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DRUIDS - Shadow Work (Album Review)

Release Date: June 03rd 2022. Record Label: Pelagic Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Shadow Work - Tracklisting


Path To R

Ide's Koan


Dance Of Skulls

Othenian Blood


Cloak-Nior Bloom


Psych Doom/Stoner Metallers Druids return with their fourth new album Shadow Work and it's perhaps the famed band's strongest material to date. Shadow Work sees Druids bring a huge "world building" level of creative storytelling to their music. The music is supremely progressive that fans of Baroness and Mastodon will love with the deeply rooted WEEDIAN influence of sounds of the mighty SLEEP but still allowing Druids to write highly original music of their own.

The album is way more progressive compared to the last few Druids releases. The album has a sonic feel with the music allowing the band to explore their Psychedelic and Space Rock musical identity to a grander scale. With a flowing Ambient Post-Rock narrative being heard from the excellent opening song Aether which blends Drone Vocal textures and gloomy musical passages building up to a heavier style of Psych Doom/Stoner Metal.

Second song Path To R is where Druids bring their new creative vision to the masses with distorted Ambient sounds and swirling Psych Space Rock riffs slowly building upto a mass of different noises. The thumping bass being played in the background is the main driving force in this song with the song moving into other areas of warped Psychedelia grooves. The clean vocals have a "Crack The Skye" feel to them with even similar lyrics as well. However, everything still feels mightily original. When the heavier sludgy grooves appear then Druids feel one of the most wildly inventive bands I've heard in quite some time. The Prog Rock/Metal guitar solos move between the classic heyday of "Relapse Records Metal '' but with a modern flow allowing the band to play/write some of the best music to date.

Third song Ide's Koan is an epic track running past the eight minutes mark with Druids once again playing a masterclass of Psych Doom/Stoner Metal that moves between the areas of Ambient based Psych/Cosmic Rock. The song has a wonderfully understated Space Rock score that allows the song to grow naturally. The song has a true "storyteller" vibe that's mainly down to the wonderfully emotive lyrics that accompany the song. The vocals have some epic "head-banging" moments of their own towards the later stages of the song. The music has that diverse "Black Sabbath" amplifier riff worship sound but merged with that Psych/Prog Metal goodness that Druids have been excelling at since their debut release. 

Druids keep moving along with the Psychedelic themes of the music for the rest of the album but still allowing themselves to play different styles of music that we haven't heard from them before. Shadow Work is most definitely Druids most "complete" album to date. The lyrics can be quite bleak in places but it allows Shadow Work to have a more humane and organic sound compared to their previous releases.

Standout songs include: Hide, Dance Of Skulls, Othenian Blood and Cloak-Nior Bloom

You will be surprised at how many times you will be singing aloud or shouting out LOUD with Druids on this release which I did regularly especially on songs such as Hide, Dance Of Skulls and Othenian Blood. Though if you want to lose yourself in the great progressive riffs the album has, then that's fine too. Druids have you fully covered on that score as well.

The album allows Druids to cement their reputation as one of the most essential bands within the Sludge/Stoner Metal underground scene and maybe allow them the opportunity to move that little bit closer into the mainstream.

Shadow Work is a masterclass of modern day Psych Doom, Sludge and Stoner Metal.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Chris at Pelagic Records for the promo.

Shadow Work will be available to buy on CD/DD/VInyl via Pelagic Records from the links below on June 03rd 2022.

Pelagic Records (Europe)

Pelagic Records (USA)


Official | Facebook | BandCamp

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The End Is Nigh For The Albatross: An Interview With 10,000 Years

Swedish Cosmic Sludge/Stoner Riffsters 10,000 Years return with the launch of their new album III and it's the final chapter of their self proclaimed "Albatross Trilogy" that will be released on June 24th 2022.

The album is packed full of the same epic progressive sludgy cosmic grooves that's appeared on their previous two releases but with a more hard-hitting Psychedelic/Spaced Out Flavour.

I caught up with the guys again to discuss the making of the album. 

You can read the first interview that I did with the band back in May 2021 where we discuss the formation of the band. Here we discuss their plans for future releases.

Read on for a great interview.

Hi guys. Thanks for doing this interview. How are things with you today.

Thank you, yourself man! I’m all good, we just had a little band-BBQ, a little pre-release release party, if you will, with the families. So I’m super stoked over here!

We’re here to talk about your thrilling new album III. What can people expect from this album.

You can expect “II” with extra everything. If you dig what we’ve done so far, you’re gonna love this one. It’s a natural evolution of our sound and “III” really takes it to the next level.

I love the whole concept of this album about a “Star Trek” like story but set within WEEDIAN set grooves. How did you come up with this cool and crazy story.

I don’t really remember how it came to be, exactly, but when me and Erik (Palm, guitars) were starting this thing we were writing riffs and songs and thinking about what we wanted to do with everything, and we were talking about bands and albums that we love and we both gravitated towards more complex bands and concept albums and we were like ”what if we did a concept album?” And that’s where it spiraled out of control from, ha ha ha.

What shows or movies influenced you when coming up with this story.

The most important influences for this story/concept is the works of HP Lovecraft and the Planet Of The Apes-movies. It’s all based in this, weird time travelling, cosmic horror type deal. A lot of Jules Verne in there, also.

Any bands or artists helped you as well along the way.

Mastodon, for sure. Without “Crack The Skye”, 10,000 Years, as either band or concept, probably wouldn’t exist. And, of course, High On Fire, sound wise and for the band name itself. That’s probably the two most important influences, besides the obvious Black Sabbath and Kyuss, without whom none of us would be here.

This is meant to be the final chapter in the “Albatross” trilogy of releases which started all the way back in 2020 with your self-titled debut EP release. Are you sad or happy or this part of your musical journey is coming to an end.

Me, personally, as the lyricist, I’m pretty happy about it. I mean, it’s been a super interesting and exciting world to explore, but the more we’ve been doing it, the more I’ve felt a bit trapped in it, in the lyrical world and in the themes that’s available. So it’s gonna feel good to stretch my wings a bit more and explore some new stuff in the upcoming material. And no, it doesn’t feel sad at all. We always envisioned it as a trilogy and it was always gonna have an end. 

I always knew exactly how I wanted it to end as well, in this ambiguous, open ended type of way. The best ending in film history is Night Of The Living Dead, and that’s the feeling I was after, although maybe not as definite. Sad, depressing, weird, unexpected, that’s the type of endings I tend to gravitate towards and what I was looking to achieve with “III”.

What does this mean for the future of “10,000 Years”. Will you be expanding the adventures of the Albatross Crew or will you be focusing upon new stories.

No, the Albatross-trilogy is done. That story is finished. It ends with “To Suns Beyond” and it’s left to your imagination what happens, or doesn’t happen, next.

The new material we’re doing now, after “III”, is also conceptual in its soul. The music itself is very much a continuation of where we’re at now after “III”. We feel that we’ve hit a real sweet spot, musically, with this mix of stoner rock, heavy-ass thrash and expansive, almost, post-metal type stuff. So we’re working from there and seeing where it leads us.

You've recorded your last two albums both during the Pandemic. What were the most challenging times you experienced because of this. And perhaps some of the most rewarding times as well.

In all honesty, it wasn’t all that challenging. Sweden didn’t lock down as much or as hard as the rets of Europe or the world, so we could pretty much continue as usual, band-wise. Sure, things were not as they used to be, but that was more in the personal- and work life. We didn’t have curfews or stuff like that, so we could rehearse as much, or as little, as we wanted, pretty much. And the studio we’ve used is a tiny one, out in the country, so there was never anyone there except us and Tomas (Skogsberg, producer/mixer/all around amazing guy/drinking partner).

It’s good to see III has the same release strategy as your last album. Via different labels and physical formats. How has that strategy benefited the band overall.

It was never really a strategy. We released the first record, the self-titled one, on our own through BandCamp and Spotify and pressed a limited CD-edition through my super tiny DIY-label Death Valley Records, and didn’t really think much of it. And then it kinda took off, people were diggin’ it and it was so unexpected.

We really, truly didn’t see that coming. At all. And then Olde Magick Records and The Cosmic Peddler approached us about doing a vinyl release of that first record, and we did. And then when we did the second record we shopped around a bit and Jack and his Interstellar Smoke Records were super stoked to do the album and we went with them with the disclaimer that we would do CD on our own.

On top of that Olde Magick asked if they could do a tape, and then we were off. It just spiraled from there with different labels and editions and shit, ha ha ha.

Was writing and recording this album harder or earlier compared to your last album.

No, not really. We’ve always been continually writing stuff ever since we started the band. The recordings has just been intermissions, really. We’ve never stopped writing, it’s just been a neverending process, and still is, as we’re busy writing stuff for the next album besides putting together a new live set.

With things slowly going back to normality. How you are coping with everything going around you.

Like I said earlier, we haven’t really had a problem with the way the world’s worked in the last two years, so we haven’t really had a problem with it going back to what we tend to consider normal.

Are you playing more gigs now and will you be touring “III” extensively over the next few months.

Sure, the pandemic has hindered all of us from playing live. But that’s never been our singular goal, or purpose. We love playing live, don’t get me wrong, but that’s not singularly why we do what we do.

We will not be touring this album, like we haven’t been touring any previous record or as we won’t be touring any coming record. We love what we do, we love playing live, but we’re just not in that place of our lives to be able to go touring for weeks on end and not loose anything on the home end.

We do gigs more for our own pleasure, for the fucking hell of it, than for the exposure or the “fame”. Quality over quantity. We’ve got kids and serious jobs and shit, we cant go AWOL for months at a time. But if a cool fucking show pops up and people want some 10,000 Years, we’re there, for sure.

It’s good to see you’re keeping with the same creative team for your artwork for this release. This is perhaps the best cover yet for one of your releases. Fransesco Bauso have outdone themselves yet again. How much input did you have into this design and what was the original request you gave to Fransesco for the album design.

Thank you so much man! So happy to hear that, because we think so too. All the artwork’s been insane, but he knocked it well and truly out of the park with this one.

We’ve always had a lot of input into the artwork. We’ve always had a clear vision of hat we’ve wanted for the different records. For this particular one we had an idea of a spaceship exiting a dying planet and unknowingly into a much worse future. We were thinking a spaceship flying up from earth into a black space but in the blackness there was a faded, distant skull of a pike, the Green King in our mythology. And that’s what I tried to relay to Fran, and he fucking ran with it and kicked everything in everything's ass while giving it his own spin and surprising us at every turn.

Yeah. Oh, man. Fran’s been a beast through these three records.

Yeah, he’s been truly amazing. An integral part of the Albatross-trilogy, for sure.

You’re music has gone down a storm with the Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal Community. Has this surprised you over the last two years. Did you expect to get such a great response your music currently has.

Ha ha, no. It’s been an insane surprise. From the beginning we just wanted to play some cool riffs, have some beers and rock out. And that’s what we did. That anyone besides ourselves would dig it was so far out of our collective minds that we didn’t even consider it. And now, here we are with orders shipping all over the world. It just blows my mind every single day. This little, weird sci-fi band that’s just doing our own thing for the fucking fun and pleasure of it, and now people in Hong Kong and on Greenland are diggin’ our stuff?

That so far beyond comprehension I don’t even know what to say..

We’re 6 months into 2022, what have been your favourite albums you’ve heard this year regardless of any genre.

Oh, shit. This’s been an insane year so far. Being a new dad I’ve mostly been blasting classic AM-rock like Journey, Boston and REO Speedwagon. But out of the new stuff I’ve been getting into I’ve gotta recommend Absent In Body, Valley Of The Sun, Cult Of Luna, Steak, Hazemaze, Devil Master, The Mountain King and Geezer.

Thanks for doing this interview. Before you go, do you have any words of wisdom to your fanbase.

