Sunday 4 June 2023

Craetor - Surrender (EP Review)

Release Date: May 31st 2023. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Surrender: Tracklisting







Sebastian Ross - Vocals/Bass Mason Cheek - Guitar Tim Tinnemeyer - Drums


Doom/Noise/Stoner Rockers Craetor return with their new EP Surrender and sees the band continue their Street Doom sound first heard on their Live EP released earlier this year. Surrender has a more violent and organic energy with Craetor playing a Fuzzier style of music which also brings a lot of distorted reverb on opening track Intro. The song is purely instrumental and acts as the perfect opener for the crazed theatrics that follows next.

Second song Riot is a more snarling Punk based affair with perhaps a manic Motorhead energy appearing and with the vocals perhaps that should be coming from a Thrash Metal and not a Stoner Rock EP. The song moves along at a terrific Sludgy pace with raw production values working surprisingly well for Craetor to make more creative strides within the Psychedelic realm. This is more of a seedy style of Doom/Stoner Rock which allows the band to have a more menacing attitude compared to the other tracks on the EP.

Third song Stone is another Noise Rock fuelled experience with glitchy guitars and a Garage Rock sound becoming more DOOM based. The vocals are a bit out there but the song holds your attention with the Distorted Rhythms and Sounds that soon changes into classic Grunge groove with a certain “Sub Pop Records” charm starting to appear.

Fourth song Wretch is one of the heaviest and distorted tracks on the EP. The mood remains constantly seedy yet again. There is a sense of Paranoia lurking in the background with the Noise Rock and Fuzzed Up grooves that brings a murky style of Slugdy Psychedelics into play. There’s traces of extended Riffs and Jams starting to appear. The best part of the song is when Craetor play a more straightforward style of Psych Stoner Rock with some of the best instrumental work on the later stages of the song.

The final song is Wither that lasts over six and a half minutes. The song follows the same destructive and creative Noise Rock/Fuzzed Up path as the previous track. I can hear influences as diverse as Soundgarden, Whores, BORIS and The Melvins with Craetor still applying their own aggressive style into the mix. The vocals are a bit disjointed in places but matches the DIY themes Craetor have used for the record.

Surrender is another mighty fine release from Craetor and I’m becoming more excited by the prospect of their debut full length album. Craetor offer a different and subtle style of Doom/Stoner Rock and these guys deserve your full attention.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


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