Friday 23 June 2023

Invisible Men - Re:Bored (Album Review)

Release Date: June 09th 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Re:Bored: Tracklisting

1.Broken China Voice 05:36

2.Rosa Lova 03:26

3.Grasshopper 03:28

4.Interlude A 01:06

5.Goodbye Marilou 03:07

6.Cheap Leopard Print 04:31

7.Eden Crumbles 02:54

8.Missy 06:22

9.Beauté Pure 05:08

10.The Answer 04:18

11.Not Winning You 04:33

12.Riot Vans 05:04

13.Interlude C 01:04

14.Light Fakir 05:38

15.Invisible Man 03:11


Antoine Puaux

Sebastien Gils

Julien Liphard

Christophe Cosson


Re:Bored is the new album from Grunge/Alt/Sludge Rockers Invisible Men is quite an expansive record with the band playing both heavy and mellow tracks throughout the album. Operating with a more Sludge/At Rock attitude for the most part though Invisible Men opt for a Grunge-based atmosphere for their music to become a heavier and progressive style of music. 

There’s a thrilling “POWER POP” based edge to this album which is heard mostly within the quieter moments and quieter vocals which is used to great effect on the opening tracks of: Broken China Voice, Rosa Lava and Grasshopper. There’s a sense of familiarity within the band’s music that reminds me of Torche at times but there’s moments that feel totally out of place especially with the Psychedelic layers of Noise Angst which makes Invisible Me a more interesting band to listen to especially from a Creative perspective.

The music is varied and soulful with the band even adding a Foo Fighters charm where the sound can be considered “Radio Friendly” then when the heavy Sludgy grooves appear Invisible Men change over to Torche based soaring aggressive melodic riffs. There’s a playful attitude which you first hear within Rosa Lava and Grasshopper.

Re:Bored offers fifteen tracks and maybe the band could have lost a couple of songs (perhaps the Interlude songs as they don’t offer that much to the album) along the way to make this a more compact and precise record. The majority of the songs are absolute bangers which show traces of original sounds such as Grasshopper, Cheap Leopard Print, Missy, The Answer, Riot Vans and Light Fakir. 

The album could put folks off with its “Power Pop” perspective but Re:Bored does feature some aggressive and catchy grooves that could be considered “Doom-Pop” based with the vocals and lyrics taking a more daring turn for certain parts of the album. Re:Bored is bursting with violent kooky energy which escalates into some thrilling Sludgy grooves and layers of Psychedelic based madness.

The production values are wonderfully sold and allows the album to move at a breakneck speed with Invisible Men capturing a different style of Sludge/Stoner Rock from the French Underground Scene. 

Re:Bored is superb entertainment with Invisible Men impressing from the start with their different style of Sludge, Grunge and Stoner Rock that’s powered by a sublime and violent “Power Pop” creative flair.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


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