Nothing besides: you do you man, but a woman's body is her own, leave it the fuck alone thank you very much.

And thank you Steve for your everlasting support of the heavy underground. Without people like you, the scene would shrivel and die.

Words by Steve Howe and 10,000 Years

III will be available to buy on the formats and record labels below from June 24th 2022.

Vinyl - Interstellar Smoke Records

CD - Death Valley Records

Cassette - Olde Magick Records

10,000 Years - III (Album Review)

Release Date: June 24th 2022. Record Label: Various. Format: Cassette/CD/DD/Vinyl

III - Tracklisting

Cult Axe


Desert Of Madness

The Secret Of Water

The Green King Rises

II Cattivo

Escape From Earth

To Suns Beyond


III is the new album from Swedish Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metallers 10,000 Years and is the final chapter of the "Albatross" trilogy they originally started with on their debut EP back in 2020. The band take their blend of High On Fire and Mastodon style grooves to the next level of HEAVINESS but with the masterclass of Cosmic and Psych Metal that the Swedish Metal Underground scene is known for.

With this "WEEDIAN" and "Star Trek" inspired story, The lyrics and vocals outline quite an interesting story that fits into the whole narrative that was heard on their debut release and still sounds quite original in places. The album does float between High On Fire brutal sounds and Mastodon progressive based world building throughout the album; this still very much feels like a 10,000 Years album.

Opening song Cult Axe is an aggressively paced track with the band laying down the groundwork for the rest of the album to follow. Fast paced grooves are the main course of action here with a modern Spaced Out sound that pushes their sounds further into heavier areas of Sludge/Stoner Metal that we haven't heard from 10,000 Years before. 

Second song Megafauna is another spaced out song with areas of Distorted Rock/Metal being added for a slight claustrophobic feeling. This is another fast paced song with the band playing multiple different styles of Sludge/Stoner Metal with the whole song having a "Hardcore Punk" flow to it but it's the Psych and Cosmic elements that keeps everything on the right side of WEEDIAN metal. Expect a flurry of aggressive guitar jams towards the end of the song.

Third song Desert Of Madness goes off-track for one of this standout tracks on the album. As 10,000 Years play a style of Post-Rock or Post-Stoner riffs on this song. The song can be quite peaceful at times even with this being quite heavy. When the band let loose with the "Ambient '' elements of the album then this becomes one of the most exciting parts of the album that brings an uplifting "Post-Metal" flow. Though, there are still fantastic Sludge/Stoner Metal grooves being played throughout.

Fourth Song The Secret Of Water opens with a slow-paced Ambient/Post-Rock score with eerie sounds and solitary guitars. This gives a sense of loneliness and can be emotionally cold in places. The song is purely an instrumental song but shows a different side to 10,000 Years that I hope they explore further on future releases. As this is in stark contrast to what the band are known for.

The second half of the album keeps with the punishing Sludge/Stoner Metal distorted grooves but with the Cosmic or Psych elements having more focus. The vocals are just as punishing on songs such as: The Green King Rises, Escape From Earth and To Suns Beyond. These songs perhaps best show how 10,000 Years have matured with age since their debut release. The band play their own definitive sound on the later stages of the album with the music becoming brilliantly original and inventive when they merge different sounds together with unexpected levels of Psychedelic based aggression.

The album is expertly produced and sounds first rate from start to finish. 

III maybe the final chapter for the "Albatross" trilogy. However, this album has allowed the band to hone their musical and creative craft for the better. This is the best release yet from 10,000 Years and this has allowed them to become one of the best upcoming bands from the Swedish Cosmic Underground scene. 

I can't wait to see what the guys will release in future. However, until then, be prepared for one of the best albums of the year.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to various folks who sent me a promo to review.

III will be available to buy on the formats and record labels below from June 24th 2022.

