Thursday 8 December 2022

Desert Records Announce Legends of the Desert: Vol. 3 Featuring Fatso Jetson and Dali's Lama

The third volume features two old school veterans of desert rock, Fatso Jetson & Dali's Llama. After kicking off the first two volumes with new bands, it was due time to work with veterans of the Palm Desert scene.

The artwork is done by artist Joshua Mathus of Phoenix, AZ. He is commissioned to do all the album artwork (front and back covers) for the entire series.

Fatso Jetson is an American desert rock band from Palm Desert, California, formed in 1994 by Yawning Man and The Sort of Quartet members Mario Lalli and Larry Lalli, along with Tony Tornay, and Dino Von Lalli (son of Mario). Fatso Jetson have remained an active force in underground rock for almost 25 years. They are often credited as originators of the desert strain of stoner rock made most famous by their younger neighbors Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age. While musically similar to some of their stoner brethren, Fatso Jetson incorporates a variety of musical influences that includes punk, art rock, blues and psychedelic hard rock.

Dali’s Llama is a desert rock band from the Palm Springs/Palm Desert area of Southern California. Dali’s Llama was formed in 1993 and released their first album that same year. The band, started by the husband and wife team of Zach and Erica Huskey, have remained the only two original members from the beginning. Zach is the guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter, and Erica is the bass player. Dali’s Llama has released 15 albums so far. Their music is in five films, including being featured in the desert rock documentary “Lo Sound Desert”. They have performed and/or toured throughout the southwestern United States, including the 'Stoner Hands of Doom' and 'Doom In June'

The kickstarter campaign launches on Friday, Dec 9th…and offers 4 stunning vinyl variants. Other rewards include the “Desert Rat” guitar pedal, test pressings, custom print/poster, and vinyl bundles.

This is the soundtrack to the New Wild West. The focus of the Legends of the Desert series is to provide a modern perspective to the antiquated 'Wild West' we have etched in our brains. These songs and tales are not told by the same ol' perspective of the white male Cowboy. These are narratives told by those who never got their stories heard. We will hear from musicians, artists, Natives, outlaws, desert rats, desert dwellers, cactuses and mesas, ravens and roadrunners, snakes and endless skies.

The bands are curated by label owner, Brad Frye. The requirements for bands to appear on the Legends series must hit certain criteria (besides making original & amazing desert rock music. Bands must be located geographically in the American Southwest. The states within this boundary include: California (southern part), Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas. The bands have to be currently active. They also are in line with the Legends series ethos of offering an updated perspecitve of Wild West. Fuck John Wayne and all the outdated Wild West bullshit that we have been fed by movies and media.

Desert Records has already released Legends of the Desert Vol: 1 & 2. Both releases were successful and were met with great excitement.

Vol. 1 featured two popular modern day bands, Palehorse/Palerider (Denver, CO) & Lord Buffalo (Austin, TX). LISTEN HERE on BANDCAMP: Legends of the Desert: Vol 1

Vol. 2 featured two new bands, The Penitent Man (Salt Lake City, UT) & Cort├ęge (Austin, TX). LISTEN HERE on Bandcamp: Legends of the Desert: Vol. 2