Tuesday 6 December 2022

Green King - Hidden Beyond Time (Album Review)

Release Date: 16th December 2022. Record Label: The Sign Records Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

Hidden Beyond Time: Tracklisting

Gods Of Annihilation


Prelude To Massacre

Steel On Ice

Taunter's Theme


Where Speedian Dwells



Eliel Salomaa - Guitars/Vocals

Lauri Lyytinen - Guitars

Heikki Nyman - Bass

Otto Bigler - Drums


Heavy Metal/Stoner Metal crew Green King release their debut album Hidden Beyond Time and the record is a mixture of Classic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal sounds merged with the underground modern day Stoner Metal grooves. Taking cues from bands such as Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden and The Sword. This album is full of rich sounding moments that show how Green King could be a major part of the Classic or Retro music scene for many years to come but also having a refreshingly different modern sound as well.

Opening song Gates Of Annihilation is the perfect showcase for Green King to play their high-flying and twin-guitar riff worship of the past but with a thoroughly modern Stoner/Doom drive. This is first rate "fist pumping in the air" and "head-banging" material with the band playing that classic Twin Guitar sound to great effect with a highly energetic 80's Heavy Metal effect before the Psych Doom/Stoner underground vibe appears. Taking the mantle of the early-era The Sword with a catchy Thin Lizzy sound to the next level within the instrumental work on the album. Catchy and classic sounding vocals gives the listener an easy gateway to fully get on board with Green King.

Second song Godkiller carries on with the hybrid Heavy Metal/WEEDIAN sound with Green King playing excessive and extended guitar solos that shows a band within truly inspired magnificent form. The guitars have a slight "THRASH" based approach with the vocals moving into menacing Doom Rock passagess. Though, everything remains catchy and aggressive at the same time. Green King enjoy paying homage to their musical influences past and present with an epic homage to Iron Maiden on the later stages of the track. There's also a cool sounding gloomy Stoner influence that works surprisingly well with the faster paced grooves. 

Third song Prelude To Massacre is a lovely Psych Doom/Stoner Rock track with a distinctive feel of it's own. The spoken word passages are perhaps OTT but they show a different side to Green King's creative vision against the other tracks on the album.

Fourth song Steel On Ice has a sense of more urgency to it all with Green King playing a more direct sound. The music doesn't change or drift too far away from the opening two songs and why should it. Green King has hit upon a winning formula so why not only offer HEAVIER and more thrilling moments of this style of music. The song can be too chaotic at times but the excellent vocals and superb lyrics win the day for Green King to shine yet again.

The second half of the album sees Green King perhaps move into heavier and gloomier areas of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. With more of a central focus on Doom/Stoner Metal on tracks such as the Folk Rock tinged Taunter's Theme, Tervakiituri, Where Speedian Dwells and Lifetakers. All superbly written and played tracks with perhaps Tervakiituri and Lifetakers being the finest two tracks on the album.

Despite the thirty four minutes short running time of the album, Green King cover a lot of ground here which feels like the album is on much longer than it actually is. That's a good thing. As there's a ton of different sounding genres, grooves and riffs to fully appreciate on this album. 

Hidden Beyond Time is a brilliantly entertaining release and sees Green King to be a welcome addition to the Doom/Stoner Metal underground scene and should be lovingly embraced with HORNS IN THE AIR whilst HEADBANGING from start to finish. 

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to All Noir PR and Palmer Turner Overdrive PR for the promo. 

Hidden Beyond Time is available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via The Sign Records from December 16th 2022.


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