Vinyl - Interstellar Smoke Records

CD - Death Valley Records

Cassette - Olde Magick Records

CACHEMIRA Premiere New Song Mujer Vudù From Forthcoming New Album

Cachemira was born in Barcelona after many nights of jams during summer of 2015, originally composed of Alejandro Carmona on Drums & Gaston Lainé on Guitar, later joined by Pol Ventura on Bass, releasing their first title ‘’Jungla’’ 2 years later, they played across Europe before they split up in summer 2018.

When Covid hit the band got back together with Claudia González on Bass and Vocals giving a new powerful voice and sound to the band.

Cachemira is a heavy psych trio influenced by the heavy 60's and 70's music from all across the world.

CACHEMIRA new album Ambos Mundos out June 24th on Heavy Psych Sounds

Delightfully vintage, this sophomore album masterfully explores the 60s-70s classic and psychedelic rock realm with an unbeatable fire and the powerful vocals of new bassist Claudia González Diaz. Their loud and high-octane jams propelled by a rock-solid rhythm section place the colorful trio among the likes of Blues Pills, Radio Moscow or The Machine.

The band say this about the song:

“Mujer Vudù is the first song we egver wrote in spanish which gives it an exotic feel, it features a 5/4 rythm signature to spice up the riff, special mention to Organ Fury from Moundrag trading licks on the solo section.”

Find the band on FacebookBandcampInstagramSpotify

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Cervus - Cycles (Single Review)

Release Date: May 20th 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Cycles - Tracklisting



Cycles is the epic new single from Dutch Psych Stoner Rockers Cervus who impressed with their debut EP Ignis back in Dec 2021. Cycles carry on similar themes and sounds first heard on Ignis but perhaps with a way more Progressive feel being added. The song resides between the Post-Doom and Post-Stoner COSMOS with a “jazzy” approach first being used especially with the vocals and psychedelic elements of the song.

You can watch the video for the song below:

The song is more restrained at first with Cervus playing at their own speed but this is an enticing blend of Psych Stoner Rock sounds with a more “Post-Whatever” intensity behind it all. There’s a 70’s Prog Rock feeling held within the song and when Cervus starts adding heavier guitar tones, the song truly takes off for an exciting finish.

Cycles is a damn good song with top-notch production values allowing Cervus to try a few new things when compared to their debut EP. Let’s hope a new EP or full length album is being planned. As Cervus have delivered their best musical output to date.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


Facebook | BandCamp

Into The Valley Of Death - Space Age (EP Review)

Release Date: March 28th 2022. Record Label: Doomsayer Records. Format: DD

Space Age - Tracklisting

1.Leeches 04:02

2.Under The Ground 03:25

3.Strip 03:32

4.100 Feet Tall 03:51

5.Malice 03:11


Spencer Robinson - Everything


Into The Valley Of Death is the new Psych/Stoner Metal project from Spencer Robinson. Spencer spent five years playing with Psych Rockers The Lords Of Altamont before moving onto forming new projects such as this and Pegzilla who we featured earlier this week.

Into The Valley Of Death debut EP Space Age was released back in Sept 2021 and has recently been reissued by Doomsayer Records. Since the EP originally passed me by and Spencer asked me to check out this release here's my thoughts.

The EP sees Into The Valley Of Death become part of the fabric of Psych Stoner Metal. As the band plays low sounding and distorted “AMPLIFIER” sounds that we expect to hear from bands such as this. Influenced by the likes of SLEEP, Black Sabbath, Monster Magnet and The Lords Of Altamont. There is a dirty and seedy Psych Rock groove heard from start to finish with bleak desolate Desert Rock passages allowing the band to have a very deft touch.

The lyrics I do feel are inspired by the classic heyday of 90s Stoner Metal which isn’t surprising with Spencer’s tenure with The Lords Of Altamont. The music is varied and interesting with a bleaker sense of music that I didn’t expect especially on the first two opening songs of Leaches and Under The Ground.

Distortion is a big part of this release and the heavy guitars just adds to the cool “seediness” of the EP’s overall sound. The songs are deliberately lean, mean and slow allowing Into The Valley Of Death to have a more “nihilistic” view on things compared to other bands/projects such as this.

