Sunday 11 December 2022

Caracara - Vagrant Witness Cantos (Album Review)

Release Date: December 03rd 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: CD/DD

Vagrant Witness Cantos - Tracklisting

1.Au and Nihl 12:01

2.Preference 14:01

3.The First 10:26

4.Zeno's Meter 10:18


Ed Jamieson - Guitars

Matthew Meehan - Vocals

Christopher Colbath - Bass

Matt Johnson - Drums


Vagrant Witness Cantos is the debut album from Caracara who offer four epic slices of vintage sounding Doom/Stoner Rock that veer into areas of Psych Rock and Blues Rock that has certain 1970’s Classic Rock swagger. The album takes influence from the legendary era of Doom Metal where you can hear influences from different bands of that time. Caracara still plays a modern blend of Progressive Stoner Rock/Metal throughout each of the four tracks.

The album does see Caracara take time to fully hit their true creative stride with opening song Au and Nihl having a bewitching OCCULT flavour or vision to it. The music has a sinister Blues Rock element which feels quite out of place at times but still being undeniably catchy and addictive at the same time. Matthew’s vocals are in total control here amongst the BLACK SABBATH sounding grooves with flourishes of Psych Rock working surprisingly well with the 1970’ gloomy atmospherics the band play towards the end of the song. 

Caracara maintain that style of music for the second track Preference though the band play long droned out sounds on the opening stages of the song which gives Caracara a different creative complexion whilst still retaining that classic Blues Rock fused Doom/Stoner Metal sound. Preference is perhaps my favourite track on the album. As it’s quite daring with the slow approach the band uses for this song. The solemn Psyched Out Doom approach gives Caracara a cool sound of their own where things become more OCCULT based. Though, still leaves the band a lot of room to expand their WEEDIAN grooves on the album.

The other two tracks The First and Zeno’s Master sees Caracara switching things up yet again with weirder, heavier and trippier moments whilst still offering a familiar heavy Doomed feeling appearing mostly on The First and then briefly on Zeno’s Master. 

Caracara have delivered a superbly entertaining album that’s packed full of exquisite Doom/Stoner Metal grooves to give you a CHILLING FEELING within the gloomy winter season. 

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe