Wednesday 14 December 2022

ZOAHR - Apraxia (Album Review)

Release Date: December 10th 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: CD/DD

Apraxia - Tracklisting

1.Imperious Hand 03:48

2.Cocoon 05:36

3.Avarice 04:22

4.Dreamstate 05:34

5.Apraxia 05:23

6.Avers & Reverse 03:03

7.Portal 06:47

8.Roots Between Rails 06:07

9.Threatmill 08:58


Apraxia is the new album from Heavy Blues/Psych/Desert/Stoner Rockers ZOAHR and the band operate between the fine lines of Classic Rock and Modern Day Stoner Rock on this album. This is quite an effective slice of Psychedelic Stoner with ZOAHR showing a love for 1970’s Hard Rock which gives way to some low-key epic grooves that evoke memories of bands such as Thin Lizzy with the subtle guitar sounds that appear on the earlier stages of the album.

The vocals have that fine balance of whiskey soaked Blues Rock vibe and a surreal Desert/Stoner Rock presence which matches the world-weary grooves on the opening few tracks: Imperious Hand, Cocoon and Avarice. Nothing too flashy but good old fashioned music with ZOAHR playing highly melodic strands of Stoner Rock but merged with sounds of the last 50 years of the Classic Hard Rock scene. The Blues Rock flow gives ZOAHR a more groove driven atmosphere and free-flowing approach with the highly intelligent melodic work that sees the band venture into more Spaced Out areas on other parts of the album.

ZOAHR impressed me the most when they operated fully as a true Psychedelic Desert/Stoner Rock band. As the music becomes more vivid and exciting to listen to. Though, I still admire the Blues Rock moments as well. Since they give the band that little bit more creative and emotional depth on songs such as: Dreamstate, Apraxia and Avers & Reverse.

There’s perhaps multiple different level’s to ZOAHR compared to their debut album OFF AXIS. The music is constantly engaging with sublime extended guitar sounds never too far behind with the excellent rhythm section laying down the groundwork for all this to happen.

The final part of the album is the standout moments of the album with ZOAHR playing the heaviest and melodic tracks on the album across Portal, Roots Between Rails and Threatmill. Almost twenty two minutes of sprawling Psychedelic Stoner Rock with ZOAHR having a more free-flowing creative attitude with the other areas of their music. A constant mix of first rate of Classic Rock sounds with a fresh modern Stoner based approach.

Apraxia is a winning record on all fronts and should gain ZOAHR plenty of notice and plaudits within the Stoner Rock underground scene.

Words by Steve Howe


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