Tuesday 5 January 2021

Old Sea And Mother Serpent - Plutonian (Album Review)

Release date: January 1st 2021. Label: [addicted label]. Format: DD

Plutonian – Tracklisting

1.Wereserpents 20:26
2.The Scrag Temple 25:42
3.Subterranean Solstice 21:19
4.It Seems We Need Help of a Wizard 11:00


Anthony — vox, guitars, bass, drums & keys
Eugene — bass & guitars


Russian Progressive Doomsters Old Sea And Mother Serpent new album Plutonian aims high in the Progressive Rock/Metal stakes with an album that runs past the 78 minutes mark. This is a record that is very expansive from the start and sees the band move across the many different creative waves and flows that Doom, Sludge and Stoner Metal have to offer. The record is full of down-tuned and heavy FUZZY sounds that have a really powerful “DIRGE” approach to them.

Old Sea And Mother Serpent don’t make it easy for the listener when experiencing this album. As the 4 tracks offer range from 11 minutes to 25 minutes in length. The songs are structured in a complex way that sees the band play a fine balance of aggressively heavy riffs to the more quieter Post-Rock/Post-Stoner sounds that is quite soulful in places.

The opening song of Wereserpents is extremely flamboyant with it’s delicious use of Distorted Riffs and Progressive Vocals to match. Old Sea And Mother Serpent offer a more standard approach of Doom, Sludge and Stoner Metal against other Russian bands I’ve heard recently and I will say these guys are perhaps one of the best bands from the Russian Doom Metal scene I’ve came across and this song proves why. The different styles of music the band employ here is quite captivating and when the band starts playing a more Psychedelic Drone style of music then that’s where best riffs start to appear.

Second song – The Scrag Temple – has some FUZZ drenched Electric Wizard/Black Sabbath amplifier worship appearing first thing and the music is deeply BASS HEAVY. The music can be quite powerful and deafening so be prepared for a richer and fuller sound being played at high volume levels. The song once again is Progressive and multi-layered with the band playing at their own pace. The atmosphere becomes slightly more volatile and pitch black with the vocals slowly drifting in and out on certain parts of the song.

Old Sea And Mother Serpent carry on this style of music for another 32 minutes on the final two songs of Subterranean Solstice and It Seems We Need Help Of A Wizard. This part of the album may become slightly Over The Top but the band play to their strengths playing more outlandish distorted and violent FUZZIER grooves.

The band could have played some faster riffs here and there. As the slow-paced atmosphere can become tiresome towards the end of the album though there is more than enough great riffs to keep you entertained throughout the epic 78 minute runtime..

If you’re a fan of CONAN, Electric Wizard and Black Sabbath then Plutonian is a record you should seriously start investing your time with.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


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