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Stonewall Noise Orchestra Debut album ‘Vol.1’ reissued on November 5th through Heavy Psych Sounds And Release New Video

 Debut album ‘Vol.1’ reissued on November 5th through Heavy Psych Sounds

'Vol. 1' is the legendary debut album from Swedish stoner rockers Stonewall Noise Orchestra, released via Daredevil Records in 2005 and featuring members of Demon Cleaner and Greenleaf. This is a Stoner Rock masterpiece picked with some Black Sabbath and Hawkwind fragments. If you like it heavy and straight in your face, you can't miss this one. 

After more than 15 years Heavy Psych Sounds decided to give a new life to this masterpiece and repress it in completely new coloured vinyl versions.

Here’s the song « Superfortress » (and yes, it just as stomping as it reads): 

S.N.O. (2005 line-up)

Lars-Inge – vocals
Snicken – guitar
Jansson – guitar
Jonas – bass
Mr. Pillow – drums

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Mastiff - Leave Me The Ashes Of The Earth (Album Review)

Release Date: September 10th 2021. Record Label: eOne Music. Format: CD/DD/Cassette/Vinyl

Leave Me The Ashes Of The Earth - Tracklisting

1.The Hiss 04:08

2.Fail 01:15

3.Repulse 03:59

4.Midnight Creeper 01:49

5.Beige Sabbath 02:06

6.Futile 04:05

7.Endless 02:43

8.Scalped And Salted 03:48

9.Lung Rust 06:59


Vocals - Jim Hodge

Guitar - James Andrew Lee

Guitar - Phil Johnson

Bass - Dan Dolby

Drums - Michael Shepherd


UK Hardcore/Sludge Metal mob Mastiff return with their blistering and brutal new album Leave Me The Ashes Of The Earth which sees the band continue to evolve with their Pitch Black and almost Black Metal sound. After a well-received appearance on 2020’s Controversial Video Game Cyberpunk 2077 Soundtrack, the guys are now signed to American Label eOne Music after spending 4 years with APF Records. I was worried the guys may have toned down for their new label but it seems the guys have gone further and more extreme with this album.

This album is a brutal and bruising encounter where Mastiff challenges their own expectations on what it is to be heavy in today’s modern world. The end result is a short and concise record that moves to the more extreme sides of Hardcore and Sludge Metal with the bands earlier doomier elements now given an almost Black Metal makeover. Fast-paced slamming beats and brutal drumming only add to the effect with the pissed off growls from lead vocalist Jim Hodge.

With a running time of 30 minutes, this record does have a slight Napalm Death feel with the shorter tracks bringing a heavy amount of aggression and progressively bleak sounds. Though Mastiff still bring their own trademark style of Hardcore and Sludge Metal to an oppressively bleak message contained on the album. There are still a lot of cool “head-banging” moments for fans of Sludge Metal. Just be prepared for a “grindcore” feel and energy to this album.

The record still has a huge “likeability” factor and maybe I shouldn’t say that about this record as Mastiff may want a different experience and sound for people to listen to. However, there is an addictive quality to this record and the production is excellent with even more surprising that the album was recorded in 5 days. It doesn’t feel rushed at all with Mastiff bringing their “A” game to this album.

The majority of the songs run between 2 mins and 4 mins in length but there is still a lot of variety to Mastiff overall sound with the band impressing the most on: The Hiss, Fail, Beige Sabbath, Scalped And Salted and the stunning final song Lung Rust.

Leave Me The Ashes Of The Earth is a no holds barred experience into the more extreme side of Doom/Sludge Metal and Mastiff offer no apologies for this record and why should they?

This is is a stunning record with Mastiff reinventing themselves to be one of the heaviest Hardcore/Doom/Sludge Metal bands of recent years. Long may that continue.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Lisa at Hold Tight PR for the promo.

Leave Me The Ashes Of The Earth is available to buy on CD/DD/Cassette/Vinyl now via eOne Music.

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Sunday, 12 September 2021

Noise & Sludge influenced Mathcore band KRZTA premiere new single!

Polish mathcore band KRZTA have announced an October 8th release date for their new album "ŻÓŁĆ.NISZCZENIE.ZGLISZCZE.". First track of the upcoming record called "Istota" is now streaming on YouTube. The album will be released by Polish independent label Piranha Music


KRZTA was formed in Olsztyn (Poland) in 2015. Their music is a heavy and loud mix of mathcore with sludge, noise or even post-metal influences full of anger, massive riffs, driven by a bone-crushing rhythm section. Their self-titled debut album was highly appreciated in the Polish underground metal scene, but what the band is famous for are their AMAZING and really intense live shows.

Caution Boy - Alligator (Album Review)

Release Date: September 10th 2021. Record Label: Mongrel Records. Format: DD

Alligator - Tracklisting

1.Alligator 03:42

2.Silence the Screams 04:35

3.Consolation 03:17

4.Ever the Optimist 03:34

5.Swallow Me Whole 03:14

6.Mutual 01:34

7.So Sick 02:35

8.Hue 04:50


Andi Cappo - strings & screams

Treveshan Pather - the oh so low notes

Archie Kinnon - hides & twiggs


Alligator is the debut full length album from South African Sludge/Punk/Stoner Rockers Caution Boy and it’s a cool hard rocking and upbeat affair with spiky lyrics and vocals being one of the main selling points of the record. We’ve heard this style of music a thousand times before but this doesn’t stop Caution Boy giving their best shot and making a highly energetic record with fast-paced grooves that have a sprinkling of early-QOTSA energy to them.

The opening title track is a dirty and seedy number with a minor Psychedelic rumble going on in the background with the Punk fuelled Sludge/Stoner Rock riffs being very much in your face. The song has a slight 90s Rock sound but it’s consistently heavy and even super-fresh towards the end of the song.

Second song Silence The Screams is pure Punk/Sludge Rock territory with ferocious vocals and lo-fi rebellious sound. The song also has a sweet nature in the middle when the mellow vocals appear before the vocals change to a more aggressive stance. There is even a grunge identity starting to appear for Caution Boy and they now have a lot more to say with their music.

The band continue their Sludge/Grunge/Punk/Stoner Rock odyssey on 6 other songs on the album with Consolation, Swallow Me Whole and Hue being the other standout tracks on the album.

Alligator only lasts for twenty six minutes and maybe could have done with a couple more songs to get to the magical half hour mark but this is still an highly accomplished debut record which showcases another “KICK-ASS” band to come out from the South African Sludge/Stoner Rock scene. With the added bonus of Ruff Majik Every Snyman in charge of recording, mix and mastering duties, this record sounds impressive and allows Caution Boy to create music on their own exciting terms.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Warren at Plug Music Agency/Mongrel Records for the promo.

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Friday, 10 September 2021

Spacelord To Release Soaring Sci-Fi Single "Enemy Lines" on October 1st 2021.

Spacelord To Release Soaring Sci-Fi Single "Enemy Lines" Oct. 1

Full Album to Drop in Early November

Inspired by Russian science-fiction novel "Roadside Picnic," Spacelord's latest single "Enemy Lines" space-cowboys up with soaring verses and an anthemic chorus. Paired with a b-side cover of Led Zeppelin's "Out on the Tiles," "Enemy Lines" presages the band's third album, scheduled for an early November release. 

"We're both insanely proud of this song," said singer Ed Grabianowski. "We hope our friends in the stoner, doom, and heavy psyche communities love it as much as we do. And we really hope this can reach a wider audience too. There are so many different elements coming together for this song, and for the full album, that I can't even tell you what genre it is. There's stuff here I think prog fans will like, stuff I think roots rock fans will like, classic rock fans, blues fans, even metal fans."

Spacelord made the Doom Charts with their first two albums, and played both the Descendants of Crom Festival and the Music is Art Festival in 2019. The core songwriting team of Root/Grabianowski embarked on a pandemic-induced remote recording project that evolved into what will be their third full-length album. "Enemy Lines is one of those tunes that forces itself into existence," said guitarist Richard Root. "It started as a simple acoustic track, but it was apparent to us right away that this song was begging to sprout much larger wings."

"A few years ago we played a Halloween show where we dressed up as Led Zeppelin and did a set of covers," said Grabianowski. "Even Stairway. But I was more intimidated by trying to do Bonham's drums for this Zeppelin cover than I was trying to do Plant's vocals. This song is so fun to play though. It's ridiculously happy."

Spacelord's third full-length album will be released in early November 2021. 

Critical praise for Spacelord's last album, "Indecipher"

"If you like Corrosion of Conformity, you like Bad Company on steroids, Sasquatch, Spacelord is the kind of band you're gonna be like, 'Oh shit, this is pretty cool.'" -John Gist, The Doomed & Stoned Show

"The band utilize everything from the blues through to desert rock to fill out their grooves and boast a vocalist in Grabianowski who could easily hold his own with...names like Plant, Rodgers and Dio!" - Frazer Jones, Desert Psychlist

"Like an unexpected transmission from outer space, this album stopped me in my tracks!" -Pat Harrington, Electric Beard of Doom

"Listen closely -- this is that dark and seductively dangerous sinner’s kind of musical sinistry." -Leanne Ridgeway, Riff Relevant


A-side: Enemy Lines (Root/Grabianowski)
B-side: Out on the Tiles (Bonham, Page, Plant)

Spacelord is:

Ed Grabianowski: vocals, drums
Richard Root: guitars, bass, producer

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The Waterfall King - VOL. 1 (Album Review)

Release Date: August 13th 2021. Record Label: Self Released. Format: DD

VOL. 1 - Tracklisting

1.Filth 06:33

2.Crystal 07:02

3.Vessel 08:58

4.Something In The Way 04:35

5.Heavy Rain 12:21

6.It Reminds Me Of The Sun 07:54

7.Earth Roamer 10:44

8.Droning 06:47


Vocals/Guitar - Morion Baynosa

Bass - Trevor Slabaugh

Drums - Nolan Sinnott


 VOL. 1 is the debut album from Psychedelic Doom/Stoner Metallers The Waterfall King. The album cover was the first thing that caught my attention with this being designed by the always impressive MontDoom Design & Illustration. The album captures the essence of the music that The Waterfall King plays on this album. The sound is heavily inspired by the legendary Grunge scene and in particular bands such as Soundgarden and Alice In Chains but with a heavy Spaced Out Doom Metal Flavour allowing the band to play their own great style of Doom/Stoner Metal.

