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Stoner Rock Icons Mars Red Sky Announce 2023 European Tour

Visionary Psych Stoner Rockers Mars Red Sky have announced a new European Tour. Details showing below.

31.10.2023 AUDINCOURT, FR – Le Moloco
03.11.2023 CHAMBERY, FR – LA SOUTE
11.11.2023 NIORT, FR – Rise & Fall Festival
16.11.2023 VANNES, FR – L’ECHONOVA
17.11.2023 VALLET, FR – Westill
18.11.2023 ARGENTEUIL, FR – La Cave Argenteuil
01.12.2023 MACON, FR – Matilda
02.12.2023 OLTEN, CH – OltenAir Rock Session
05.12.2023 REGENSBURG, DE – Alte Mälzerei
06.12.2023 VIENNA, AU – ARENA WIEN
07.12.2023 DRESDEN, DE – Chemiefabrik Dresden (Chemo)
08.12.2023 JENA, DE – KuBa
09.12.2023 SIEGEN, DE – FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL Winter Edition
19.01.2024 AMIENS, FR – 1001 Bières Amiens
20.01.2024 ISSY-LES-MOULINEAUX, FR – Le Réacteur
02.02.2024 CHALON-SUR-SAÔNE, FR – LaPéniche
03.02.2024 STRASBOURG, FR – La Laiterie Artefact
07.02.2024 LYON, FR – Marché Gare
21.03.2024 ANGERS – Le Chabada – Angers (club et salle de concerts)

There's a few exciting announcements fron the band coming in October. The European Tour News is just the start. 

More details here for the European Tour:  https://marsredsky.rocks/tour

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Exclusive Premiere Of Essence Of Datum New Song/Video For Y DOMINATION From Their Upcoming New Album RADIKAL RATS

Melodic Death/Tech Metallers Essence Of Datum have been playing their sublime blend of Experimental Death Metal sounds for well over a decade now. The band will be releasing their excellent new album Radikal Rats on October 6th 2023 which sees the band expand upon their acclaimed style of Instrumental based Death/Tech/Melodic Metal to greater heights than ever before.

We/re pleased to be premiering the new song/video for Y Domination from the upcoming new album.

You can pre-order the album now from on DD via BandCamp ahead of it's 06th October 2023 release.

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DWAAL - Never Enough (Album Review)

Release Date: September 29th 2023. Record Label: Dark Essence Records. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

Never Enough - Tracklisting

1.All Masters, All Servants

2.Pseudanthium Aionios


4.Repentance of a Bastard 

5.You Will Never Be Enough


Insert Members Later.


Norwegian Doom/Sludge/Post-Metal collective Dwaal have been through the wars since their acclaimed 2020 debut album Gospel Of The Vile. The band have gone through the COVID Pandemic, Layoffs, 3 Breakups, 5 mental breakdowns, 5 hospitalisations and 1 near-death experience. So you can see why Dwaal offers a more nightmarish and bleak experience with new album Never Enough when compared to their last album. The record is full of harsh vocals and brutally insightful lyrics that's merged with heavy Sludge/Post-Metal apocalyptic sounds of this album which is balanced out by moments of Psych Metal, Shoegaze and sinister Stoner vibes. 

Never Enough is spread across five tracks of gloomy desolate and highly atmospheric soundscapes with Dwaal injecting moments of Progressive leaning Sludge/Post-Metal with that trippy Shoegaze element that gives the record a slightly uplifting sound in places. The Ambient chants and grooves appear early on the album within the opening track of All Masters, All Servants.

Dwaal operate within the gloomy Post-Metal beats of bands such as Neurosis, ISIS and Cult Of Luna which appears within the opening track of "All Masters, All Servants" with a trippy Pelican/Russian Circles instrumental Psychedelic sound towards the later stages of the track. However, the majority of the song sees Dwaal delivering a slightly depressing style of Post-Metal with the harsh vocals offering no respite from the creative darkness that resides within this album. 

Second song Pseudanthium Aionios sees Dwaal bring an almost Death Metal vibe to the record which is mostly heard within the vocals yet again and the intense lyrics that accompany the song. The instrumental work from Dwaal flirts between Doomed Out Heaviness and Spaced Out Sludge/Post-Metal theatrics with a cinematic Psychedelic feel that allows the band to provide a thumping bass line to hold everything together. There's some great extended Ambient sludgy guitars that evolve into a more punishing experience.

Third song Leichenhalle opens with a soulful Post-Rock instrumental piece before moments of Psych/Spaced Out sounds allows Dwaal to slowly open the gateway for a more punishing style of music that's more Progressive and an air of dangerous quality to it all. The song does move along at a slow pace but Dwaal knows when to bring to switch the mood for a more vibrant experience especially when the Alternative/Shoegaze parts of their music both vie for creative supremacy for perhaps the standout track on the album. The vocals remain brutally harsh but are quite easy to understand allowing the listener to easily navigate around the dark and sometimes twisted narrative of the track. 

The final two tracks of Repentance Of A Bastard and You Will Never Be Enough offers over twenty minutes of sheer Sludge/Post-Metal carnage with the hell-ish experiences Dwaal went through over the last few years to be fully laid down on the table for listeners to fully immerse themselves with. The instrumental work goes through multiple changes with Dwaal adapting to the style of Doom, Sludge and Post-Metal that brings the heaviest destructive atmosphere to the album with world-weary Psychedelic/Ambient tones being brilliantly effective especially within Repentance Of A Bastard being the most technically impressive track on the album. 

The final song "You Will Never Be Enough” carries the album to it's almighty dramatic conclusion but a more twisted and distorted vision that sees the band move away from their early "Post-Stoner" recordings to a more primal based Sludge/Post-Metal band. 

Never Enough is quite a challenging and brutally bleak sounding record but this allows the album to quite a SONIC fuelled experience that has intense and sometimes uplifting Psychedelic beats throughout. This record is perhaps considered therapeutic by Dwaal with what they've all experienced recently and I applaud them for delivering such a wonderfully honest and refreshing style of music that left me wanting to hear more. 

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Dwaal and Dark Essence Records for the promo.

Never Enough will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Dark Essence Records from September 29th 2023.


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Bonebag Records Announce The Signing Of Sludge/Stoner Rockers TROY THE BAND

Cavern Deep's Bonebag Records signs its first artist. Troy The Band is a London-based four piece boasting a distinctive sonic identity that seamlessly weaves together elements of Stoner-doom, post rock, heavy psych, and shoegaze.
Beginning with their first live shows in early 2022, TTB have established themselves as a mainstay of the UK heavy music scene. In April 2022 they self-released their debut EP, The Blissful Unknown, to critical acclaim. One review dubbed it "a surreal release that captivates from start to finish" and hailed it as "one of the most compelling debut releases to emerge from the UK Doom/Stoner Metal scene in recent memory."

Bolstered by the resonance of their EP, Troy The Band maintained a regular gigging schedule, sharing stages with heavyweights such as King Buffalo, Unida, and Hippie Death Cult during their 2022 UK tours.

In Spring 2023 the band re-entered the studio with Wayne Adams at Bear Bites Horse Studios in London to record their debut full-length album.

Continuing their forward momentum as a band, throughout 2023 they have played festivals within their genre, including Desertfest London, Masters of the Riff II, and Stoomfest.

In August 2023 Troy The Band signed a record deal with Sweden's Bonebag Records who will release their full length debut in December 2023

Quote from Bonebag Records:

"After hearing Troy The Band for the first time when they promoted their EP, which captivated us with its unique sound, we were absolutely delighted when they submitted their debut album to our label. Troy The Band excels at blending a distinctive sound with classic doom riffs, which our label is thrilled to support. With such an impressive lineup of songs on their forthcoming album, we firmly believe they are poised to take the Heavy Underground by storm."

Troy the Band:

Spotify | BandCamp | Apple Music

Connect with Troy the Band:

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An Interview With Blake Carerra From Doom/Stoner Metallers AIWASS

Psychedelic Doom/Stoner Metal Band Aiwass first came to my attention back in 2021 with their acclaimed debut album Wayward Gods. The album made a huge impression with the Doom/Stoner Metal community scene and was lauded as one of the best album releases of the year.

Back then Aiwass was a one-man band with everything handled by Blake Carrera. Fast forward two years and Aiwass are not only to release their even better second album The Falling but they have transformed into a three man band with members Pablo Anton and Eddy Keyes solidifying their ranks. 

I caught up with Blake to discuss the history of Aiwass, the making of the new album and how the band are changing with having more members within the ranks.

Read on for a great interivew.

Hi Blake. Thanks for doing the interview. How are things with you all today.

Doing well - very busy, but surviving. Thank you for having me. 

For people not in the know, can you provide a brief history of how the band came together and where it is today.

During the height of the pandemic, I found myself at a loss for what to read. Someone that is no longer in my life gifted me a copy of Liber Al Vel Legis, otherwise known as Crowley’s Book of the Law. While the first couple of reads were almost indecipherable to me, I found myself entranced by his language and ideas, albeit with a tempered sense of enthusiasm at times because of some of his more outrageous ideas. 

At the same time, I found myself picking up the guitar again after a long break - several years in fact. I started by just refamiliarizing myself with the instrument, like meeting up with an old friend for a pint after several years. Suddenly, I found myself chipping away at songs. I’m not necessarily enthusiastic about some of the first songs I released, as they aren’t really representative of who I am as a musician, but they were important steps. By the time I was writing the first EP and the first album, I had found a voice of sorts. 

Step forward a few years and two lineups later and I believe I’ve found my voice, one that is represented best by my new album, The Falling.

How would you describe your music in your own words.

Psychedelic and occult doom with a heavy dose of black metal influence. 

Why did you choose the name AIWASS for your band.

Put simply, people encouraged me to release some of my music online. I didn’t have a name and hadn’t planned on picking one out - music was and still is a way to deal with my struggles with mental health and I had no plans of releasing my music. After some persuasion, I decided to pick a name. Flipping once more through Liber Al Vel Legis, I found myself stumbling onto the same paragraph on the first page, over and over and over again: “The Author called himself Aiwass.” Aiwass, the voice that dictated the book to Crowley and his wife while in Egypt, came to signify the voice of passion, creativity, and insight. For Crowley, it was the voice of his Holy Guardian Angel. For me, perhaps it was the voice of my own personal devil. In the end, nothing else seemed to fit. 

We're here to talk about your upcoming new album The Falling. What can people expect from the album?

I think this album is a major step forward for me. It’s my first concept album. It’s the first album I wrote after my first tour, my first shows as a frontman. It’s also my first album after a considerable time of psychological difficulty. While it’s still clearly Aiwass - it has the bludgeoning guitars and bass and the bombastic drums and the spacey vocals to a certain extent - it’s a massive step forward for me. While Wayward Gods was an album that had been living within me for who knows how long, The Falling is the album that I wrote when I not only knew how to write an album, but also the album that I wrote when I had to write it. 

This is no happy journey full of major scale riffs. This a descent into darkness, a soundtrack for a mental break or for some kind of calamity. 

The record is perhaps one of your bleakest records yet but one that features your trademark style of Psychedelic Doom and I loved the use of different sonic experimentation on this release. Was that what you wanted to achieve with this album?

Definitely. I was in a very dark mental space, one that I didn’t know I could escape from. Writing this album and recording it was a physical and psychological necessity. One thing that’s important to note is that this is the album where I believe I fully came into my own voice. The doom, the gloom, the psychedelic touches - those all come from my influences, but The Falling itself is something different - it’s a representation of who I was and at times still am. The necessary prerequisite for experimentation is necessity and I felt that necessity on a visceral, molecular level. 

What inspired you to call the album The Falling.

I went through several iterations of the title. None of them really connected with me in the end and I believe Todd at King Volume was able to sense that. He asked me to reconsider my original title and after going back and forth, Todd pointed out that Justyna (who created the painting that became the cover) had titled it The Fallen. I thought about what the album was about - the slow descent of someone’s psychological state as they searched for salvation in the occult - and suddenly The Falling was the only option in front of me. I’ve not looked back since that moment. 

Was this an easy or hard album to record and write for compared to your previous albums. 

To be honest, it was a bit of both. I wrote this album for the better part of a year, but the final song structures came together incredibly organically - honestly, it freaked me out as at times I thought I’d channelled something that was speaking through me as opposed to speaking up myself. Once that bridge was crossed and I let go, the album came together very quickly. In contrast to Wayward Gods, which I believe had been gestating in me since I heard Electric Wizard the first time as a young teen, this album seemed to explode from the pit in my stomach. It was the only album I could have written at the time of composition.  

Did your daily struggles, challenges and triumphs in life shape up the creative outline for the album.

It did in fact - to such a level that at times it is a painful album to listen to. My mother died - there was a lot of death and loss in my life in general - and the last lineup of Aiwass had dissolved. I was alone and, in a weird way, very free to do what I thought I had to do. I didn’t sketch out the concept or anything like that. I’m no Roger Waters. But the songs, once I had finished writing and arranging them in their specific order, suddenly made sense and told the story of the misery that I felt in my heart and in my brain. Struggles, challenges informed the writing and triumph informed the commitment to see my vision to the end.  

Where there any particular bands, musicians or albums inspired you when making the album.

In a way, yes, and in a way, no. I purposefully did not listen to much metal music during this time. I was mostly listening to jazz and classical music. However, there were a few artists/albums that really impacted me when I was first starting to write. Some of these albums include Mishlei and Yodh by Mizmor, The Eye of Every Storm by Neurosis, and Atma by Yob.  

How does The Falling compare to your previous records.

Heavier, more claustrophobic. More well-thought-out. More personal. Waywards Gods and His Name Was Aiwass were the products of someone learning how to be themselves. The Falling is an unadulterated insight into where my mind was during the composition and recording of the album. I’ve also inserted some elements I wasn’t brave enough to include on previous releases - tremolo picking a la black metal, acoustic guitar, fewer effects on the vocals. 

You're debut album Wayward Gods made a huge impression with the Doom/Stoner Metal underground community. Did that surprise you at all. As it was a great album which I still listen to this day.

Thank you for the kind words - I’m glad you still enjoy it. I was extremely surprised by the reception. Perhaps it’s insecurity or a touch of imposter syndrome, but I never really thought anyone would listen to it. It’s my first born and I will always look at it with extreme affection while at the same time knowing that it’s time to grow and move on. I hope that when people listen to it, they hear how earnestly I was trying to make an album that would be an enjoyable listen. I think I’ve grown a lot since then, so sometimes it does make me cringe a bit, but I think that’s natural. 

Looking back would you change anything about it.

I’d change many things about it. I don’t want to trash that album because, one, I do still love that album and two, I still want people to listen to it. But I hear more of the problems with it than I hear the successful elements. I’m still very very proud of “From Chains” but that’s a song I’m ready to put to bed. I will likely never play those songs live again, for example. I’ve moved onto other elements of my style, my personality. I probably would have used different pedals on my guitars and I definitely would’ve had fewer effects on my vocals. Moreover, I’ll never mix my own album again if I have a choice - you need someone else to listen to what you have and help you achieve the vision you don’t necessarily know that you have. 

AIWASS first started as a One Man Band. Now it's been expanded to include more members within the ranks with Pablo Anton and Eddy Keyes. When did you decide to add more members to the ranks and what do Pablo and Eddy bring to the AIWASS experience.

When I lived in Phoenix, I brought on other musicians and we had a good run, but in the end, it wasn’t meant to be. I’ve since moved back to my home state of Texas. I wasn’t planning on bringing anyone into the fold because of, put simply, trust issues. However, in the end, you have to recognize your weaknesses and take steps to amplify your strengths and decrease your weaknesses. Pablo and Eddy, while they weren’t on The Falling, are vital to my future plans. They’re both extremely close friends - I talk to them pretty much every day when time allows - and they’re brilliant musicians. Pablo as lead guitarist is going to add flavor that I’d never even considered and Eddy has brilliant ideas for bass and other instruments, as he’s a multi-instrumentalist. I’m excited to see where we go with things as a true working unit. 

Do AIWASS perform live dates now or have intentions to perform live dates in the future.

At this time we are not playing live. Pablo and I are in Texas and Eddy is in Canada. Despite the distance, there are significant plans to perform live, likely in 2024. I’m very excited about the possibility and know that I’ve surrounded myself with the best musicians. More importantly, they’re excellent people and I need that in my life. 

When it was just yourself performing as AIWASS, you were in control of everything. Is that still the case when recording new music or are Pablo and Eddy involved with the creative process as well. How does this work for AIWASS today? 

During the recording of The Falling, I had actually yet to meet Pablo or Eddy. But perhaps that’s why I look at The Falling with so much fondness. It’s my final solo statement. We’re already working on new songs, songs that push the boundaries of our identity, but that also create a new identity together. I’m very excited to see what we come up with together. I’ll always be the primary songwriter, but Pablo and Eddy have become more than essential to my songwriting process. 

What bands or artists influenced you to pick up an instrument and to become a musician.

There’s a wide range there. To a certain extent, it all goes back to listening to The Beatles with my mother. She bought me my first guitar, a Takamine acoustic guitar, as a response to me asking for drums. Then I found metal not long after that, bought an electric guitar and an amp, and about 15 years later you get Wayward Gods. But the ultimate inspiration for me in terms of picking up music again would be Mizmor. As a one man band, he inspired me to start making music by myself by showing that it was, in fact, possible to do it all yourself. Without that impetus, I don’t think we would be here chatting.

You're from Austin, Texas - which has a vibrant live Doom/Stoner Metal scene. How involved are you involved with the local scene and what are your favourite bands from your hometown regardless of genre.

I do my best to be as involved with the local scene as possible. I have friends in the scene and I go to a lot of shows, but at heart, I’m still rather shy. I don’t always present the most friendly visage either - I guess that’s somewhat of a reflection of my impulse to put walls up. I haven’t played a show in Austin with Aiwass yet, but that will hopefully change as soon as next year. 

As for some of my favorite local bands, I love Greenbeard, The Well, High Desert Queen, Demons My Friends, Destroyer of Light, and Eagle Claw. There are also a lot of heavier bands that I love, especially black metal bands, but that’s probably of less interest to your readership. One band that really crosses over - which interests me a lot - is Communion. They’re well-worth a listen. 

How do you all relax away from music. Do you have a favourite hobby that folks don't know about.

This may not surprise many people, but I’m a big reader. I studied English and Creative Writing in undergraduate and graduate school and books will always be a major part of my life and a key to maintaining my sanity. My right sleeve is made up of portraits of some of my favorite authors. Of late, one of my favorite things to do is to put on a classical record - especially Beethoven, Haydn, and Bach - and to read. I’ve been reading Maynard Solomon’s biographies of Mozart and Beethoven and have been fascinated, as it’s a cool intersection between my interests in history and music. I read a lot of philosophy - Nietzsche and Schoppenhauer being the foremost philosophers I enjoy - and the occult obviously. But I also read a lot of novels. I’m a big fan of the classics, whether they are from America, Britain, France, Germany, even Russia. 

Do any of you have any side projects that folks can check out.

None for me at this time, but that may come later. I have other ideas and interests that don’t fit within the Aiwass framework. 

However, my brilliant bandmates have other bands and everyone should definitely check them out. Pablo is also in Demons My Friends, who just released an amazing album. Eddy is also in Lords of the Opium Church and The Endless (who just finished recording their first album). All three of those bands are ones that I would recommend checking out as soon as possible. 

Before you go, do you have any words of wisdom for your fans currently out there.

Be kind to each other. The world is a dark place full of shadows and the light all too often doesn’t filter in. Prometheus stole fire from the gods to bring knowledge and light to humanity. Be the Prometheus of your own life.

Words by Steve Howe and Blake Carrera

Thanks to Blake for doing this interview.  The Falling will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl from October 13th 2023.


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Book Of Wyrms - Storm Warning (Single Review)

Release Date: September 13th 2023. Record Label: Desert Records. Formats: DD

Storm Warning - Tracklisting

Storm Warning


Sarah Moore-Lindsey - Vocals

Jake Lindsey - Bass

Chris DeHaven - Drums

Kyle Lewis - Guitar


One of Richmond, Virginia’s best underground Psych Stoner Rock bands Book Of Wyrms return with their new single Storm Warning. The song allows Book Of Wyrms to explore the world of the 1970’s Psych/Space Rock scene with the wild reckless and hedonistic abandonment of the 1980’s Heavy Metal scene but keeping with their Stoner Rock roots.

The vocals from Sarah are bewitching and rebellious as ever with a darker presence around them compared to previous Book Of Wyrms releases. The grooves are more rooted within the flashier aspects of the 80’s Hard Rock/Heavy Metal arena with the band showcasing with an impressive array of classic guitar solos that leaves the Psych Rock sound that the band are known for becoming more restrained in places. However, everything works as it should with Space Rock sounds moving into heavier areas of Psych Stoner Rock that remain constantly forceful within the background.

Storm Warning shows a new sense of maturity to Book Of Wyrms and if this is the new creative direction where the band is heading then the band’s next full length record could be quite an exciting prospect indeed.

However, allow Book Of Wyrms entertain the sheer hell out of you with this excellent track that ranks as one of their best songs to date.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Desert Bloom PR for the promo.

Book Of Wyrms is available to buy on all digital stockists now via Desert Records.


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Piece - Ancient Greed (Album Review)

Release Date: September 15th 2023. Record Label: Mahnmal Records. Formats: DD/Vinyl

Ancient Greed - Tracklisting

1.Sarnath 05:47

2.Titan Age 06:49

3.Wayfarer 06:40

4.Illusionist 03:49

5.Ancient Greed 06:27

6.Harmless Fool 03:51

7.Sonic Portal 10:09


Ancient Greed is the debut album from Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metallers Piece who play aggressive and progressive sounding music that will appeal to fans of High On Fire and early era Mastodon. What allows Piece to standout from the other bands of the scene is their great use of Hardcore Punk that comes mostly through the fast-paced aggressive guitar tone and the delivery of the vocals. The vocals are mostly from the Sludge/Stoner Metal scene but there’s an almost Hardcore quality to them. 

The album also benefits from outlandish Psychedelic and Fuzzed up guitars. The music is dominantly aggressive with that eerie High On Fire tone appearing on the excellent batch of opening songs of Sarnath, Titan Age and Wayfarer which sees the band touch upon the free-roaming world of Caveman Doom specialists CONAN. The instrumental work has an almost violent and hypnotic primal quality throughout with Piece playing a wicked style of Thrash Metal and Groove Metal on the more classic leaning parts of the album mostly within Titan Age and Wayfarer. 

There’s an almost Pitch Blackened Sludge mentality appearing within the lyrics of the album, the vocals only hammers that sentiment home. As you can easily understand what’s being sung even when the vocals change into a more unconventional style where the harsh growls become part of the norm. 

Piece do showcase a more wilder style of Progressive Sludge/Stoner Metal on certain stages of the album where trippy feedback loops and guitar reverb shows a different creative side to the band that I admired greatly on this release. The songwriting moves up a notch on the later stages of the album on tracks such as Ancient Greed, Harmless Fool and the standout final track Sonic Portal.

Ancient Greed is a superbly constructed release that has a beginning, middle and end that’s bursting with intelligence and a willingness to adapt to different climates of Doom, Sludge and Stoner Metal that allows the band not only to pay homage to their musical heroes but also to make an exciting name and reputation for themselves in today’s vibrant underground scene. 

Piece have delivered an intense and electrifying debut album that will have you listening to Ancient Greed for days on end.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Ancient Greed is available to buy now on DD via BandCamp and via Mahnmal Records


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