The instrumental work is daring, bold and engaging throughout though the overall journey of the EP maybe too dark for some to encounter. The second half of the EP is even more daring with Spencer adapting a “Lou Reed” style persona with his vocals and lyrics shining through on tracks such as: Strip and 100 Feet Tall.

Space Age is a gloriously different and darker style of “Apocalyptic” based Psych/Stoner Metal that I hope we'll see more of in the future.

Words by Steve Howe



Introduce Yourselves: N.I.E. / Review of N.I.E Self Titled EP

What is the name of your band?


What is the genre of music that you play?

Instrumental rock/metal

Can you give a brief history of the band of how it came together and where it is today?

N.I.E. is a one-man project I conceived some time ago, and this year I released the first, self-titled EP on all major streaming platforms as well as a limited CD run. I am hoping to promote the project and raise awareness, as well as start the writing and recording process for the follow-up full-length album, which I’m planning to release next year. I am based in Falls Church, Virginia, USA.

What can people expect from your music?

Lots of melody, good riffs, guitar harmonies, and emotion. 

What is the best release that folks should check out from your band?

Heavy Love is my personal favorite track.

Where can people find you on Social Media?

Words by N.I.E.

Review Of Self Titled EP

N.I.E. asked me tor review their debut EP and here's my thoughts on their new release.

What we have here is 4 tracks on finely tuned instrumental Hard Rock/Heavy Metal. Not exactly the WEEDIAN stuff I feature here but this is a highly engaging mix of 80's Classic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal with some cool touches of Indie Rock and Prog Rock.

The EP can be quite jazzy which you hear towards the end of the first song. Opening songs such as Heavy Love and Space Surfer set the tone for the adventurous style of music that N.I.E aims for here. Unabashedly 80's sounding but rooted in Hard Rock/Heavy Metal classic  nostalgia. The instrumental work is good and interesting throughout. 

The music can be quite sweet-natured and N.I.E. does throw some interesting sounds and grooves our way. Maybe a bit too CLASSIC ROCK for my own personal tastes. However, the release does become more interesting on the 2nd half of the EP with a more catchy style of music that even becomes slightly operatic and "Occult" based on the standout track Centipede.

N.I.E. has released a deeply satisfying EP if you're a fan of everything 80's Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.

Check out when you can.

Words by Steve Howe

Friday, 20 May 2022

Band To Check Out - THOT. Details Of Upcoming Live Session Included

THOT are a Post-Rock/Post-Punk band from Brussels, Belgium and they have been playing their own blend of highly original style of gloomy music since 2010. I've been a fan for long time and over that time the band have played darker styles of Industrial based Post-Rock which have moved further into Post-Punk elements over the years.

The band have released a string of fantastic sounding releases over the years such as this year's Meanderes, Obscured By The Wind, FLEUVE and multiple others which you can check out on their impressive BandCamp Page.

I have featured the band multiple times on the blog over the years and maybe known to some of you. If you're looking for a darker take on the standard Post-Rock surroundings but one that elevates to darker pastures then THOT are worth checking out.

Maybe not the usual stuff I normally promote here but these guys are definitely worth your time

THOT have an upcoming online streaming session where the band will play 3 songs from their new EP Meandres in a very narrative way, using a different video setup for each song.

The screening will be followed by online Q&A session/chat with the band.

You can find more about this session from their official website

Thursday, 19 May 2022

Somnus Throne - Nemesis Lately (Album Review)

Release Date: June 03rd 2022. Record Label: Heavy Psych Sounds. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Nemesis Lately - Tracklisting

1. Snake Eyes

2. Lacquer Bones

3. Dice And Scarecrow

4. L-Dopatryptamine

5. Rubber Tramp

6. Calm Is The Devil


Evan - Guitars & vocals

Ansel Bretz - Bass

Matt Davis - Drums


Somnus Throne are back with their second album Nemesis Lately and the band have joined forces with Heavy Psych Sounds for this release. After releasing their brilliant and criminally overlooked self titled debut album in 2020, the guys return with another round of paranoia based LSD induced grooves and seedy WEEDIAN sounds on this release.

Nemesis Lately is a very different Somnus Throne that we encountered on their debut album. As this album is less seedier, scuzzier and has more elements of cleaner Psychedelic parts compared to their debut album. Even the vocals are cleaner, more focused and the music perhaps moves away from the Electric Wizard/Black Sabbath template of Doom/Stoner Metal with the band bringing influences such as Dead Meadow and The Doors in places.

The album opens up with Snake Eyes that has a soundbyte from The Wolf Of Wall Street I believe that perfectly sets the tone not only for the song but for the entire album. Heavy Psych Stoner Rock combines with a cleaner FUZZIER approach with the band leaving the "Drone" aspect from their last album to the bare minimum. Somnus Throne play a cleaner and more progessive approach to their music with this song having a classic gloomy "DOOM" approach with the instrumental work being more direct. This allows the band to play in different timelines of Doom/Stoner Metal with a modern feeling throughout. The song does become quite seedy towards the end but allows Somnus Throne to play a more exciting style of music.

Second song Lacquer Bones is another cautionary "DRUG" based song sees that Somnus Throne bring an "Alice In Chains'' narrative to this song when blended with some epic sounding grungy Stoner style riffs. The song is very multi-layered with different levels of FUZZ moving between the slightly distorted WEEDIAN riffs contained on the song. The song does highlight very important points about DRUG ADDICTION and the Pharmaceutical Industry, so please take notice of the excellent lyrics and stunning 60s/70s sounding based vocals.

Somnus Throne goes further down the rabbit hole for the remainder of this release. With the band bringing a more distorted and droned out nature to the album. The LSD Trippy Influence of the album is undeniable especially on the excellent third song - Dice And Scarecrow. 

This song is perhaps closes to what Somnus Throne released on their last album. Expect dark and twisted Psychedelic FUZZ ROCK sounds with an almost consistently engaging Noise Rock based Doom/Stoner Metal flavour allowing Somnus Throne to have some epic jams on this song. One of the standout tracks on the album.

Three songs down and three songs to go with Somnus Throne not moving from their "LSD" creative approach for this album. The second half of the album does see the band go more doomier and way out there with their nightmarish free-flowing Psychedelic Rock approach that you can hear brilliantly well on fourth song L-Dopatryptamine. 

L-Dopatryptamine does see the band play a beautifully uplifting Psych Rock score but appearances are always deceiving when Somnus Throne is concerned. This song is boosted by wonderfully dark lyrics and slightly distorted vocals when matched with the "upbeat" Psych Stoner Metal parts. Once again, the band excels by playing epic guitar jams that are highly original towards the later stages of the song.

The final two songs Rubber Tramp and Calm Is The Devil allow Somnus Throne to play other daring styles of Psychedelic Doom/Stoner Metal that ultimately leave you wanting more. Rubber Tramp perhaps is the most interesting of the final two songs. As this has the more "thrilling" and "creative" style of music but both songs allow this album to end on a "MIGHTY FUCKING HIGH".

Nemesis Lately has first rate production values which really isn't a surprise since this is a Heavy Psych Sounds release. However, the album sounds wonderful and credit still must be given to the people involved with the recording of this album. 

Somnus Throne have outdone themselves with Nemesis Lately. As this album outdoes everything they achieved and accomplished with their debut release. This is a far more rewarding and adventurous album that has a first rate narrative with better grooves to match.

This is another "Album Of The Year" contender from Somnus Throne who are becoming one of my favourite upcoming bands within the Doom/Stoner Metal underground.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Claire at Purple Sage PR for the promo.

Nemesis Lately will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Heavy Psych Sounds from June 03rd 2022.


