Tuesday 6 July 2021

Korsunnuz - Negative Earth (EP Review)

Release Date: July 04th 2021. Record Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Negative Earth - Tracklisting

1. Half life

2. Barracuda

3. Sun over Sierra Madre

4. Show myself out

5. Cruise Control

6. The Road Warrior


Ricardo, Irish, Turner, Danny)


Negative Earth is the debut EP from Desert/Alt/Stoner Rockers Korsunnuz and they take quite a heavy psychedelic approach with their music with nods to the usual Desert/Stoner Rock influences such as Kyuss, Fu Manchu and even Yawning Man. Especially with their laidback Desert Rock groove which soon goes into Stoner Rock overdrive.

Korsunnuz do bring their own Alternative set of free-flowing ideas and sounds with this release especially on the excellent batch of opening songs such as: Half life and Barracuda. With both songs allowing adapting an “QOTSA” vibe but with the added grit and attitude if Nick Olivieri was in charge instead of Josh Homme.

The vocals contained on the record are very good though they take a couple spins to really get on board with them. There is a lot going on with this record as it seems Korsunnuz overlaps in many different areas which will take some listeners into different musical directions. Fuzz Rock, Desert Rock, Stoner Rock, Alt Rock and flashes of Punk Rock and Grunge for a dirtier and “IN-YER-FACE” style of sound.

Korsunnuz are fully into their rebellious Punk Rock spirit on the fantastic Heavy Punk Rock influenced tracks of Sun Over Sierra Madre and Show Myself Out. Sun-Drenched Desert/Stoner Rock riffs with a modern Alt Rock and Punk Rock attitude that allows the Psychedelic parts of the release to grow at it’s own natural pace.

The final two songs - Cruise Control and The Road Warrior are Stoner Rock tracks through and through with the band relying on tried and tested tricks of the Stoner Rock/Metal trade but still with enough room for the band to show how fully inventive they can be on their own terms.

The lyrical content is another highlight with the band writing interesting lyrics from start to finish with some of them being downright emotional and heartfelt especially on Show Myself Out.

Negative Earth is a frantic and action-packed release that’s brimming to the top with many wonderful musical moments that should allow Korsunnuz to have mass appeal across the Desert/Stoner Rock community.


Words by Steve Howe


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