The album is packed full of great songs and sounds that stretch the whole boundaries of modern day Psych Doom/Stoner Metal with a brooding “Drone” element hidden in the background. If you dig bands such as Forming The Void, CONAN and Slomatics but with a heavy grunge aspect then The Waterfall King are a new band to get truly excited about.

Opening song - Filth - shows a brief glimpse of what to expect with this album. Heavy grungy guitars with a sludgier focus on melodies and progression. The vocals are clean based with a deep Layne Staley and Chris Cornell influence in places. The song moves at the power of its own pace but there is a good balance of slow and fast moving parts. The song is bleak and perhaps becomes better because of this aspect. The lyrics have a “real-life” feel to them,

Second song - Crystal - is pure Stone Temple Pilots nostalgia for all the right reasons but The Waterfall King still retains their own sense of style on this song. The slow-paced modern grooves come alive when the gloomy Stoner Metal riffs appear and the vocals add an emotional feel to them. The song is what I call Progressive Grunge with the band merging the different styles of music and they show a fine level of detail with the Psychedelic moments that drift into almost Post-Metal territory. One of the standout songs on the album with the band making their presence known and felt with great creative insight on this song and the majority of the album.

Third song  - Vessel - is where The Waterfall King become bolder and heavier with their music with the heavy distorted guitars and drums leading upto to a stunning vocal performance from Morlon. The song is slow-paced once again but it never overshadows the heavy drone based grooves doing their thing and once that “WALL OF NOISE” is brought down by a mighty sonic groove explosion the song becomes faster and a more threatening style of music. Perhaps more Sludge Metal than “Grunge” it’s cool to hear a different style of music from the band. Allows them to have a forward-thinking approach to their music.

Fourth song  is a cover of the Nirvana classic Something In The Way which was used last year in the new trailer for the highly anticipated The Batman film. This version is heavier and spacier than the original with Psychedelic elements that allows The Waterfall King version to be in their element on this track. It’s a perfect mix of respecting the original and bringing their own flavour to the song. This is another standout track on the album.

Fifth song - Black Rain - is my favourite song on the album with the track clocking in over twelve minutes. The song showcases everything good about this album. Heavy Spaced Out Sounds, A Street-Level “Grunge” Attitude and the Progressive Sludge/Stoner Metal grooves with kick-ass vocals and soaring Psychedelic backdrops that only expands Spaced Out surroundings of the album.

I won’t review the final few songs as I felt I may have spoiled or revealed too much. Though the band continue to impress things even further especially on Earth Roamer and Droning. 

VOL. 1 sounds epic from start to finish with brilliant production values that bring a serious level of heaviness to the party. I’m hoping that there are plans for a physical release on Cassette Tape or Vinyl in the near future. As this album deserves the vinyl treatment. So let’s hope some underground record label signs these guys. As no doubt they would make a “killing” with the Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal community. This album is only to grow in reputation and become one of the acclaimed releases of the underground scene. If not then there is no justice.

VOL. 1 is a breathtaking debut from a band doing something daring and different with the confinements of Doom, Sludge and Stoner Metal. This is one of the best albums of the year. Top 10 material. No doubt. 

Words by Steve Howe

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Stone From The Sky Announce New Album "Songs From The Deepwater" And Release New Video For "City I Angst"


Stone From The Sky is a instrumental stoner trio from France. Formed in 2012, the band is going to release its third album SONGS FROM THE DEEPWATER on November 5th, 2021. 

They managed to build themselves a strong reputation on the heavy psych & stoner french and European scene thanks to gigs in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, UK or Czech Republic. Among their influences, we can mention All Them Witches, The Ocean or the French screamo band Mort Mort Mort. 

Those different references makes the band’s strength, who is able to offer us an evolution with each new album. On Friday, September 10th, Stone From The Sky will release a first single « City I Angst », alongside a music video. 

With this song, the band gives us a tour of their home town : Le Mans, France. ‘‘Songs From the Deepwater’’, The band is pursuing its transformation and keeps breaking the rules of traditional stoner rock. 

This new album is still loyal to the band’s artistic identity but drags us into a darkest and more aggressive atmosphere. No more solar songs Colour Haze style to make room to new playing fields inspired by post-rock, scream or post hardcore, without denying their fuzz essence.

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