Sunday 24 January 2021

Pine Ridge - Can't Deny (Album Review)

Release date: December 18th 2020. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Can’t Deny – Tracklisting

1.So 01:20
2.Can't Deny 04:34
3.Someone In Your Head 04:04
4.We Come Around 04:42
5.Wayfaring Stranger 05:32
6.Genesis 04:41
7.Runaway 03:57
8.Sons Of Nothing 06:09
9.Those Days 04:37


Can’t Deny is new full length album from Russian Psych Blues/Classic Rockers Pine Ridge and it’s an album that focuses solely on the 70s Hard Rock scene. There are some Stoner and Doom based elements within the album but mostly Pine Ridge concentrate mostly on the Blues Rock side of life. The album is quite upbeat and is a more straight-forward album compared the to recent albums I’ve heard from the Russian Hard Rock scene and that’s a good thing. As Pine Ridge don’t experiment or play about with their music and focus solely on delivering a superbly engaging album which is packed full of great songs from start to finish.

The songs are quite varied and draw the listener in with top-notch musicianship that flirts between Heavy Blues Rock and Neo-Psychedelia vibes with passionate loud grooves that are quite catchy at the same time. The vocals are good and have an earthly organic feel to them and match the easy-going warm atmosphere the music generates within each of the 8 songs contained on the album.

Standout songs include: Can’t Deny, Someone In Your Head, Wayfaring Stranger, Sons Of Nothing and These Days. Pine Ridge are perhaps the most confident on these tracks with a 70s Cocky Swagger leading the way. Intimate Psych Rock grooves and a knowing “Seen It All Before” Blues Rock attitude.

My favourite part of the album is when the cool sounding Pianos or Organs bring a doomier atmosphere to the party before the heavy blues/stoner guitars bring a more Hard Rock sensibility to the album. That happens constantly on this album and allows the band to show listeners what top-notch musicians they actually are. 

Can’t Deny is a great album and shows why Pine Ride are a welcome addition to the Blues based Stoner Rock scene. Pine Ridge would like to convert you to their way of Heavy Organic and Addictive Blues/Stoner Rock.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe