Saturday 24 November 2018

Arcadian Child - Superfonica (Album Review)

Release date: November 23rd 2018. Label: Ripple Music/Rogue Wave Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Superfonica – Tracklisting

1.Bain Marie 04:31
2.Twist Your Spirit 04:55
3.Brothers 05:17
4.Constellations 04:03
5.Painting 06:44
6.She Flows 04:21
7.Before We Die 03:04
8.The March 05:08


Panagiotis, Andreas, Stathis and Christos


Greek Psychedelic Stoner Rockers Arcadian Child return with their second album Superfonica and their first for Ripple Music and Rogue Wave Records. After receiving high praise for their debut album released last year. Superfonica is a very different record with Arcadian Child playing a hazier and psychedelic album compared to their celebrated debut album. The album is way heavier with the band adding a more subtle Hard Rock groove.

Opening song – Bain Marie – has a gloomy and almost Occult Rock feel that wouldn’t go amiss from the recent Uncle Acid album – Wastelands. Arcadian Child start adding layers of Alternative Rock and Stoner Rock for a sound that keeps the listener entertained with the atmospheric vocals keeping the whole tone of the album grounded in reality. The instrumental work is played at a constant pace and offers a great insight on what to expect for the rest of the album.

Second song – Twist Your Spirit – is a mixture of Hard Rock and Psychedelic Stoner Rock with elements of classic garage rock that gives Arcadian Child an extra dimension to their sound. The album becomes more progressive with the spaced out vibes allowing the band more freedom to experiment with their sound. The vocals are soulful and matches the music superbly well. The song almost loses its way towards the end when Arcadian Child slow the mood right down. Though I admire their creative choices for the song. As the mood can be very peaceful with an almost gloomy ambient riff that I would love to hear more of on this song.

Third song – Brothers – is one of the standout songs on the album with Arcadian Child striking the almost perfect balance between Psychedelic Stoner Rock and other worldly trippy vibes. The song can be quite doomy with the fantastic lyrics having an addictive feel to them. The music is where the band impresses the most as they play a mixture of different musical styles that all combine for a spaced out journey. Black Sabbath and Uncle Acid feel like the most direct influences but Arcadian Child add a more Space Rock vibe to make this their own definitive sound.

Arcadian Child manage to continue their experimental musical journey on superb songs such as Constellations, Painting and She Knows being some of the standout songs on the second half of the album. Be prepared for more spaced out riffs that is matched by the exciting lyrics the band write through the entire album. Arcadian Child feel inspired by the sixties and seventies hard rock scene where the lyrics are concerned. As they’re genuinely OTT with a classic appeal to them.

As I’ve said before in this review, it’s the music where Arcadian Child impress the most. As Superfonica shows you why Arcadian Child have the potential to be one of the most creative and original bands from the highly respected Greek Stoner Rock scene. There is something magical within Arcadian Child’s music and that’s perhaps down to the new-found Psychedelic energy the band have included within this album.

You owe it to yourself to listen to Superfonica as it’s a beautifully made and highly addictive album that leaves you wanting more.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Richard at Sheltered Life PR and Arcadian Child for the promo. Superfonica is available to buy on Ripple Music and Rogue WaveRecords now.


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