiky and rebellious lyrics with a certain Dave Wnydorf flavour to them especially on the earlier stages of the album impressing the most with songs such as: Take Me, Shadow Beast and Fall in Line.

MONSTROID play a classic and vintage style of Stoner Rock/Metal that we all know and love but this is still an exciting and jam-packed album to listen to with the band trying different things. They’ve added Keyboards on the standout track – Take Me. It’s quite boisterous and rebellious within the strands of Stoner Rock/Metal.

Things can be quite experimental in places but it’s a good mix and a great Desert, Fuzz or Stoner based groove is never too far behind. Add lively production vibes and Set 2: Burnt Sky is a great album for MONSTROID to fully get noticed within the global Desert/Stoner Metal community.

Other cool songs to check out are: Navigator 2, Black River and Dust From Bones.

This is quite the action-packed Stoner Metal package with the band impressing from start to finish. So get on board with the MONSTROID train. As these guys mean SERIOUS BUSINESS.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

You can hear the album exclusively with this cool album premiere thanks to the cool folks at Plug Music Agency.

Thanks to Warren at Plug Music Agency for everything. 

Set 2: Burning Sky will be available to buy on DD from Friday January 22nd 2021.


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