Thursday 26 September 2019

PSOTY- Sunless (Album Review)

Release date: September 13th 2019. Label: Candlelight Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Sunless – Tracklisting

1.Oil Blood 08:02
2.The Yawning Void 07:06
3.Watcher of the Abyss 10:14
4.Acheron 03:21
5.Queen of Hades 07:59
6.Charon 02:24
7.King of Ephyra 08:12
8.Obscura 08:09




Sunless is the new album from UK Post-Metal Collective PSOTY who used to be known as Pet Slimmers Of The Year back in the day. I used to be a huge fan of these guys and especially their last album in 2014. I thought the guys had split up but here we are 5 years later with their epic new album.

Sunless is quite a confident, brash and bold album that sees the band add vocals to the mix for the first time I believe. As their previous releases were all instrumental. The band and album take influence from Pelican and Russian Circles wit the wide range of different sounds and emotions contained on the album. Add elements of Progressive Rock/Metal and cinematic style delivery throughout the album.

PSOTY never seem to be afraid to take the listener on a difficult journey with each passing song. The musical progression is quite wonderful to listen to especially on the first few opening songs – Oil Blood, The Yawning Void and Watcher Of The Abyss. As POSTY rise to new creative challenges on this album compared to their previous releases with the dreamy sound of the Progressive sounding heavy guitars contained throughout the entire album.

The album maybe slightly too long but I admire PSOTY’s decision to create as many epic sounding songs they can on Sunless. The album tells a rich and intriguing story that sets them apart from the UK Post-Rock/Post-Metal scene.

Overall, this is an expertly produced and wonderfully sounding album that will take a few listens to fully appreciate. Sunless will take you on a bleak odyssey where the Post-Rock/Post-Metal surroundings will last long in the memory.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.