Monday 25 January 2021

Evert Snyman - Hot Mess (Album Review)

Release date: January 22nd 2021. Label: Mongrel Records. Format: DD

Hot Mess – Tracklisting

1.The End Of Time 03:12 
2.Debilitate Me 03:32 
3.Dumb and Dead 02:09 
4.Cleaner Than God 04:24 
5.Hot Mess 03:22 
6.Maybe Never 03:58 
7.I Live the Lie 02:31 
8.If Eyes Could Kill 05:02 
9.Operation Human Shield 03:10 
10.Consummate 04:25 
11.Burn 04:29 


Evert Snyman : Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Piano, Wurlitzer, Synthesizer, Drums and Percussion 
Wessel Möller : Wurlitzer on The End of Time 
Stiaan Du Preez : Lead Guitar on Dumb and Dead 
Tim Edwards : Percussion Loops on Cleaner than God and Drums on Burn 
Roan Muntingh : Guitar solo on I Live the Lie 


Hot Mess is the new album from South African Multi-Instrumentalist – Evert Snyman – who also happens to be a member of South African Stoner/Grunge Rock Outlaws – Ruff Majik. Evert plays a different style of music to Ruff Majik on this album but has managed to take Ruff Majik’s wild and vivid creative charm with him to produce a spellbinding effort that’s quite off-beat from start to finish. 

If you’re a fan of Here Lies Man then this Hot Mess follows a similar approach with Evert playing a mix of Alternative Rock, Desert Rock, Psych Rock and a vintage QOTSA Rock Swagger on the earlier stages of the record with The End Of Time, Debilitate Me and Dumb and Dead setting the scene for Evert showing a keen ear for addictive lyrics, vocals and melodic hard rock. 

The album also allows Evert to play a more mellow style of Rock Music and this offers the perfect balance to the more heavier compositions held on the record. Every plays almost everything on this record though he does has help with various guest musicians on other songs which allows even those guest musicians to have a chance to shine as well. 

Hot Mess is a rebellious album that pays homage to 90s Desert/Stoner Rock with a slight 2000’s indie rock feel. I can hear influences from THE HIVES as well especially when the Punk Rock guitars appear. Though it’s all very much Evert’s own style of music where he impresses on the majority of the 11 tracks that appear on the album. 

The production is handled by Every himself and he’s a wonderful producer. He proved this on the last Ruff Majik record which I believed he produced and mixed as well. I could be wrong on the producing part. Evert’s eye to fine detail on the entire production and recording is a major highlight and everything sounds superb. The overall sound is LOUD and VIBRANT with the record sounding first rate from start to finish. 

The 2nd half of the album is perhaps the best part of the album with songs such as I Live The Lie, If Eyes Could Kill, Operation Human Shield, Consummate and Burn being the containing the most intriguing ideas no the album. It maybe slightly too long but at least Evert will keep you entertained for the majority of the album and make you wonder where will this crazy album take you next. 

Overall, Hot Mess is a proper balls-to-the-wall HEAVY RAWK album and showcases one of the most creative musicians from the South African Stoner Rock scene. 

Words by Steve Howe

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