Facebook | BandCamp

Lord Elephant Premiere New Song Raktabija From Upcoming Debut Release Cosmic Awakening via Heavy Psych Sounds


Lord Elephant was raised by Edoardo and Leandro in 2016 after the split of their previous “napalm blues” band Random’N’Roll and the entry of Tommaso Urzino behind the drum kit. With diversified and complementary experiences the trio melt its passion for blues stoner fuzzy and improvised music into a personal journey of acid psychedelia graced with heaviness and tasty riffs as well. After almost five years in the work the DEBUT ALBUM seals the final result of the long road made by Lord Elephant in their musical research finding in Heavy Psych Sound Records the best possible partner to expand their sound as far as they can! 


“Cosmic Awakening” is the first offering ever released by Lord Elephant in its lifetime. Rather than concentrate ourselves on other outputs, we wanted to celebrate the long road made together as musician and human beings, that made as background in the progressive construction of this album, with a proper debut album, long in its creation as the band itself. Through the episodes of this journey, the trio experiences different moods and sounds on the path, sealing through the dreamy waves of space and acid rock towards the perilous reef of heavy blues, stoner and sludge metal, finding strength and inspiration in the solid cohesion that bound the three of us. Steady rooted in the metal, rock and blues tradition, “Cosmic Awakening” tries to find a personal manner to melt heavy music and psychedelia, shadows and lights, with a focused starting point, but going to nowhere defined… 


Leandro Gaccione – Guitars 
Edoardo De Nardi – Bass 
Tommaso Urzino – Drums

You can hear the Exclusive Song Premiere of Raktabija from the upcoming new album "Cosmic Awakening" out July 8th on Heavy Psych Sounds PREORDER LINKS

All Music written and performed by Lord Elephant

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Audiovolt Studio in August/September 2021

Artwork and Layout by Coito Negato. 


Thanks to Claire at Purple Sage PR for all of the details.

Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Hashishian - S/T (Album Review)


Release Date: April 20th 2022. Record Label: Herby Records. Format: DD/Vinyl

Hashishian - S/T - Tracklisting


Let Us Reason

Mountain Of Smoke

Shai Hulud

HIgh Chief



Hashishian is a mysterious Meditative Psych/Doom/Stoner Metal band that travels through the same riff-filled land of UFOMAMMUT, OM, SLEEP and HAWKWIND. Their debut album is what would happen if OM had released Dopesmoker and not the mighty SLEEP. Throw in heavy levels of FUZZED OUT ROCK and the album is quite an interesting proposition if you dig music such as this which I ultimately do.

The album is heavily inspired by DOPESMOKER and classic science fiction novel DUNE. The band offer their own spin by adding more Middle Eastern vibes and Drone Effects. This allows Hashishian to have a more "Desert Rock" effect with the use of different instruments and vocals that accompany this release. If you've heard DOPESMOKER before then these sounds will be common knowledge to you all. However, for folks not aware of that classic album then Hashishian will be a challenging experience. 

The first few songs: Onward, Let Us Reason and Mountain Of Smoke all offer a slow-paced journey where the music even moves into vast areas of Occult based sounds with the primary WEEDIAN grooves that the band have used for this album. The instrumental work is very direct and distorted that moves along a deliberate slow pace. The Middle Eastern themes are more centred here and this allows the band to fully explore the Desert Landscape by FUZZY REVERBS which is driven by a powerful BASS tone held within the album.

Hashishain perhaps come into their own musical flow from the third song (Mountain Of Smoke) onwards with a bit of "DRONE" style slowly combining with freaky Psychedelic guitars that have echoes of the "DESERT" lurking in the background. The song is cautiously slow yet again but allows the listener to soak up the desolate and bleak WEEDIAN based grooves at their own speed.

Other standout tracks are: Shai Hulud and HIgh Chief. As these tracks see Hashishian understand the true nature of Frank Herbert's classic novel and merge it with Doom/Stoner Metal sounds for a darker style of music. 

There's a lot of SONIC EXPERIMENTATION with this release and you can hear strands of Ambient Post-Rock on the second half of the album. Backed up by wonderfully freakish and top-notch production values. This album is a wonderfully complex and truly adventurous audio experience that deserves multiple listens to understand the whole crazy journey of it all.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Hashishian Self Titled Record is available to buy digitally now and on Vinyl through Herby Records.